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jokerptSeptember 20, 2007

Hi Everybody

I live in Princeton, NJ and I have used gel nails a couple of times for several months... I have never had any problems with the nails. However, when I remove them I feel my nails are completly dead. I usually use the nail fortifiers and so on, but my nails break very easy. I thought it might be due to the fact that in the salon I go to they remove the top layer of my nail before applying the gel. Is that the way it should be done? Are my nails being damaged for no reason??

Does anybody know good nail salons in the Princeton area??

Thanks for the help!!


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I'm pretty sure this is normal. They usually buff off the top layer because it helps the fake nail stick to the natural nail better.No matter what I have ever done,my nails are in poor shape after having fake ones.Everyone I know is the same.Guess it just goes with the territory.

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Yes, i thinks shes right. I get my nails done also and when I take them off it leaves the nail a little ruff and unhealthy looking. maybe you should look into the silk wrap, i hear thats a little better for the nail.

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jokerpt, they have to remove the shine from the nail in order for the product to adhere to it. Even on silk wraps.

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I am currently in school for cosmetology and am interested in specializing in doing nails. I have been appreciating all of the comments that have been made since i am trying to figure out the gel system and how it compares to the acrylics. How are the gels removed? I know how the acrylics are and that the process can be very aggrevating. I do know that if the acrylics are done the right way from the beginning that you do not need to use any power tools to finish.

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Some gels can be soaked off in acetone and others have to be filed off.

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I've been a nail tech for over six years and do both gels and acrylics. A lot of nail tech's remove too much of the nail when they buff. It is true that the nail needs to be buffed to remove the shine, but when this is done correctly it should not weaken or damage the nail at all. The natural nail should be prepared the same way no matter what type of enhancement (acrylic, gel, or wraps). It's the preparation of the natural nail that can cause damage, not the enchancement material (ie acrylic or gel).

A true gel nail can only be removed by filing and buffing. Only acrylics and wraps can be removed by soaking. Personally, I prefer acrylic nails because they are easier to remove and tend to be more durable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nailphiles

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I have been having my nails 'done' for many years. I started out with powder, glue and silk wraps - but found it difficult to find nail techs who did this correctly. I then started using acrylic. For me, the acrylic lift around the edges which can collect moisture - mold. For the past few years I've used gel coating and love it. I get a base gel coat - then the polish (French in my case) with a top coat of a more liquid gel. All cured under UV lights. These gel nails are more flexible, I think, and don't break, crack and lift as much as the acrylic. PLUS the top coat protects the polish perfectly so it doesn't chip. If my nails would just stop growing (LOL) I wouldn't have to have them redone more than once a month.

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