To polish, or not to polish

stu2900September 20, 2006

Because of my job I don't wear colored polish on my fingernails. My nails are natural and I keep them well manicured. I was always using a clear or base coat of polish on them, but my nails started to yellow, so I stopped using anything. Yesterday I read that you should always keep some kind of polish on your nails to protect them. Is this true? Was I just using the wrong kind of polish?

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Because I garden so much I finally gave up polishing my nails. I just mess it up too quickly.

However my nails grow so fast that it is hard to keep them short so I let them grow to a moderate length and I keep them buffed to a nice shine. I don't know what you call the 'file' that I use but I get it at Sally's Beauty Supply and it has 4 different surfaces. I use all four and it gives them a nice enough shine that they almost look polished. Occasionally I dip them in bleach but normally they stay a nice healthy color.

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My nails are somewhat weak and tend to split, so I use Nailtiques (#2)which really protects and strengthens them. I use my hands a lot in my work, in and out of water, etc. Nailtiques does not yellow, however it's about $10 a bottle. I think it's worth it.

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sjt2900 try lightly buffing your nails with solar oil. Polish does protect your nails.

Do you smoke?

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Nope, no smoking. Quit that years ago. Where would I find solar oil? Is Nailtiques available at beauty supply stores?

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I saw Nailtiques at Walgreen's this week, and Ulta carries both Nailtiques and Solar Oil. I think Trade Secret carries them both also.

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I think sells solar oil.

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