How many of you carry a big huge pocketbook?

shesheSeptember 16, 2009

I can't do it. I feel like I am lugging around a suitcase.

And I am short so it looks like I am.


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I carry a small bag, essentially a wallet on a strap. It is big enough for the basics. I'm also short. I like small flat purses, anything else adds visual bulk in bad places!

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Talk about slaves to fashion! poor young women emulating the oh-so-slender models carting about those suitcases on their skinny arms....and most can only be carried that way. On models or RL, it looks pretty silly, not to mention uncomfortable and impractical. I do love handbags and have been frustrated seeing all these gorgeous bags that I simply cannot /will not have due to their absurd size. I will be glad when this fad goes away. And ditto the disappearance of a shoulder strap, though I think they are reappearing.

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I have a few larger handbags whose handles are large enough to carry on my shoulder; I make sure the bag is lightweight, it makes a difference in the comfort. I live downtown and I sometimes like to be able to pack my small purchases in my handbag, also carry my book to read at lunch.

Other times, I remove cards from my wallet, and carry a small bag, my favorite has a long strap that can go from left shoulder to right hip, across body. Frees up your hands, I like that.

I can't believe how heavy certain trendy handbags are, even empty.
I avoid those.

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Are you talking about a real "pocketbook" or a purse? If you are talking about a pocketbook (which is a large wallet), you might want to get a small purse to put it in, which will give you more room to add cosmetics, keys, and other items.

Keep it organized often so it doesn't become too cumbersome.

I carry a Sak purse, it has a drawstring top which doubles as a backpack. My wallet (pocketbook) fits in it perfectly, and it has extra pockets inside and out for other items.

Barnmom's idea for the wallet on a strap is great too, my mother carries one of these and she loves it.

Another option for your height issue is a purse with short handles. Also, if you prefer over-the-shoulder purses, most have an option to choose the length of the strap.

Good luck in your search, I couldn't imagine carrying around just a pocketbook with no place to pack Kleenex or lipstick!

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I don't call what I carry a "pocketbook". I call it a "handbag". It's much larger than I would like, but I really am a slave to (forget style or fad) my life! I often carry a book to read while waiting in line, or even a small knitting project (although, more often than not, I carry a small bag for the project in addition to my handbag. My memory is shot (DON'T get old!), so I carry my Palm Tungsten E2 along with me, too. Checkbook, coin purse, inhaler, instant bandages, several sets of keys, reading glasses, way too much stuff. But I really feel I need it all. For a while I carried a rather nice leather tote in addition to my purse, just so that my purse wouldn't be so heavy. I could leave the tote in the car sometimes, but I felt I needed it close. During down time at work, I can take care of personal business, but I have to carry it with me then. The only time I get any relief is when I go somewhere with DH. Then I can just carry my ID and a bank card. Of course, everything else stays in the car, LOL.

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