Antique Waterfall Vanity

VintagekatAugust 11, 2014

I recently purchased this lovely piece and would like to learn more about it.
According to the bits of papers on the back, it was made in Brazil by a company starting with a C.

It is a substantial piece. The drawers are dovetailed and it is solid and heavy. It has a triple mirror which weighs almost as much as the vanity itself.

I have no idea what type of wood it is, but the coloring suggests a possible veneer.

Even the drawer pulls are pretty.

Might it be 30's or 40's?

I'd appreciate any assistance at all. Thank you.

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The styling is definitely 1930s-40s but without closeups of the wood, it's hard to ID it.

Looks like a well-cared for piece.

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I was able to find this on the back...

Camilotti Made in Brasil

Thank you for your help.

It is in great condition.

I just want to decorate according to the appropriate time period.

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Definitely early modern styling, maybe Art Deco.

Think all those penthouses in the 1930s movies ... posh and sleek.

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The wood is either Burled Walnut or Olive Ashe Burl , GREAT piece !

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