Help needed! outfits w/flat shoes for work for 40yo

kraftdeeSeptember 9, 2008

I need outfit ideas for work. casual but professional flat shoes. i'm used to wearing skirts and pumps but my work changed and i don't want to wear heels anymore but I don't want to look frumpy. I don't know where to shop or what to look for. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Get 3-4 pair of good fitting dress pants, and then choose dressy tops that would match all of them. Your shoes should be 2-3 pair of black, brown and tan shoes, colors that compliment the pants.

If you are on a budget, places like Kohls or JCPenney's have great sales and you can find everything including shoes and accessories there. If you have a larger budget, I like Macy's, they have some great designers in all sizes.

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Also if you find shoes and a brand you like, do a little comparison shopping on and/or Free shipping both ways if you need to return.

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Try You can search by heel height.

I find that ballet shoes or boots look nice.

Whatever you do, stay away from anything with shoelaces--it screams "matronly"!

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This may not be suitable for work, but sometimes i wear a long dress with flat sandals. I like the look sometimes. Other than that the dress pants & nice top is always good.

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