Bertazzoni Range - Gas Line Location

KristenSGCFebruary 6, 2014

Hi everyone. I've been lurking around these parts for awhile now (which has been a huge help during the planning of our kitchen remodel -- so thank you!) and I seem to recall that there's a few people who have Bertazzoni ranges. I'm hoping someone can tell me where the gas line is supposed to go. I find the manual a bit confusing. According to the text, the line should be no higher than 3 inches above the floor but the diagram seems to show it 18 inches from the ground. My plumber followed the diagram but now that the range is in place, it just doesn't look right.

Does anyone know what the correct placement should be? Am I reading this part of the manual wrong?

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The diagram suggests that the gas can be 18-21" off the floor - I would bet that the no more than 3" off the ground is in reference to the electrical outlet.

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The gas line for my Bertazzoni cooktop runs inside the cabinet next to it, then at the top goes through the cabinet side, into the cooktop. The shutoff valve is at the bottom, near the base of the cabinet.

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The manual does say 3 inches for the electrical outlet. So I guess someone screwed up the text for the gas line paragraph. I mean, it's less likely that a diagram would be wrong, right?

The 18 inches would have made total sense to me with a cooktop but with the range it just seemed so odd.

I'm starting to think the problem is the way they installed the gas line. If the nozzle was flipped around, it probably wouldn't look so odd. I want to be able to push it back against the wall (once it's finished, of course) and that seems unwise/unlikely as it is now. I guess I'm asking the plumber to come back.

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