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wishiwasinozJanuary 23, 2013

If you were able to get a significant discount on Kohler Kallista products, putting them into the realm of budget possibility, would you use them?

I really know nothing about these products, except they are gorgeous, super expensive retail, & made by Kohler.

Is this basically a Louis Vuitton of the plumbing world? Looking down the road for resale, is there value in having these products?

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You probably will not get your money back. They are gorgeous though. Are they even made in USA? It all depends on what your needs are. If it was my dream house and wasn't planning on moving ever then I would get them. Does your neighborhood justify these beautiful but expencive faucets and accessories? Just in case you want to sell. FYI I would just take them with me if I sold. Good luck.

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The discount is really significant that we won't need to recoup anything.

Houses in the neighborhood start at $800k for 3,000 square feet up to $3.5 million for a mansion.

It will be our dream house, but my magic ball does not tell me if we will be here 5 years or 20 years. A lot can happen in the meantime, & we kind of live our life in the moment, rather than making projections. The savings are incredibly significant. When we saw those prices 6+ months ago, we were thinking, "No way, no how." With the latest development, they are now completely in the realm of possibility. I just don't know if they will be fully appreciated. FWIW, I don't ever buy uber designer anything - handbags, clothes, cars, etc., even though we can afford it, so the thought of having Kallista doesn't dazzle me. It's gorgeous stuff, especially the faucets. If they are made better than the other stuff, then sure, I will definitely do it. But I also don't want my friends & family walking around our new home thinking, "Jesus, they spent $10k on a bathtub" when we didn't come anywhere near that price - the more money than sense stuff.

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Oh ok. I did the same thing you're doing. I ended up mixing and matching brands in my shower. I bought Jado Hand held shower with Hansgrohe shower head . I used valves and trim from Andre collection and everything else was Toto. The reason being they were heavily discounted. Clearance items or showroom items at Pacific Sales in California. My advice is if you like them than it shouldn't matter what others think. As far as quality is concerned, they will be better than anything you buy at the box stores for sure. At that price range they should be solid forged brass which should last a lifetime and a half.

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Be still my heart MARBLE! Whoa! That is gorgeous!

Thank you for your feedback.

Enjoy that shower. Do you smile every time you are in there?

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We mix and matched Kallista, Kohler, Toto and Hansgrohe in our spa bath (clearout prices or CL finds) and no-one ever noticed. We had a Kallista tub filler and OMG was that sucker heavy! Excellent quality construction.

@goldstox Wow that is gorgeous! Do you find it slippery at all or is there a different tile on the floor?

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Thanks fabb!

I think most people don't obsess about this stuff the way people in the thick of it do, so I need to chill out. You are totally right fabb & whatever I can get for a deal, I will do it. Good to know about the tub filler. We are doing a freestanding & that is one of the things on our list. The Kallista tub fillers sure are pretty!

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ok wishiwasinoz...where did you see the kallista for a good price? i'm dying to get their faucet but not full price!

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