Long hairstyles for teenage boy

tracy_cheer08September 27, 2007

My son (13) has hair just below his shoulders, all one length. It's very pretty but stick straight and he wears it back in a ponytail 90% of the time. (My one rule is he has to keep it neat, clean, and out of his face.) I've been taking him to my stylist Kelli lately and she thinks he could use some volume and wave. She's suggested setting it in rollers, either Velcro or hot. She said she could do a roller set in the salon but he might be more comfortable trying it at home first.

Brian's used to seeing me and his sister with our hair up. He's up for trying some new dos. So am I crazy to put my son in rollers, and try some more feminine styles on him? My mother thinks I'm nuts, my sister can't wait to see him in curls. My husband's like "Whatever." Anyone else curled their boys' hair before? Have any other suggestions for styling a teenaged boy's hair?


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Your "boy" is a young man. Young men don't wear rollers. If he starts "rolling" it, he is in for some serious teasing from the other kids and you will be posting on a different forum for bullying.

Leave him be. If he keeps it neat and is a good kid, let it be. BTW, DH in his teens had very long hair, most times in a ponytail. Was it horrible for his mother, I would guess maybe/maybe not. Now as an adult his hair is very short (and gray). I think his mom didn't make a big thing out of it and it eventually went away.

Please don't roll his hair, just the thought makes me cringe.

I have a 16 soon to be 17 yr. old DD, so I know its not easy with the teen thing. As long as he is doing well- respectful, proper behavior in school, decent grades, good friends, nice social life, let it go. There are bigger worries than his long hair IMHO.

Best of luck to you.

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Back in the long ago 70s many men had perms so that they could wear the then popular 'fro if they didn't have the natural curls to wear it. And most of the white boys didn't!

I'm not opposed to the idea of giving him a hairstyle. A roller hairdo is going to look wrong, though. Perhaps a good contemporary razor cut and some men's styling product would give him a new but still masculine look. Even a loose perm might work. Here is a link to some men's hairstyles to offer food for thought.

I like long hair on teen boys if done right. I have a 17 year old son with the best thick curly hair but he likes it cut very short. Darn. I've tried to encourage him to let it grow but unfortunately it gets "poodle-y" for a while before it gets long enough to settle down. And he hates it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Men's hair.

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From what I've observed, boys and men with long hair just tie it in a pony tail, I've never seen any of them with a "do" , volume and wave....... by volume I assume you mean bigger and puffier, which a roller set would do.

I would let him keep his own style and not try to influence him with YOUR desire to roll up his hair.

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Posted by tracy_cheer08: So am I crazy to put my son in rollers, and try some more feminine styles on him?


He's old enough to wash and style his own hair. Same thing for a teenage daughter. Let them be.

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Amen to the others who say leave him alone. Bad enough mommies make "Barbie dolls" out of their daughters much less their sons. If he wants to fuss with his hair he will but keep your hands off him.

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I have seen another post some where,where a guy's girlfriend wanted to do the same thing to her boyfriend's hair. I find it VERY ODD to say the least.I totally agree with labmomma and the other posters who say leave him alone.
Look at all the flak that guy on American Idol Sanjiya got because of his coiffed hairdo. Dont feminize your son.He will get teased to no end.

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Braid it when wet. When you get to the very end, do not pull it through the loop, leave it in it.

Saw a guy about a year ago walking down the street in Old Town...jet black hair, VERY shiny...as he walked he threw his head back and it literally rippled down his back. I was jealous.

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i think it would be a ok idea i am 14 and i know many of my friends that are popular and they ALL have long hair, so do i and if he wants it curled then let him but you should make sure he really wants his hair curled.

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Is this for real? whats wrong with you? no wonder boys are getting so wimpy. Why not just put a dress on him and get him some lipgloss?

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