PomonaSeptember 24, 2004

I received an Email from "Janesville," which is apparently a spinoff store, of sorts, from Gymboree (children's clothing store w/whimsical, darling outfits - IMHO).

The message said little but included a 20% off coupon for a Janesville store. Apparently there's a store semi-near me & I'm wondering if anyone can give me input as to what the clothes are like. (as in -do I want to make the drive or not?)

I thought it very strange that there's virtually NO information on the store(s) online. Just a one-line blurb someplace that states it's high-end clothes for women (25-35) who aren't conventional. So what the heck does that mean? Are we talking clown suits or what?

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Looked at Gymboree's website - they have a store called Janeville, see link below. (No "S." Just Janeville.) Their website didn't say much, but I am intrigued by the idea of them selling adult clothes! Too bad none are in the Dallas area. I have been to their Janie and Jack stores, which are lovely but very overpriced, IMHO. Go so you can tell us more about it! Website says, "Janeville is a retail concept offering clothing and accessories for women in their mid-30s and older who value modern styling, comfort and individuality. The store's architecture creates an unexpected residential environment with a cottage facade and front porch, evocative of a home in Sonoma, California or the Hamptons. The Company expects to open approximately 14 stores throughout the United States by year-end." ~ Suzie

Here is a link that might be useful: Janeville

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Righto - I got the spelling wrong.
Well, since there are no photos online of ANY of their clothes, I'll have to swing by and check it out. I'll write up a review for you.

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OK, I checked out Janeville. HUGE disappointment. I've always loved Gymboree clothes. My daughter wore their dresses, tights, bloomers, etc forever & they were lovely, & beautifully made. Well Janeville is another story. Can you say "low-end, trashy, cheesy?" I spent all of 10 minutes in the store & never pulled anything off the rack to get a closer look. Hey, I could see all I needed to see from several feet back!

Let's put it this way, if you're going to attend a "fancy" NASCAR function, this is your place! Or . . . if you want to take a stab at imitating the look that you see on 15-yr-old girls who are snagging a quick smoke on the sidewalk before heading into school, this would be a good place for you to shop.

What a joke. From their write-up/press release, I was expecting a very specific look. I thought it would be a Laura Ashley type of place, but younger, trendier, hipper; nice, tasteful clothing but with a fashion-forward edge to it. I've never been in a store that had clothes like this, but I'm guessing Limited (or is it THE Limited?) or Bebe(sp?)would be very comparable.

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What a disappointment! I was hoping they would really be 'something special.' Truth be told, I really think Gymboree - the boys section, at least - is really going down-hill! Their fall selection - for boys - was cars, dogs, more cars and sports. Yuck. Their summer line was skateboards. Like I am going to dress my two-year-old in skateboarding clothes! I complained to one of the store managers and she said they have been hearing that a lot and that the line wasn't moving as fast as normal. No doubt - women buy the majority of kids clothes and I, for one, am not about to dress my toddler up in monster car clothes! Yuck. Their girls selection is probably still darling, but I don't have a need to venture to that side of the store. They lost me with the boys section. Now hearing your review of their 'adult' line of clothes - no thanks. ~ Suzie

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