problem w/acrylic nails : forming powder ball w/monomer

bjamesSeptember 26, 2009

I have a problem when dipping the brush with the monomer on it, into the acrylic powder. Instead of the monomer picking up a ball of powder on the tip of the brush, it just flows into the container of acrylic powder, liquifying and wasting the powder left in the container, and leaving hardly any on the tip of the brush to apply to my nails. I have tried both wiping off excessive monomer on the hairs of the brush, and leaving a little more on it before dipping into the powder. I continue to have this problem. What am I doing wrong?

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In my experience, this would seem to definitely be a problem of having too much monomer on the brush. I realize you said that you have tried wiping excess monomer from the hairs of the brush, but maybe not enough? When you dip the brush in the monomer, only dip the very tip and see if that makes a difference. Also, I am wondering if it might be the brush itself. Maybe the type of brush you are using just wicks more liquid than it should. You might try a brush with bristles made of a different material than the one you already have.

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You could try a tiny saucer made for this, beauty supply, and be sure the brush is tapered some and only dip the tip in the liquid. The tiny saucer will limit the damage to your supply.

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A good brush makes a world of difference. Sally's carry
nice brushes for this purpose.

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