Salicylic Acid Peel/Beauty For Less tips

vilettSeptember 23, 2009

I am considering doing Salicylic Peel by myself. I want to start with 10% (20% and 30% are too strong for first time use). I use to have Glycolic Peels that were done in a spa.I know Salicylic works better but I can not afford to pay $$$ for this treatment in a medspa. I can buy Salicylic Peel on-line and save A LOT! Now it is all about Beauty For Less... Does anyone used Salicylic at home? Also, let's share about Beauty For Less tips...Thanks.

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don't know about the peel, but I can contribute a "Beauty For Less" suggestion;

look in the dollar stores for lotions, soaps, & such.

I found shea butter soap & Yardley oatmeal & almond soap & Yardley lavender soap for $1 a bar at Dollar Tree.

& you can get the little white jars of aloe lotion or vitamin E lotion or aloe/vitamin E at (if I remember correctly)Dollar General.

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I have never been in a Dollar store. I buy the italian/french soap bars in Marshall's. I am always looking for shea butter or olive soap bars; usually pay $3.99 per bar. Next time I go to Dollar store. Thanks!
Well, talking about soap bars.... I am from Europe and I truly believe that the best you can do for your your body skin - clean/wash it with a good triple milled bar soap. I love soaps with shea butter and olive oil. Yes, a real soap bar made with animal fat - but that what is so good for your skin, it has those fatty acids that make your skin feel and look good. I see American women are using those liquid washes. I do not know how the intricate pure chemical mix with "nourishing and moisturizing" promises can make your skin happy. I tried to use those, different ones - they just dried out my skin to the point of irritation.
I often get compliments on my body skin in the gym. ( I wear short sport-bras). A few things -
a good soap bar,+shea butter body cream+almond oil on top. Drink plenty of water and take 5 ml of fish oil 2 times a day, plus grape seed extract that has many benefits and one of them - anti-aging for skin (I take it for 4 years)

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