Any place to find a how-to eye shadow illustration?

suelahooSeptember 30, 2006

Where can I find an easy illustration to show exactly how to use eye shadow trios?

I need something for 50+ aging, hooded eyes (sheesh, that sounds depressing! âº)

Maybe something on the internet?

Thank youâº

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That us something I would like to know also Sue.I have never learned how to use trio shadows. I ordered a free sample of minerals makeup Friday from Everyday Minerals. Now im wondering if I cant even apply trio shadows ,what am I doing ordering mineral makeup ? Big sigh.

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Don't give up, Dejavue!
Where there's a will, there's a way.

I've been doing a lot of Googling lately but I wish I could find an imformative little booklet or chart or something.

One thing I'm learning for sure and that is to use a brush.
I always tried to use those terrible little sponges, and when that got too frustrating, I started using my finger.
Even with what little I know, I'm finding that the brushes make all the diff in the world.

I'm like a pre-teen kid, eagerly experimenting each day with my shadow trios. Some days I show up at work looking almost decent And some days, well ahem...

Anyway, if I find something really good, I'll be sure to share with you.

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Go to She has a lot of tips for make-up applications.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paula's Choice

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