permanent eye makeup

imscatteredSeptember 21, 2007

I am aging!! My eyesight has gotten to the point that I can not see to put on eye makeup. I have looked around for permanent eyemakeup on the internet,,,but don't find a lot of info. Has anyone had any experience with it? Pain, lasting time, cost, etc.?


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I would like to know also. Got on a plastic forum site and they mentione eyelash transplant as a category but no post etc Did a search there and it comes up an eyelash conditoner for $130 My eyelash are almost very light and short and thin
Thanks all

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Okay, here's my experiences:

First off, it's very important to go to someone who has been doing permanent makeup for a LONG time, and to see plenty of before and after photos of their work. My gal had been doing it for 20 years, tons of experience. Also, stay out of the sun, it causes your permanent makeup to fade faster..... mine's lasted a long time because I stay out of the sun.

I have permanent makeup for my brows, and it didn't hurt (with lidocaine cream). I naturally have brows, but they're so blonde, you can't see them unless you're very close. If I had the chance, I wouldn't do the brow permanent makeup again, but that's because I think getting my brow hairs tinted would be just as good (if you don't have any brow hairs, you might feel differently than I do) without committing to something for years and years. Looking back at photos of myself, for the few months after I had my brows tattoo-ed, they were VERY dark, solid, and fake looking. They take a long time to heal. It took 3 sessions to do my brows (doing little touchups the 2nd and 3rd time), and each time, my brows would scab and peel for almost two weeks after, and I had to coat them with lotion to keep the scabs soft. I really hated going to the grocery store for a month and a half while they were going through that healing phase. I've had permanent makeup for my brows for two and a half years, now..... they're not so dark, but sometimes I wish I could change my brow "style". I'm in my 20s, so not everyone feels this way.

I have permanent makeup for my eyeliner (done at the same time as my brows), but only within my lash line (called lash enhancement), and it really really really hurt. It doesn't matter how much lidocaine is applied here, it hurts, and it's right next to your eyeballs. Once again, if I could go back in time, I wouldn't have done it, because I ended up applying eyeliner everyday anyway. If you can't apply makeup, you'd probably feel differently. At first, it was solid black, but now it's a soft black. Like I said, I'm in my 20s, so I need the solid black..... as one gets older, having the softer black would look better.

There is no such thing as eyelash transplants, and eyelash "conditioners" will not make your lashes be thicker or darker or longer. What does work is something called "eyelash extensions", but it isn't without flaws. I've had eyelash extensions done. It's like false eyelashes, only they're not in a strip form, or a cluster form, they're a single lash that someone else applies, one lash at a time. They don't last forever, and if you're a "face sleeper", the fake lashes can get twisted around in your sleep and look funky. You can't wear mascara when you have eyelash extensions, and wearing eyeliner is impossible too, because when you wash eyeliner off, you have to baby your lashes and make sure they don't get twisted around. The first time I had eyelash extensions done, it cost $150, I think, and took 2 hours to complete. This was hard, because I kept falling asleep, then would jerk myself awake, and would have to quickly remember, "Don't open your eyes, someone's using glue right next to them!" I had to have a touch up every 10 days, where they'd remove any really loose ones (leaving ones that were still firmly in place), and would apply new lashes where old ones had fallen off. This was about $40, and took almost an hour. And honestly, my eyelashes are very long as it is, so no one noticed a difference between me having eyelash extensions, and me not having eyelash extensions but simply wearing mascara. However, it was very cool to wake up in the morning with thick dark lashes, this was about the only time they were very noticable. BUT, if you have short or thin lashes, the difference will be greater, as eyelash extensions will look way better than mascara ever could on your lashes.

Hope this helps!

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asheltiemom - thanks for all that info. The eyelash thing sounds like a lot to go through unless it enhanced your career. I have no noticeable eyelashes and brows. I did have the brows tinted but didn't want it real noticeable and it washed out quickly. I think if I could just get upper and lower eyelid, light eyebrow, but no lashes, I would be happy. Maybe the liner would look funny with little eyelashes and of course I can't see to put on mascara and besides am very sensitive to it.
Anyway, where does one find someone who does this?? I have notice at a hairsalon an ad for it. Would that be my most likely source?
Would love to hear of others experiences. thanks

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I had those eyelash extensions done one time and long time ago. The first time I took a shower, and I did not wash my face with soap and water, they came off on my cheeks due to the shower mist. I was going to wash my face with gentle cleanser over the sink and "baby them" but half of them were sticking to my face when I looked in the nirror. I don't know if they were applied wrong or they are just a rip off but I never bothered with them again. When I went back to complain they accused me of "rubbing my face briskly with a towel". Not so. The glue just dissolved off in the shower mist.

Also, they were so long that they hit my eyeglasses. Too wierd.

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I don't have much information to give you bu I did want to share my attempt at getting permanent makeup.

I had an appointment today for permanent eyebrows. I studio was very sparse. The receptionist offered me a seat in the waiting area. I noticed (from her distinctive voice) that she had made the appointment over the phone. I looked through the before and after photo album. The receptionist came over and introduced herself as the technician and began explaining the procedure. Bottom line, it was a one person operation.

I told her that the before and after pictures of actual clients frighten me as it appeared that there wasn't anything natural looking about the application. She explained that it was because the photos were taken right after the procedure and it would take about a week to look more natural. I suggested that perhaps she should consider a different marketing strategy. I told her I would check with some one who actually had the permanent applied and then check back with her. BTW: It was $180 (grand opening special) for eyebrows.

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*Grand Opening Special* and it was a one person operation? You did the right thing.

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I had permanent lip color and upper eye liner done earlier this year. The person recommended did work on 2 of my friends. Actually, there are 4 people in this skin care group who do this work. The woman who did my makeup showed me several photos of lips and eyes she had done, both from right after the procedures when you look a little scary and weeks later when everything looked as it should. She also showed me before and after photos of retouches she had done on people who had had poor work done elsewhere. I absolutely love what I had done...upper lid liner in a dark grey color and lip color that matches my favorite Estee Lauder shade. I read somewhere that lower liner is aging, and although I wear lower liner, I pencil it in. I think the best advice is to find someone experiences who is willing to give references and show photos of work. The other important thing is that one of the estheticians is an RN, so she can do the aesthetic. One place I called was much cheaper, but they told me that I had to draw in my own lipline and then go to a dentist down the street who for $20 would give me a dental block. If I were that good at doing liplining, I wouldn't have opted for this procedure! The anesthetic only hurts for a little bit, like when you have dentistry, but let me tell you, the idea of needles in my eyelids was majorly creepy. My mouth was swollen, sore and very dry for several days after, but my eyes felt and looked OK later in the day I had it done. This is not for the timid, but for me it was well worth the cost and discomfort. When I getup in the morning and wash my face, I look OK in the mirror, not a washed out, ghostly version of myself.

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Find a technician who's something of a make-up artist, or maybe just an artist:

I have hardly any brows of my own, so the tech created them, & I love them.

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Putting on makeup each day can be a real pain. Permanent make up such as permanent eye makeup can really help out a lot.

Here is a link that might be useful: permanent eye makeup

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If you are having trouble seeing to put on makeup, you can get special glasses where you flip down one lens at a time to put makeup on. You can see what you are doing through the other lens. You can get these over the counter/on the internet without a prescription or you can have your exact rx put in.

Be very careful with permanent makeup, it can often look very fake up close.

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Survey of a student project from the Technical University of Berlin

We are interested in your experience in the cosmetic field. Therefore it would be helpful if you could spend 20 minutes of your time to fill out this survey. Certainly, all your information is handled discretely.

All participants can take part in a drawing of an I-Pod Nano. For that you can leave your mail address at the end of the questionary.

Thank you very much for your participation!

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I have been wanting to get my eyebrows done for a long time. I'm so tired of pencils and powder eyebrow applications. I hate it! DH says not to do it. I must admit I'm leary and afraid. What do you do if they are crooked or something after they get done? I saw a gal not long ago with the permanent lip liner & it was awful...all jagged and BAD. She was pretty except for that..what a shame. I think I'll pass on it and just wish I had nice thick eyebrows :(

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I had my eyebrows down in April and I just "LOVE" the results, wish I had it done years ago.

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