Help Identifying Punch Bowl

alittellAugust 3, 2013

This punch bowl was my grandmother's and I'm trying to identify the manufacturer. I've surfed the internet and ebay looking at pictures to try to match with no luck. Can anyone identify this or point me in a direction of how I might can? Any help on this is GREATLY APPRECIATED in advance! THANKS!

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Ah, I don't know...maybe, I'm having a bad day. But, that looks like an upside down cake stand rather than a punch bowl to me? Did your grandmother have any other pieces? Even the ladle doesn't look right in the "bowl"? I see the punch cups on the table but still....proportions just don't look right.


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I might have it put together wrong (I've never used it or seen it used, it was just given to me in a big box labeled punch bowl). I don't think the ladle goes with it though, it was in the box. Does this image help at all? Thanks for looking :-)

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I'm certainly not an expert, but it appears to me that the pattern/ designs of the "bowl" do not match the design of the "tray". Could it possibly have been put together from 2 sets?

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I, too, think what you have there is a cake stand and a separate bowl. The tapered bottom bowl, putting a frog in the bottom, would hold cut flowers for a centerpiece. Or whatever one wanted to put into a vase-like bowl - potpourri, fruit, or simply a shelf display piece?

Being packed away in the same box doesn't guarantee a set or that all the found separate pieces fit together to make one unit.

Turn the "cake stand" on its base and see if that doesn't make sense.

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Think the above responses are probably correct. The patterns don't match between the pieces. I can't tell if this is two major pieces or three by the photograph. If it's three then you may have a footed bowl and a single cake plate and the pedestal part of the bowl is upside down. The center piece (if it is three pieces) matches the bowl, but neither match the plate. The pattern on the cups.............are they similar to either of the major pieces, we can't see them from the photo. If you can't give us dimension, then it's helpful to put some sort of reference in the photos so we can gauge the size of the pieces, because frankly the bowl looks rather small to be a punch bowl and if the cups don't match the bowl that adds to the suspicion it isn't.

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2 bowls match, cups & bottom are same looks like.12 cups & cheap plastic ladle also 12 plastic hooks to hang cups over side of bowl. These were sets sold in 50's &60's for $10-15 as wedding gifts mostly, I have 1 & the bottom plate is starburst same as top large bowl. Sold as punch bowl, cake plate with smaller bowl used for stand & upper large bowl was filled with fruit salad usually with cooked dressing,milk,eggs, pineapple juice & put over salad helped keep bananas, apple slices, fresh peaches from darkling also red & green grapes in winter or melons in summer, looked very pretty & healthier & more chic if you served shower cake, fruit salad,coffee & tea(punch came later about 60's.) folks thought it was great! Most people back in those days came from up to 100 miles away so this helped "feed" you. Sandwiches or little buns with minced ham came later as folks income went up!! (Far more than you wanted to know!!LOL)

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your punch bowl is Early American Prescut, produced from 1960-1998 by Anchor Hocking. There are hundreds of different pieces of that pattern. You have the stand to the bowl upside down. The plate does not belong with it.

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