Whirlpool / Jetted Tubs Pros And Cons

muddypondJanuary 17, 2009


We are at the point of getting bids on our new house. We have a difference of opinion on whether or not we should spend the extra money to put a whirlpool/jetted tub in the master bath. The plans show one, but one of us thinks they are a waste of money, with maintenance issues, while the other doesn't.

I would like to hear people's opinions and comments on the subject. So do you have a whirlpool/jetted tub? What made you chose to get one or to forego one? If you have one, what kind of problems do you have, if any. What brands and models are good? What should be avoided?

Thank you.

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There is no maintenance or concern about algae growth with air jetted tubs. I have a piece of hosiery over the air intake (on the motor) to filter dust and move it around every now and then but that's about it :) I have a Bain Ultra hydromassage tub.

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I think it really depends on whether you think you will use it - definitely a waste of money if you only take a bath twice a year... Having said that, if you think you will use it, then you should decide what kind of "massage" you want in your tub - air tubs have less maintenance and provide a more all-over, tingly soft massage while water jets provide more direct massage. There are also tubs that have both. We just bought a tub with regular jets and decided to do that instead of getting the body sprays in the shower. We skipped the air tub because we wanted the more direct massage on our feet and back! We bought a Maax Living hydro massage tub, but I can't tell you yet how great it is because it's still in the garage!

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My sister in law has one that she had put in several years ago and she seldom uses the jets! She bathes in it so I asked her why and she told me it takes so much water to fill it then the heater has to keep it hot; she said it just uses too much 'energy'!!! Dh and I were going to put one in but decided not too since neither one of us likes to use a tub much; "shower folks" insead!! HTH

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We were going to get one and then right before we built we stayed in a hotel with one. It took forever to fill and I thought it was kind of noisy. I like to read in the tub, and non-whirlpool style one is better for that. I ended up putting a clawfoot in the master bath. I know several people with whirlpool tubs and they never use them.

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When we renovated I replaced mine with a clawfoot tub. It was noisy and the buildup inside the pipes was disgusting. I had to run bleach through it every time I wanted to take a bath. I considered getting a SaniJet tub when I remodeled but heard they were just as noisy, just cleaner.

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Thanks folks. Any more experiences out there?

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We just built a new master bath, and put in a Jacuzzi Allusion tub that is 6' long, with sloped sides on both ends (built for two).
We use it at least twice a week and love it. Great way to unwind after a long day. I am not crazy about the jets, so they are usually left on a very low setting just to circulate the water and keep it warm, with the built in heater. A soaking tub would be fine with me, but I think the water would cool down too quickly.
So far no problems at all. Yes, it does take a while to fill, but we have not noticed any huge spike in our electricity bill.

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Another option to consider is a soaking tub with an inline heater (no jets). MTI and Aquatic HotSoak have that feature.

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If heat retention is what you are going for, here is what I do. I have a cast iron clawfoot tub. I use it probably ever other day. I put in the plug, then turn only the hot water on to fill it. I either let it sit a bit to cool before getting in and adding more hot water once I am in or add some cold so I can get in. Either way, the tub is preheated and the water stays hot once the tub is hot, if that makes sense. I can see with this kind of tub, no matter the season you wouldn't want to get in before turning on the water- cast iron is COLD unless heated this way. Because of the tub design (double slipper) it is smaller on the bottom and fills a lot faster than my old whirlpool tub, which I also like.

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I have a large jetted tub that I do love. I can sit in there and read for hours!! But I selcome use the jets. The placement of them is sort of annoying. The best use I have found for the jets is if you like bubble baths, those jets can make the biggest mountain of bubbles you have ever seen. lol!

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We don't do a lot of baths now, but we're still getting an air bath and here's why: I found gardenweb because I garden a lot. I love to literally wrestle with plants, rocks, and dirt. I figure, as I get older, the resulting aches and pains will only get worse, and I'll need to soak in a tub. So, if you plan to stay very active as you age, a nice tub might be a good investment.

(I'm only 37 and I'm already amazed at how creaky I feel sometimes. Anyone "more experienced" out there care to comment on the desirability of a soaking/massage tub as we age? Maybe I'm just stereotyping?)

One bath I found that surprised me was the toto Clayton tile-in airbath. (with optional multicolored led light show!) I like this bath because it fits into a standard 32 x 60 tile-in tub surround area. I think the larger tubs that require a deck and separate shower, while deluxe, can be hard to fit into an older home like mine. So, for taller people the tile-in version of the Clayton might be a joke, but for me (5'6", dh same), it is an easy fit into our existing bathroom footprint, and you can also shower in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: tile-in airbath

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We had the same dilemma when we were designing our house. My husband was pretty much against a Jacuzzi. He figured we'd never use it. Our previous house had a large shower in the master bath, but no tub. I really wanted a tub and if I was going to put in a tub, it was darn well going to do something besides hold water :). After a lot of shopping around, I ended up with the Jacuzzi Signa 6 with chromatherapy (light show like slateberry51's), heater and 8 jets. I got it from luxuryplumbingplus.com and was $1700 in the door.
I cannot tell you how much I love this tub! It doesn't take long to fill (daze roman tub filler), is very deep, and really just relaxes me so much!
Also, I thought about resale value. In a mid high to high end home, I think people expect to see a jettet tub in the master - the bigger, the fancier, the better - even if they will use it once a year.
It has become my sanctuary. I have had no trouble regarding mold - I think the newer tubs have systems in place to flush the jets?
FWIW, that's my experience.
I also put a Kohler jetted tub in the kids' bath. It was about $700 and they just love it!
Good luck with your decision.

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If you are still following this thread, did you get your Maax tub installed yet? How do you like it?

We are looking for a Maax Souvenir freestanding tub with air and whirlpool jets, but cannot find one in a showroom so far. We are afraid to order without actually seeing one.


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I am a huge bath person. I take multiple bathes a week. My mother has a jacuzzi tub and you think I'd love it, but I don't. Her tub doesn't have an additional heater (to my knowledge) and the water turns cold very quickly when you run the jets. You're aerating the water, so that makes sense. If you like bubbles or soaps in the water, the jets can also cause a foaming issue. Finally, I found it hard to get the jets on her particular model into a comfortable position. Of course, there are so many models out there, I'm sure many tubs can avoid all the issues I've seen.

I personally prefer something deep for soaking, where I can just relax in hot water.

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I originally wanted a jetted tub for our bathroom, but ulitmately decided against it for the following reasons:
--it's the main bathroom for all of us--kind of deep for little baby baths
--I have three little kids and never take baths myself...just don't have time!
--was recommended that you have to get one with a heater--otherwise, by the time it's filled and you get in, the water's lukewarm
--with a heater it became an expense and oh-no-another-possible-electrical-issue-in-a-140+year old house!
--I know both of us would never use it together...made more sense for our large family (extended family next door and down the block) to get a large outdoor hot tub at a later date.


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Don't do it. We have one in the current house we live in and it's so wonderful until you have to clean it. If you use this tub for your main family tub it's aweful. Do not shave in it or wash the kids hair etc if u want jets. They are SO hard to clean sanitary and spotless. I'm a neat freak and scrub every few days and then run the jets with bleach water for 20 min and they still don't come 100% clean. We will not put one in the new house we are building because of this issue. Don't get me wrong they feel wonderful but it's a high maint product.

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I am wondering whether there is a real advantage to have a cast iron whirlpool (looking at Kohler's Tea for Two) rather than an acrylic one. In the past we had a regular cast iron tub - loved it. Then we moved - and installed an acrylic whirlpool bath (Kohler). Overall it is OK - but...the water gets cold very quickly, unless the heater is on and at times when you move in it the tub "makes funky noises" (the kind of noise you associated with plastic not steel flexing or bending). We are remodeling so now is the time to pull the trigger on the tub material.
Other than the obvious differences - cost, installation ease, and sheer weight - does anyone have any comments on the two materials that point to clear advantage of one over the other?

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I just posted about how much I love my new Sanijet tub. It is acrylic with no heater, so I had the contractor fill the space around it with insulation, no problem with the water cooling too quickly. It is very sturdy and there is absolutely no plasticy feel or noise when moving around in the tub. See my other post about Sanijet, if you haven't read it yet.

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