Middle age skin care

nanafunfunSeptember 11, 2006

I am 41. Mysteriously I started to have acne breakouts recently. That bothers me to no end. Although I have been using acne lotion (Neomedrol) for the last 20 years for small spots of acne, it seems that it no longer works for me. I started to have dry, flaky skin. Then I tried the L'Oreal Renovist Glycolic Acid Peel, and it worked wonders in removing the dead skin cells, and also prevented further breakouts. I am using it once a week, to keep the skin clean and smooth. Since I have highly sensitive skin, I do not use any creams or lotions. They tend to make my face oily and lead to breakout. The best way is to stay out of the sun, which I have been obsessive about since by late teens. So, fortunately, at this point, I don't yet have any visible wrinkles on face eyes, and face (except on the forehead). I believe the best way is to eat lots of vegies and fruits, drink lots of water, have plenty of sleep, and in addition, find a skin care regimen that is best for you. I am constantly in the search of it... By the way, I am now using L'Oreal Happyderm foam face wash. It is excellent. I just love it! It is so soft and make the skin really clean, but does not dry it at all. The ideal way is to use the glycolic acid peel once a week, and wash your face twice daily with Happyderm.

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nana, you sure seem to have found a good way to treat your skin; l'Oréal products are not too expensive so that 's excellent. I am a firm believer of exfoliation too; so you are not using any moisturizer at all day or night ?

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I'm 41 too. My skin is misbehaving as well. I saw some great reviews about this book, The Skin Type Solution, on a makeup board I frequent so I had to get it. It is well worth the purchase price! Based on a questionaire that you fill out, I found out I have Oily, Sensitive, Non-Pigmented, Tight skin. I am following her recommendations for my skin and so far, so good. I found out that my skin type does not take to facials or exfoliation well, too inflamatory. A washcloth is all I should use to exfoliate and anything with scrubbing particles should be avoided. I found a line of skin care (Eucerin Redness Relief) at Walgreens that is doing good things for my early rosacea symptoms. Here's a link to her website where you can browse for info and she even has forums for the different skin types. You can easily set up a regimen just for your skin spending as little or as much money as you wish with her product suggestions. And you can avoid spending money on stuff that can harm your skin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr Baumann's Website

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Is 30 considered middle aged? I started with break outs at 28! Lucky me,right? Anyways,I tried every single thing that was over the counter~Proactiv,Murad,neutragena,Clearasil,oxy,EVERYTHING!
All of it was too harsh for my skin and didnt help my face at all.
I finally sucked it up and went to a dermatologist.I have been using Differin gel for a year now,and it is wonderful! I rarely break out,and when I do,they are tiny,easy to manage pimples instead of the big nasty ones I used to get.
A great side effect of differin is that it helps keep you from getting wrinkles as well,and makes any you have seem to go away.It's because it also rebuilds collegen in your skin.
Other retinoids that may help are Retna-A and Tazorac.

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NO, Coolmama, NO!!! Thirty is NOT middle aged. I don't exactly know where middle age starts or ends but thirty is not even close.

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LOL...ok,good to know I guess.

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