Replace tub filler?

nycbluedevilJanuary 19, 2014

My tub filler is part of the Jado New haven line. It is really attractive and matches the rest of the bathroom bling but it fills the bath very slowly. I am not sure of the specs, but when it was installed the plumber told me that the circumference of the filler is the problem. My pipes are half-inch. The filler may be slightly smaller. Is it worth replacing and if so, with what? Is the plumber wrong? I loved my GC but hated his plumber so in my mind everything he says is wrong!

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Hopefully one of the GWebbers with more plumbing knowledge than me will chime in. But is there any chance you can remove anything from the spout where the filter is (like on a bathroom faucet)? I know people can in their shower fixtures, ie remove the device that makes it eco-friendly/compliant. When my sink faucet stopped flowing well I just needed to take the end off and clean debris blocking the screen/filter.

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Thanks raehelen. That was the first thing we tried. There is no flow restrictor inside, which would make sense because unlike running a sink which wastes water, all of the water filling a tub will be used. I may just need to suck it up. It is a first world problem, I know. It just makes taking a bath a bit more of a planned activity because filling it takes at least 20 minutes.

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If it's the one I just looked at the maximum flow rate is 1.5 gpm, which is very slow for filling a pot, let alone a bathtub (most kitchen faucets are either 1.8 or 2.2 gpm)

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Cripes, I was looking at tub fillers from 8-9 and up to 12, and even 17-18 gpm at 60psi.

Yeah, think if it was me, I'd be looking for a new faucet. Guess you could keep eyes and ears open for a sale, as you have a working faucet. Would your supplier take it back, maybe even with a 20% restocking fee, it might be worth it?

At 20 min, your water would be cold already...

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Just to clarify, I am only talking about the tub spout itself. Does the spout have anything at all to do with the pressure? Not sure but I thought it doesn't.

I have actually had the bathroom done for 2.5 years but this is only now starting to irritate me. I also wish that the spout was a lot shorter.

Thankfully, losing heat is not a problem. The tub is the Kohler Greek tub. It is 4 feet long and 23.5 inches deep, so the surface area is much smaller than a regular tub and it retains heat really well--as a matter of fact, I wish it would cool down a bit quicker.

I will keep my eyes open for sales. The current New Haven spout is an Art Deco style. Any suggestions about what might work? Also, I was thinking about the Kohler laminar faucet. Anyone have any idea if that would work?

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It's the valve behind the wall that needs to be changed out. The spout is the decorative piece,. Changing out the valve isn't minor. It means that everything on the tub side of the system has to also be changed, as well as everything behind the tile. Can you get to the valve from the room behind? Or a closet? That's the only way to do it without having to cut out some tile and compromising the waterproofing in the shower.

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OK. If losing heat in the 20 minutes it takes to fill isn't an issue, then I would just look for a spout on sale. I wouldn't bother replacing the valve and going through all the access issues. Just replacing the spout will just let you get a shorter one, won't change the gpm or the pressure. I just used the PSI cuz depending on your pressure, the gpm will change.

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Is this the spout you want to see improved? I copied this off of the other active thread regarding small tubs. LWO may be interested in seeing the spout and how it is installed.

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Some valves have a shut off on the inlet of each water supply. They are used when replacing the stem. You have to take off the plate on the wall and look. There will be a giant slotted screw on each side. They may not be open all of the way. CCW is open. Turn on the cold water and adjust the cold side screw. Remember your start point.

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Yes, enduring. That is the one!

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You installed a shower valve which is around 2.8 gpm.

I have been researching this situation for my own remodel. There aren't any wall tub faucets that match the flow rate of the deck mounted roman faucets which are around 16 gpm. You can replace the shower rough in. Kohler has a wall mount 2 handle rough in that is around 10 gpm - K-302. You can select handles that are similar to your other faucets. You can also build a wall set up by using 2 volume rough ins with a connecting tee to the spout. Jado makes one - 865001.191 - and there is a New Haven single lever handle available for the trim - in fact, it may be the same as the handle for the shower trim. This set up would have the same flow rate as a roman tub filler. Both of these rough ins are 1/2 inch.

I get so frustrated with some of these tradesmen. I have had 2 quotes and bad info from 2 plumbers for my remodel. Friday, I visited the local bathtub manufacturing plant to select my tub. I actually went into the warehouse and sat in tubs - it was more fun than trying on clothes. Their design engineer stopped by and explained to me how to install the tub, including the plumbing changes. My jaw just dropped because my plumbing changes can be done with just minor adjustments without cutting a lot of concrete and without totally replacing supply lines. The engineer also told me the max price I should pay. So not only will I be able to get the tub that I want, I will save money on my remodel. I had thought that I was going to have to put in a tiled shower base because I did not want to move the drain, but now I will be able to put in one of their acrylic bases without moving the plumbing - I will be going from 36 x 36 to 36 x 48. Since I can use an acrylic shower pan, I feel that I can do the rest as DIY and save even more money. I don't know if tradesmen do only what is easy or comfortable for them or what.

I am upgrading from the builder shower valve on the wall for the tub to a deck mounted roman faucet. I am using Moen because their roman rough in is very DIY and comes with PEX connections.

Good luck. Hopefully you saved some tile. Let us know what you end up doing.

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Thanks Anna. No way am I going to tear up my wall. I will live with the slower fill. A shorter spout might be nice though.

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