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MacyPAJanuary 31, 2012

I asked this on the garage board, but that isn't used much.

The house I want to build has a two car side entry garage. I would like to add a third garage facing the street, so the front of the garage would be at the back end of the driveway. Can someone give me an idea how much space I need to allow between the garages? How much behind the side entry garages and how much in front of the third garage?

It would be kind of like the garages in this plan, though the house would be different.


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You don't need much space in between. Our garage setup is almost identical to yours. We did 3 single garage doors, 9' wide, 8' tall. Each has 1' of brick in between, on the corner, 1' each side. We even have a wing wall on the front of the house shielding the 3rd garage from the street, and we can get in and out fairly well. We have a 20' square pad in front of the garages, extending past the third, and then down 10' past the front of the 3rd toward the backyard. Allowing a 4th car, or a turnaround.

One thing I'll mention is that you need 2' of clearance on each side of the car. So on that 3rd garage, you want 12-13' between the foundation walls. We have about 10', and it's not enough to get in and out on both sides.

We oversized our garages big time, but have a couple of quirks with not enough space to open doors.

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