Good shampoo for oily hair - preferably fragrance free or fruit

lynnalexandraSeptember 22, 2007

I'm trying to find a good shampoo for my husband's oily hair. His hair is so oily, that although he washes it every morning, he gets big oil stains on the pillowcases (and would stain the couch if I didn't have a cloth over where his head is). He uses suave shampoo - not one that is for oily hair. I'm pretty sure he could be reducing the oiliness of his head- if he'd use the right product. I use suave shampoo - and I have very dry hair and skin and it doesn't dry my hair out at all.

My husband doesn't want too many chemicals - and I'm allergic to most fragrances (except some fruit smells). So we're trying to find a product that will cut down on his oil, without irritating my asthma or irritating his scalp.

Any ideas? Or any more natural, mild solutions. His oiliness is just getting worse and worse.



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Sounds like something like Head and Shoulders would be good for him to try. Both my husband and I use it,and we both have oily hair.
Although,your husband sounds like he COULD have SEBORRHEA,or Seborrheic Dermatitis.

SEBORRHEA: a common skin disorder that can be easily treated.Seborrhea is excessive oiliness of the skin,especially of the scalp and face,without redness or scaling.Patients with Seborrhea may later develop Seborrheic Dermatitis (oiliness accompanied by redness,or scaling,itchy rash)

Treatment:Non-prescription shampoos containing tar,(Neutragena T-gel is a good one),zinc (head and shoulders),
pyrithione,selenium sulfide,ketoconazole,and/or salicylic acid.
Or a dermatologist may give a prescription shampoo,cream gel,or foam.Mild corticosteriod creams and lotions or anti-fungal topicals such as ciclopirox.

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Do not even think of letting him use Head and Shoulders if you have fragrance allergies. I do too, and I made the mistake of buying my son some of the oily hair formula. My head was throbbing before he finish his shower, the smell of the shampoo permeated the entire house. Yuck! A lot of the dandruff shampoos make oily hair worse, my son has had a problem with this for years. I also have the same oily hair problem. Because of my allergies I can only use Magic Botanicals Oil Free Shampoo. It is very mild with no fragrance added. I do have to wash my hair daily or is gets oily by midday of day 2, but I can live with that. My son just recently started using Rusk Sensories Purify Shampoo. It has tea tree oil. It is suppose to be good for people who have oily hair and scalp. It seems to be working very well for my son, and does not bother my allergies. It has a very mild fragrance, I would not use it because I can smell a fruity, minty smell, but I don't notice any smell in the bath or on my son after he showers. I get it at Meijers, I have not looked anywhere else for it. This would probably work good for your husband. The Magic Botanicals I use is from Whole Foods or the Internet. They each cost about $10 a bottle.

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Excessive oily hair as she is describing though (oil stains on pillows and couch) is not a problem that is going to just go away without the help of a dermatologist.
It could even be a hormonal imbalance of some sort.(too much testosterone maybe)
While Head and shoulders IS one recommended therapy,I did mention many others as well.
Before trying anything she may want her husband to see a dermatologist who will skillfully be able to suggest something that doesnt aggravate her allergies.
The information I provided was from an actual pamphlet I got from the dermatologist as my husband has the same problem.

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I had the same problem, so I checked for some articles on the internet, this one was very helpful for me, maybe you'll find it useful too:

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My dermatologist and plasticgardens obviously feel very differently about this topic. My son and I both have dermatitis. He has tried every over the counter dandruff shampoo to no avail. Until he switched to a mild shampoo without harsh chemicals his condition did not improve. Since switching to this shampoo he can go 2 days without washing his hair and the redness and flaking has dramatically decreased. I'm hoping the flaking will go away completely with time (he has only been using this for 3 weeks).

Anyhow, our dermatologist said, use a mild shampoo with minimal chemicals and little to no fragrance added (perfume can irritate the scalp). Use conditioner only on the ends if at all. He said that harsh shampoos strip oil out of the hair and scalp, which looks good at first but causes the scalp to secrete even more oil to replace what was stripped away. So the best thing to do is use a very mild formula that will rinse out excess oil but not strip the hair and scalp. The oil production should slow down once your scalp adjusts to the shampoo. Seems to be working for us. And he recommended Cetaphil cleanser for the skin. I have been using this for 6 months (I was afraid it would make my skin oilier because it seems very rich) and I have not had a flair up of acne or rosacea in 4 months.

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plasticgardens and Jcrowley - thanks for your responses. It's very interesting to consider that the oil could be a manifestation of sebhorrea. I am not aware that my husband has that, but my 8yo daughter does. We use a dandruff shampoo for her, but I was allergic to head and shoulders and neutrogena. We're using the CVS generic (like Tfal). It helps her (she's not oily, though, she's dry like me) and it doesn't bother my asthma.

I passed on these recommendations and my husband made an appointment with a dermatologist - which is a good step bc. before he just didn't consider this a problem. And I think such excessive oiliness is a problem. Maybe it's hormonal, or who knows what else. I can't wait to hear what the dermatologist says - I'm sure she won't say your hair's oily - don't do anything but accept it.

kamerita - thanks for the jurgita site. I'll check that out.

And now I know about more products to try later.

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Great to hear he has an appointment. Hopefully you can find something that works for both of you.Let us know how it goes! :)

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Good luck to your husband! Hope he finds a simple solution to his problem.

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