need a sugg for after eyelid surgery lotions

jeanweddingSeptember 21, 2007

Just had upper and lowers done 16 days ago. Best thing ever done I should not have waited so long. Was scared of sedation and being a statistic

not real expensive either

I had very droopy upper eyelids Im in my late 50s

My dr has a small in office surgery room. Went for 2 other opinions first. Kind wish I would have went for a fourth opinion. Cause I prob need a forehead lift too

Anyone with suggestions for eyecreams etc

Healing very well so far Had very little bruising etc

I was taking daily pics. But mispaced camera till two days ago

Thanks all


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Did your surgeon make any recommendations post op, he would be the first person I would ask. 16 days is really not a long time. I personally would stay away from any eyecream that has an anti wrinkle or tightening effect for now, while you are still healing. Some eyecreams make me puff up.

congratulations for taking the plunge, you must be so happy !

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? I would think the Doc would have provided you with whatever creams or info about them you'd need... that's weird. I'd give his office a call. Glad you are healing well and you love your results! Wish I had the brass to do something like that.

Here is a link that might be useful: you might find a product referral here

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