ok - so I'm overweight - but I'm working on it...

kitasmommieSeptember 2, 2010

but I need some fashion help.

Up until I was in my mid-late 40's, I wore a size 7 - sometimes a 5 - but never more than a 7 (I'm 55 now)

Then I went thru menopause & during that time was diganosed with a heart defect & hip problems.....summing all up - all came together to help me to gain weight.

I hit my peak @ 198 lbs (am 5'5") - which is when I said no more....I'm now about 180 & it's slowing coming off.

Most of the problem is in the waist I no longer have. yes - the butt & breasts are bigger, but most of it is in the gut.

I work from home - so my wardrobe has become "home" clothes - jeans, shorts, sweats, etc. I specifically haven't shopped for nice stuff because I AM LOSING THIS WEIGHT.

However, I'm now in the position that I have to find a nice dress - have a funeral & a function to attend in a couple of days (hopefully use the same dress for both).

But having real issues with the styles for a size 16W.

Empire waist - makes me look pregnant - which I don't think I can pull off at my age.

Belted dress - the buckle ends up parallel to my breasts - since I have no waist.

A-shape just makes me look like a tank.

What is it that I'm not finding?

I spent 3 hours in a store yesterday - tried on I don't know how many outfits & didn't buy one.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I can't lose this belly in the next 2 days - but I really don't want to look like a frump either.

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Does it have to be a dress? How about nice black slacks, heels and a dressy top? Or a jacket and coordinated blouse. Cute earrings, cute bag and you're set.

Do you have a Nordstroms? Was recently looking for a dress to wear to a wedding and saw some really cute things in the women's section. I don't wear women's so nothing worked for me, but I ended up with a print skirt, sleeveles beaded linen top and matching cardigan sweater which I got at Macy's. It was Jones New York, so nice fit and quality.

I hear you about the dresses. I'm a size 12 pear, and every one I tried on was horrible. Too big on top, too small on the bottom, too low, big arm holes. I feel your pain. Good luck, and let us know what you do.

(Oh and congrats on the weight loss. Keep going.)

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I'm thinking I should wear a dress - particularly to a funeral. My grandmother would roll over in her grave if she saw I showed up in a church in pants.
but - pants it may be - I only have tomorrow left.
My Nordstrom's is further than I want to travel - will probably end up at Dillards, Belk & maybe Macy's (in the other direction)

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I can't find a dress that suits me because my figure is so difficult to fit. I, too, vote for the slacks and a nice top. At least that's what I find more comfortable than a dress that doesn't fit right. And that's when I can relax and not worry too much about what I look like. The slacks outfits they make today are so dressy and I always think some look just fine and very classy. Or another thought that I sometimes go for is a 2 piece outfit. I found it is easier to find a fit in the 2 piece than a dress.

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How about a dress with a little jacket that comes to the waist? Jackets can hide a lot of sins! Or a skirt with an overblouse

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My empathies are with you!
However, it strikes me as odd that you would obsess over how you look at at a funeral - is it a fashion event? Because I assume most of the other guests will be looking at the deceased, not at you.

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Well, nobody wants to look out of place, & everybody wants to look attractive!

What did you decide on, km?

In my family, there are so many elderly aunts who have to wear slacks because it's too hard to get into a dress or because it's 23 degrees or whatever, that we all find slacks normal.

At one aunt's very poignant funeral, the pallbearers were great-nephews.

Since she knew that probably none of them owned suits, & since her great-nephews weren't on the rich side of the economic scale, my aunt had specified that they were to wear white shirts & blue jeans.

It still makes me cry to remember those sweet teen-aged boys with their somber faces, long hair carefully combed, in their starched shirts & jeans.

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