Fragrance oil on skin...

pekemomSeptember 18, 2010

I have been using a lavender fragrance oil on my skin as a "cologne", behind the ears, on the neck. Then I read it was "not for use on skin". Do you think it would cause a problem ? It hasn't so far...

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It can probably be harmful if used long term, your skin absorbs what is put on it and there may be harsh ingrediants that are being absorbed into your body. I would go to Bath and Body Works or other store that specializes in scented body products, they have lots of different lavender scented oils, lotions, creams and sprays that are meant for your body.

Also, the oil you are using might be so strong smelling that you are wearing it and don't notice, but the people around you are getting a whiff of too much of a good thing. A woman I worked with used vanilla extract as a perfume, it was torture being around her for long periods of time, the smell gave me a headache after a while. Less is more when it comes to scents, I would play it safe with your body and the people you are around and use something meant for your skin.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you for your help. I was using something that was left over and thought I'd use it as a body fragrance, now I see that isn't a good idea....

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Glad to help! Lavender is so soothing, you will find a really good alternative if you shop around.

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I got Body Fantasies Lavender & Vanilla spray.....

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