Toenail tramas.

centralcacyclistSeptember 21, 2004

Dang it! I have lost 2 toenails today on one foot. One due to a dropped box on my big toe. The pinkie toenail must have gotten bruised in some other way that escapes me. Talk about UGLY. What does one do? Paint the naked toenail area? It's too tender to wear closed shoes for a day or two. And how long before it's grown out?

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You are having rotten luck with that one foot!

I would say leave the skin alone and definitely do not paint the tender skin. I had a friend who did it once because she had a formal event to attend and couldn't wear closed toe shoes due to the pain. She said it looked worse painted than plain and then had to deal with the ugliness until it wore off since she couldn't exactly use polish remover on it!

I am not sure how long it takes for the nail to grow back out. My daughter lost her toe nail about a month ago and it is 3/4 of the way grown back already.

Good luck!

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Well! That's encouraging! I was thinking it might take 6 months or more. Okay, I'll layoff the polish and just do the rest of the toes in clear. It's still warm weather here and I will likely be wearing sandals to spare my toe and to keep cool.

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I have lost many toenails because I run as a past time and always seem to lose a couple right after the big races. I guess it's all the pounding on the tips of my toes on downhills and slopes. I felt so miserable one year because my toes looked so ugly so I went and had a pedicure. The manicurist actually did an excellent job at painting my skin that none of my friends could tell the difference that there was no nail there. I guess it helped that she used a very bright red on it. I honestly don't think I could've done as good of a job myself at home. I had it redone every three to four weeks for about five months until my new nail regrew out completely in that spot. I was happy with the paint job.

Good luck and I'm sorry about your toes. Ouch!

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That's part of my problem, too. I don't run but I walk daily and my toes take a steady bumping, add a stubbed toe to the mix and poof! the nail falls off.

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