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dejavueSeptember 22, 2006

hi, i am new to this site and i love it. my question is does anyone use or know of a good hydrating spray to use when getting out of shower. this is for my dh. his skin gets so dry during winter months.it isnt even cold yet and his calves are already starting to flake. he has been using curel lotion but it really doesnt do much. thank you and appreciate any suggestions.

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Well, this is not a spray, but my DH worked for years in a plant whre they made cardboard, and his skin was really dry. I mean cracked and bleeding dry. That cardboard would just suck it right out of him. Suprisingly, he found that if he took a bath before bed, using Avon's vanilla bubble bath, it cut this problem way down to almost nothing.
Worth a try......

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Just remember that most moisturizers do not really add moisture. They seal in moisture. Lotions work best when used on well hydrated still damp skin after bathing. Make sure that he rinses all soap off really well when bathing and just use soap on the the parts that need it skipping legs and other dry areas every so often. An occasional oatmeal bath or using a colloidal bar like Aveeno is soothing to itchy skin.

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Thank You for your responses.The oatmeal bath is that just regular oatmeal and how much?Dh is a shower person. I cant remember last time he got into bathtub.

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Aveeno makes an oatmeal bar that is nice but other bars with oatmeal are good too. You can make a homemade oatmeal soak by putting regular (not instant) oatmeal tied in cheesecloth but again there are many commercial preperations in the health and beauty aisle of your local drugstore.

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