Post Op Neck Lift Surgery

geegee_2007September 5, 2008

I had neck lift surgery exactly 2 weeks ago. PSurgeon says the lumps in my neck are scar tissue that will eventually go away in about 8 weeks. Has anyone experienced this lumppy neck post op? Depressing here. Any information from others who have experienced this is welcomed.

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I had a platysmaplasty about 7 years ago, there was never any lumps, this is not normal from everything I ever read. Are you still wearing your neck bandage? I think I wore mine for several weeks after the surgery (like an Ace bandage, over the head and under the neck to keep it tight while healing) so you might want to keep that on for a while.

Let me know what you find out, but the only scar tissue I had was the small cut under my chin.

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I had incisions in front of and behind each ear plus one underneath chin. Have seen my PS three times and he says the lumps and hardness is scar tissue and will go away. I read that same info on line but it just scares me. Recommendation was to massage tenderly. Wore the neck/headwrap for 10 days per Dr instructions. I guess I just worry about things going wrong. Reputable Dr. but wanted to know if anyone else experienced this. At least you didn't but mine was a complete separation of the skin from muscle to tighten up skin.

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