Foundation for dry, aging skin?

suelahooSeptember 16, 2006

I am about to turn 50. My face is getting more dry by the minute, and well after all, it is a 50-year-old mug, so the normal wrinkling and sagging is happening.

I have been using Bare Minerals for a while now. It's okay, I suppose, but I can't really rave a whole lot, and it does make my face itch in the heat.

I'd like to stay with a powder type of foundation.

Can someone please tell me if there's one out there that's especially good for dry skin?

Thank youâº

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Hi-- I am 50+ and have been using Bare Minerals for about 4 years. My skin is dry. Have you thought about pumping up your moisturizing treatment at night? Wash face in mild cleanser. (one especially made for dry skin) Then put on extra virgin olive oil on face. I have always done this. (since I was in my 30's) I seems to me it is a good wrinkle reducer. Everyone always thinks I am younger than I am. Or maybe they are just flattering me????

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Thank you for the response.
Tee hee, no really you look like you are in your thirties to me!
Just kidding.
But you know, I've been using canola oil on my face for several months now. I have been eagerly waiting for my favorite squirt bottle to get empty so that I can refill with olive oil, funny you should say that.
Recently I did get a sample of Oil of Olay Regenerist night cream, so I've been using it. I think the fumes make my eyes burn. Anyway, the sample bottle is now empty, so I will stick with the olive oil.

Do you use anything over the top of your Bare Minerals foundation? I'd like to try their Mineral Veil but I think it might have a drying effect.

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Hi - I'm 49yrs. old and I'm a professional makeup artist - powder is the kiss of death for ageing skin - as I agree your skin regime is very important - powder is a drying agent - and shows all the lines on the face - try a tinted moisterizer or a base designed for mature skin - though the powder is easier to use - the liquid will give you better results. I hope this helps you.

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Hmm. Something to ponder for sure. Thank you.
Agostinal, can you recommend a good one?
Thank you.âº

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suelahoo, regular exfoliating helps your skin absorb moisturizers better, I'm a firm believer in this. I use a liquid foundation and then use loose powder applied with a large fluffy brush sparingly at the end in order to lose some of the shine and seal the deal.

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Groovy. I did not know that.
Hate to admit it, but I pretty much ignored my poor mug all these years. Now at 50 I'm trying to get educated and am even having a blast discovering how to actually use eye shadow!
Thank you guys for your advice, I'm listening!

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