Anyone dealing with the effects of PCOS?

acoreanaSeptember 14, 2006

By this I mean skin issues, facial know...the stuff that makes you feel oh so pretty! :0p

I had bought a kit...gosh, I wish I could remember the woman's name...well, I guess she's a very well known dermatologist, at Bath & Body Works. Well it made my skin issues SOOOOOO much worse. I tried it for 3 weeks thinking maybe it gets worse before it gets better. Wrong!

Since then I've tried other things. I had success with the Neutrogena facial wipes, but due to cost I went with Stridex this last time around. The active ingredients are the same, so why do I feel like it's not working as well?

Hard to tell if anything really helps, or if it is totally dependent on the syndrome.


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What exactly is the skin issue...acne? Facial hair? Or?

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I'm referring to skin in this thread (although facial hair, weight gain, and baldness are also I said, sure makes me feel pretty!!!). Acne is one of the problems associated with PCOS and I'm wondering if there's any otc product someone might be having success with.



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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Here is a link. It can cause thinning hair, acne, irregular periods, and facial hair in women.

I would think that acne is acne and should repsond to the usual acne treatments. I have good success with Retin A but everyone is different.

Here is a link that might be useful: PCOS

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Go to a bookstore and find the book The Skin Type Solution by Leslie Baumann. There is a questionaire to fill out which will tell you your skin type. Based on that, then you can find products that will work for your skin. It works! I had bought a trial size of some very expensive facial products for my sensitive skin that absolutely destroyed it. Turns out a couple of the ingredients were no-nos for my particular skin. I was able to find a line from Walgreens that so far is agreeing with my skin very well. Plus, since I have a skin type that isn't prone to wrinkles, I can avoid all those pricy anti-wrinkle products and procedures. And my skin type doesn't take well to facials and exfoliation, so I can skip spending money on those.

She lists products for use that are of all price ranges, from drugstore brands to stuff available at high end department stores. You will save so much money by buying this book since you won't be purchasing products that aren't going to work for you or could do more harm than good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dr. Baumann's Website

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