Bosch Tassimo Recall!

fauguyFebruary 10, 2012

I saw this on the news.

Checked the site, and my Tassimo model TAS651 is part of the recall. I entered in the serial number, and they are going to send out a replacement part that replaces the internal holder of the T-Disc.

There are also some "bad" Espresso T-Disc that get clogged, but I checked mine and they are not in the recall.

See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for sharing the info! I checked and this recall doesn't affect me but I've passed your link to some friends who also own a Tassimo.

I used to have the Keurig and thought it was great until I was given a Tassimo as a house warming gift. I really find a huge difference in the Tassimo and everyone agrees that the flavor of the coffee is richer and fuller. I think having the machine read the bar code when pre-heating the water really does make a difference in the preparation for the different types of coffee.

I also love it for tea and as a hot water dispenser for so many other things like ...instant cereal, hot cocoa, and instant soup. It's really decreased how and why I use the microwave.

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Only took two weeks to get the new part (it said 4-6 weeks). Simple to change out (easier than the video shows). It basically "seals" the area where the T-Disc is, so steam can't burn a person. I haven't tested it yet though with a T-Disc.

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