Retin-A microgel

plasticgardenSeptember 22, 2007

So my dermatologist just prescribed this to me (0.04%)

I was on differin gel 0.01%. He told me Differin is kinda wimpy.

I read alot of bad things about Retin-A though,saying how it makes people's face very red,and dry and peeling.

I just used it the first time last night and I dont feel anything like burning or dryness yet.

Anyone else use this? What were your expriences with it?

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Well,since no one posted I will leave my own opinion since I've been using it a few days.Incase anyone else starts using it and has a question about it.
The first night I expected to wake the next day and see a red,flakey mess.Instead I saw nothing unusual.
After three days I'am noticing some mild peeling,but still no redness and nothing to be alarmed about.

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I've used it off and on. The dermatologist who prescribed it advised using it every other night, alternating with AHA. I only got flakes after consistent usebut used sunscreen or stayed out of the sun. I didn't burn but I got little sun on purpose. Of course, everyone's skin is different. He told me to use very, very little and mixed it with a moisturizer he gave me.

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Thanks for responding.Do you use it for acne? I was also told I could break out worse with inital use of it~but so far that hasnt happend either,maybe because I was already on Differin gel for a year and a half so my face was some what accustomed to retinoids.

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