where to buy ready made over the window trellis?

M_N_AJanuary 5, 2014

like this?

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It's known as a pergola or arbor for supporting planting and/or providing shade (a trellis is a vertical planting support).

There are many sources for pre-fabricated kits. Try googling "window pergola, window arbor, garage pergola and garage arbor kits."

However, such a structure is not difficult to design and build.

I would avoid adding planting because it so often destroys eaves and gutters of a house. Carefully flash and seal any penetrations through the wall cladding.

When I renovate a house planting structures, it they are still intact, are torn off along with a lot of damaged wood. IMO planting should be at least a foot from a house. 2 feet is better unless you are willing to prune frequently.

Here is a link that might be useful: arbor kits

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