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HerSheFebruary 15, 2014

Hello Everyone: I am remodeling a kitchen in a home I know we will stay in for at least 15 years. We live in a remote area and service of appliances is an issue for us. I fell in love with Thermador for instance and we can find no one in our area to repair it. I wanted to wait for the new Wolf M Series but it is delayed until probably the beginning of 2015 and I can no longer wait. So it is down to the revamped E series vs L series double wall ovens. I really liked the E but was dismayed to learn it only has convection in one oven. The L series will eventually be phased out when the new M series takes hold but I am told parts will be available for years to come. Oddly enough we have a multitude of Wolf repair people in our area so I am not worried about service. It's either those two or the Electrolux Icon. What would you do if you were me? E series people, do you regret only having one oven with convection? I am assuming because the L series has been around for a long time, they have worked out the kinks? I am aware of the porcelain issues, but the local Wolf repair guy told me he hasn't seen that problem in several years. Thanks for helping me out!!!

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Why not get two single wall ovens instead of a "double" and then you an get two "E" series if you want and get convection in both?

I prefer, for my own tastes, not to have a double wall oven as the singles seem to have less issues when compared to there double counterparts.

I personally have the Wolf L-series along with a Wolf Convection Steam Oven, really love that combo, maybe look in to doing the single E with the CSO and see what you think about that, a lot of people love their CSO.

If you can go to a Wolf cooking demo to see all of the products first hand, and you get a great meal to boot.

Good luck,

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Reports here on Gardenweb suggest the porcelain issue is very much still alive and kicking.

One of the changes in Wolf's new ovens is a replaceable bottom. This is their attempt to solve the problems. The M series will have this, the L series does not. The NEW E series which is now available has it (with the stainless control panel), but the old E series does not (with the frosted glass control panel, which there might still be some left of). If you are going to buy Wolf I'd strongly recommend going with the new E series if you can't wait for the M.

As for the double convection⦠I have 2 ovens with convection, am a pretty frequent oven user, and I never have used convection in both at once. If you're not sure and just think it would be nice to have, I think you'd probably be fine with convection in one. If you KNOW you need convection in both, I would go with the Electrolux Icon double. That is just my personal opinion, I would not want to deal with the porcelain issue even if Wolf stands behind their product.

Then again, I am not a huge user of convection. I think it's a nice thing to have, but I also think that it's overrated. Wolf does better than average with it because of the 2 fans, but according to the manufacturers it's a miracle that you can use to cook anything on as many racks as you want and have everything come out perfectly even. The fact is, it works well with some foods and less well with others. And 3 rack baking does not always work out as well as manufacturers would have you believe, convection or not.

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Thanks to both of you. Phil I was thinking of the combo you suggested but the steam oven seems so small. There are only two of us but I want two oven for the times our son comes up with nine people, for parties and for holiday dinners when cooking many dishes. Do you feel you have enough oven capacity for those times in life with the combo you suggest??

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Wolf blue chipping is an active problem.
If you chose to get a Wolf oven get one with the removable bottom. Get the longest extended warranty you can get and read the terms and conditions very carefully to make sure that the enamel is not excluded. If you get Electrolux, enamel is excluded in the Electrolux extended service agreement and they have the same issues with chipping. I have a Wolf DF range and Electrolux wall oven. Both failed in this way. My Electrolux was repaired under my extended warranty. IThe cost was about $525 to replace the oven cavity. When I bought the Wolf(both appliance from the same person), the salesperson told me I did not need an extended warranty because Wolf would always stand behind their product. This is sadly not the case anymore. The problem with Wolf is you have to deal with their service people. They would not give me a fixed cost to repair it, but the labor started at $800 and would go up depending on what they find. They would give me the part but only guarantee it for a year. I feel like if they have it "fixed', then they should replace mine and guarantee it. I bought mine thinking the "decades of service" promised on their website justified the extra cost. I worried about the computer boards and it was the basic structure of the oven that was faulty. We chose in light of the posts on this forum with multiple recurrences and our own bad experience with blue enamel on three brands to not reinvest in a product that Wolf itself has no confidence in. At 41/2 years the oven in the range is toast.

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I'm checking in after many months delay. Thank you for keeping up the dialog and with reports of customer experiences.

I was hopeful that the Sub Zero Wolf company would have their "operations" sorted out, by now. After waiting one year for M-series ovens, to hear that delays are extending into 2015 is an absolute failure as a business. I have decided to abandon any thought of purchasing a Wolf cooking product.. ever.

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Bend-or, I don't understand that thinking. They are delayed and in my mind that is better than Wolf putting out a crap item and then everyone is complaining about it and saying why didn't they test it further, blah blah blah.

So, it is your money and you can do want you want, but seems kind of silly to slam a company for trying to make a good product and get it right before they release it.

I am not saying that things can't and shouldn't have been handled better by Wolf with the M-Series, just that why slam them for this.


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Price of the stove maybe $15,000

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buildinkie- the poster is asking about wall ovens not stoves. Wolf has not announced the price for the M series yet. But expect them to be around 8k.
HerShe- I have the E series that will be replaced with the M when it is available. The E only having one convection oven has never been an issue for me. I don't think there is that much difference in the cooking of some foods with it.

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