Which is better ? Crest Whitestrips or Rembrandt ?

telly2September 19, 2006

I've tried both, and the thing I like about the Rembrandt strips is that they're much thicker and so they stay in place better. But I felt they didn't whiten as well...Have you tried both ? What is your opinion ?

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I have tried the thicker strips (but not Rembrant) and I didn't like them at all - I didn't really see results. The Crest whitestrips were recommended by my dentist and I love them. However, they are a but too expensive for me to use all of the time so I use Crest Night Effects that you paint on - I am very happy with the results.

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Neither is the best. You can buy the same stuff as the dentists charge a fortune for on ebay. It is 36% (the absolute strongest available) Carbamide Peroxide. Several sellers include the mold for your teeth but if not you can buy them. If you have had your teeth whitened at a dentist, just use the mold he made for you, or if you have a molded tooth retainer, that is the same thing. Anyway, it is an amazing product. This is the official name and it may have different brand names. Do a search on ebay with key words 36% teeth whitener and you will find it. Don't use it daily though. It is so strong your nerves can be sensitive . . . kind of like the sensation you get when you hit a nerve with something cold. My teeth are so white from this. I love it!


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Crest whitestrips

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