Tell Us About Your Favorite Collection...

des_arc_ya_yaAugust 15, 2003

Okay, I'll go first since it was my idea! LOL

I started collecting Fireking jadite dishes about six years ago and I'm sure glad I started when I did. The prices have skyrocketed and it makes me feel great to look at my cabinet full of green.

To think that it started with a Restaurant Ware mug for fifty cents at a yard sale. My DH said Jadite is worse than cocaine for being addictive! LOL

What's your favorite collection?

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currently I'm really involved in "piecing out" my set of Mason's Pink Vista. I started with the stuff when I was married....45 years ago ( Yikes!!)...bought...used....broke...bought etc....and it went out of business......
I have lots and lots of serving pieces, creamed soups, pitchers, jugs etc.....but now I'm adding to the stuff like dinner plates, luncheon plates and cups.
And that's just one collection!
Linda C

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My favorite collection was my cookie cutters. But they disappeared during my divorce. So now my favorite is my troll collection. But they are taking over! I've run out of places to display them and I can't bear to think of closing them up in boxes. So besides my display shelves I have around 60-70 of them standing on my sewing machine. That's why I never get any sewing done. I need more space!

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My Stangl art pottery birds have to be one of my favorite collections. The first piece I got was about 20 years ago at a "trade days" that we just happened by on the way home from vacation. It's the double hummingbird and for me it was love at first sight. I've got 15 different birds now.

Next would be my mouse collection. I spotted a piece while on a trip to England made by Border Fine Arts, the artist is Ayres. My first piece was the mouse sitting on a banana and I added another from the same series for 4 more trips. They've since gotten so "dear" that I can't convince myself to pay what they cost. That evolved into another collection, the Brambly Hedge collection. LOL No telling where that will lead.

And then there are the match holders, door knockers, figural creamers/pitchers, toothpick holders, majolica, "naked ladies" (as DH calls them)collections...oh gads. "Too much stuff" as Delbert McClinton sings.

Thanks for starting the thread YaYa. I enjoy hearing about everyone's collections.

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I collect plastic one-piece push-button salt and pepper shakers and old china tea cups. I also have a sizeable collection of pink glassware but I just like the way it looks and use it; no idea what the patterns or makers are.
We have a lot of unusual items around our house like a ventriloquist's dummy made for President FDR's WPA Arts Program but they are just things we got because we liked them, not part of a collection of similar items.

I just inherited my mother's collection of 400+ ladies' hats. She used to do shows on the history of hats in the 20th century. I have them in storage and am looking forward to going through them this winter.

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I was collecting John Wayne videos ; when I got up to 105 differant ones it was difficult finding more ( He made over 150 movies ), and I lost interest in finding more .

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I collect Hammered Aluminum pieces....Everlast, Rodney Kent, etc. Not worth much $$ but I love the way they look. I started collecting them when I was 20. I also have alot of old Rooster items in my kitchen. I like the bright/soft colors of them. My friends like to tease me about this collection ;~)


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I guess my largest collection is minature perfume bottles. I have over 200 of them. Now everytime I find a mini anything I get it. I once bought a whole prepared chicken just to get the tiny little bottle of Tabasco sauce. LOL

I have lots of Christmas villages by different makers. No Dept 56. My fav is the Hershey's Chocolate Factory.

Too many others to mention. DH wants me to get MY stuff out of HIS hayloft. Guess I'll have to rent a whole storage complex.

I'm going to an estate sale in the morning that advertized perfumes and antique kitchen items. I already have a ton of those but who knows, I might find something I don't have.

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I collect hotel silver - creamers, pitches, trays, covered serving dishes and meat domes - really love them when they are monogramed or inscribed. I have an antique sterling baby cut collection, 1940's & 50's vintage tablecloth squares (the bright colored ones), 19th and early 20th century landscape paintings, etchings, pastels and prints and also old dog prints and etchings. Lots of pedestal cake plates (several Fostoria American), antique mahogany furniture, American Brilliant cut glass, old sterling and silverplate service, old books, water goblets and old and new china.

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Started with flamingos in 1982, anything with a flamingo on it. Now they've gotten so high I'll take about any tall bird. Also tv lamps and several Icart prints.

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No fair! Asked you guys to name your FAVORITE collection and you started telling all! LOL Okay, I'll tell you some more of mine in addition to the Jadite: black panther tv lamps, chenille bedspreads, a lot of kitschy stuff, white pottery, Moo cow creamers made by Whirley, drinking glasses from the 40's and 50's. Give me awhile and I'll think of some more! LOL

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My grandmother's spoons. She was an opera singer in the late 1800s, and collected some beauties. I have 30 of them displayed on a rack.


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Hey Ya Ya - they are alllll our favorites, lol!

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I collect teapots. Old, new, anything. I've recently started collecting occupied Japan brown teapots. They have raised orange and white painted designs on them. Have picked up several on eBay and I think I have about 150 teapots now. My DH collects Christian books....rare Puritan authors. Between the books and the teapots, we are running out of room!!

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My favorite collection I have many. we live in 1700 farmhouse My biggest antique Love it.I collect oilers.I started by accident one day, My husband brought home some equipment in there were 2 copper oilers.I said Im gonna snitch and put them in the house.I did and I now have over 400.all sizes,shapes,all materials,copper,zinc,cast iron,brass,I have 2 shelves advertised ones Ford,John Deere,Hoover,texaco,singer,Some real old ones.I have them all on shelves in family room.

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I collect pitchers and raccoons! I know it's a crazy combination, but I'm a crazy lady!! I used to collect angels until they became popular, then I quit! I collect and use on a daily basis red and white transferware, and because I am a musician, I have quite a few pieces that are music/piano related! The pitchers are my real love though!

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I have somewhere around 250 old radios, a few dozen tv sets, that I have collected over the last 15 years or so (since I was a teenager), a real addiction! Trouble is they take up so much space.
Other things: Life magazines, comedy LP's, small appliances, on & on!

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Ya Ya, I passed up two white chenille bedspreads this weekend... perfect shape.....they were twin size and I couldn't think of a thing to do with them. Waaaaaaa

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Love this thread ... no two alike! We are such a diverse people!! I used to collect many things but due to a move into a really small condo, I had to sell most of my collections and it was very difficult which to choose. Gone are extensive collections of 50's/60's metal lunch boxes, salt and peppers, old hand puppets, and oddly enough, houseplants and cactus! What I did hang on to was my antique postcard collection and I simply couldn't part with any of my old cookie jars. The postcards I actively collect and have them in albums. *sigh* My jars are mostly in storage stacked in boxes. Does anyone else fear earthquakes?

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I have a small collection of toby mugs and then I just collected junk! Waaayyyyy too much of it! But I also collect regional cookbooks. Like the ones churches and other small communities put together to raise funds. Especially if they have a large group of a specific ethnic population. Lots of neat recipes. Also perennials for my garden. Right now I'm concentrating on lilies and hostas.

BTW, I saw a decorating show today where the lady used white chenille bedspreads for drapes. They really looked cool. And I just happen to have a nice one handy.


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Interesting reading about all the collections.

I have several different collections as well.......Royal Currier and Ives China, Royal Memory Lane China, Vinegar Cruets, Teapots and Cups, Pitchers, Bells, Cookbooks, Gardening Books, Thimbles, Angels, Teddy Bears, Dolls, Patriotic items and.......... Some of these have kind of reached a standstill (cookbooks for one) unless it is something very different.

I tend to be a packrat so have to watch myself. :>)


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Joe Camel anything....and dust bunnies!!

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YA Ya, Werley Industries, who made the cow pitchers, is the same company that made most of my push-button salt and pepper shakers! I know exactly what those cows look like too.

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Hey, that's right! I had forgotten about that. My parents used to have an old turquoise and white set and at one time had a red and white s/p set. I have probably 20 cow pitchers.

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Just wandered in here for the first time. Don't know why I haven't before, I love old stuff and collect, too. This is a most interesting thread. My favorite is my collection of Hall china. It started with a ball jug of my mother's, bought in the 30s or 40s. More ball jugs, teapots, mugs, dishes, etc., but sad to say none of the outrageously expensive pieces. I'd be afraid to use it then, anyway. And I do use it! My small Ovenserve collection started with my grandmother's yellow pie plate. The latest is Heisey glass, the pride and joy being a punch bowl set. I'm off to an Antique Fair this weekend. Restraint is the word of the week!!!!

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I just found this forum and had to join in on this thread.

I have several collections: 1930's-'40's tablecloths, old Swedish painted candle holders and carved horses, yellow kitchenware, bakelite and similar old buttons and pins and jewelry, hankies, old tins, naif floral still life oil paintings, miniature ceramic baskets, vintage garden tools and cook books... the list goes on.

But I guess my favorite and most "valuable" collection is my antique spongeware (also known as stick spatter).

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I collect Log Cabin Syrup tins (the older, the better) and related Log Cabin Syrup memorabilia. I collect Chessie items. Chessie was the cat used in the Chesapeake and Ohio RR ads and promotions. The third collectible is dime store items: McCrory's, Grants, Newberry's, etc. Interest in all three collectibles originates with my childhood. Log Cabin syrup came only in cabin shaped tins when I was a child and I had a whole village of them which got tossed in one of the many moves my parents made. I rode the train between Baltimore, MD and Parkersburg, WVA every summer and loved Chessie. My Dad managed stores for McCrory's, hence the interest in dime store memorabilia.

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Wow...It is so much fun to hear about what everyone is collecting. I have salty and peppy wooden shakers from the 40's. When I was twelve I took care of an elderly lady and after she passed her daughter gave me those. When my children got to the age of playing with barns and villages etc. I picked up these "people" at goodwill etc. Over the years I ended up with so many that I couldn't part with them. They now are referred to by the family as my "army" and they are still giving me them whenever they see them. I must admit I cruise e-bay daily for salty and peppy that I don't have....sigh...I admit to being addicted!! Judy

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A newbie just stumbling in here from the cooking forum also!

I collect vintage tableclothes from the 30s-50s, drinking glasses from the 50s, swizzle sticks, shot glasses, cocktail shakers - pretty much anything cocktail related from the 30s-50s, jadeite, some depression glass (I stopped buying it because it's become so expensive), various kitchen related items from the 30s-50s, as well as pulp mystery and sci-fi paperbacks. I suppose you could also say I collect movies - my husband and I are huge movie buffs - old "B" sci-fi movies, odd independent type films, and comedies mostly, and we have about 300 videotapes and I'm in the process of replacing our favorites over to dvds so I have a ton of those now too!! We need a bigger house!


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Molly Adams

Lisa, Welcome! Could you a name a few of your fave old B scifi's? Thanks, Mol

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I love them all! But a few of my very favorites are:

Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Wasp Woman, Killers From Space, Invaders From Mars, Them!, The Deadly Mantis, Night of The Living Dead, Queen of Outer Space, The Angry Red Planet, Conquest of Space, It! The Terror From Beyond Space, Wild, Wild Planet - and a whole ton more. Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, This Island Earth - are all considered B movies, but are some of the best ever made. I love all the Ray Harryhausen movies and also, George Pal who made Conquest of Space. Give me that sleek 50s rocketship or a nifty flying saucer like in Earth vs. The Flying Saucers and I'm a happy woman lol!!


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I collect chamber pots known also as thunder mugs or pee pots. I have about 28. All of mine are beautiful, from England, have lids. and about 90% of them are porcelain. I do have about 3 enamel. Some have flowers, some plain white but no two alike. One has the original "silencer" on the lid. It's hand crotcheted, fitted, so it didn't sound during the night and prevented chipping. I even have a beautiful Christmas pot with holly on the sides and the lid is edged in gold. They are quite the conversation piece. I just love anything old that is not "mass produced" as is today. I also collect Royal Copley vases. They are not so expensive and again they are not made anymore. I have about 28-30 vases. I also have 6 Royal Copley birds, mostly in blue color. Now I am starting to collect wall pockets and dresser top old alarm clocks. My poor husband!!!!!

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I love collecting, but have to limit myself due to lack of
space! I collect green depression glassware(I know, I Know, so ordinary, but I love it!) I also collect vintage
sewing machine, only have four (4) as I try to get something that is very unusual. If I had a larger place,
God only knows what I would have! Take care everyone!

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I collect sets of old china,pink depression glass.
Too many things,really. I have an attic full of stuff.
The chenille bedspread made me smile.
It was the thing that put Dalton GA on the map and
gave it the name Peacock Alley. The bedspread industry
thrived here until the carpet machines were invented
and took over where chenille bedspreads left off.
Des,what got you started with your collection?


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Don't really know, Jan. Probably the memory of waking up from naps when I was a kid with chenille marks all over my face! ROFLMBO

I also like the fact that the word chenille means "caterpillar" in French! (Go figure...LOL)

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maryz4--here in the south they called them "thunder jugs" and I never thought about it until reading your post, but I've never seen one. I've heard stories from my parents, aunts and uncles about using them, but I guess I really don't know what one looks like. Got a picture you can post?

As for my collecting, (and I'm a newbie here also) I really love china stencil buttons, salt and pepper shakers, old southern kitchen items, etc... In fact, in our house we're supposed to be building soon, I'm putting in an old 5 ft. long kitchen sink we took out of a house years ago when remodeling. My how times change, back then I wanted it out. Now I'm going to pay 1,000$ to ship it to Illinois, have the old enamel sandblasted off and new enamel baked on and then shipped back. It'll be a beauty though!!
Penny in SC

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I just LOVE this thread...;-) All of you have such unique collections...;-)

I collect bird houses, quilts, unique clocks(large and small), miniature character tea sets, French glass jars, Tom Clark carvings that are related to sewing or other hobbies, old sewing notions, cookie cutters, Coca~Cola & Marilyn Monroe....WHEW!!

Also, being a seamstress I've been trying to win the "she who dies with the most fabric wins" contest for 30

(I was going to add husbands, too... (there've been 4)...but didn't want to make light of the fact that I have someone new in my life who doesn't mind MOVING ALL THOSE COLLECTIONS around for me and he's a true keeper and will be


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enamelware--and have several of the famous "Thunder Jars".And I think the most interesting of all the items collected so far are the different urinal bottles----male and female!!!

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Fascinating stuff! And I thought *I* was a packrat!!

My treasures are antique English silver flatware--Hannovarian, old English, & fiddle styles--including a lovely set of coffee spoons from Hester Bateman. Plus new & old American patterns that mimic these old styles, including too many sugar spoons & butter knives.

And *WAY* too much china (Wedgwood Devon Rose, Spode Queen's Bird, Mottahedeh Blue Canton, mix & match pink toile, Red Cliff Heirloom that I probably need to sell, and Liberty Blue that I REALLY need to sell).

Also Mayflower plates and B&G Christmas plates.

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I collect raccoon Christmas ornaments, raccoon figurines, old photographs of people with pet raccoons......I love raccoons, you get the picture? :) I also collect the old photos of children on paint ponies...the ones that the traveling photographers used to go house to house with the pony. Any kind of glass ball...old fish floats, etc. I also collect marbles, dice, cookie cutters and broken jewelry. Also vintage jewelry. I keep all those in jars, so I also collect old glass jars. Particularly like the ones that are barrell shaped. I collect old angels from Nativity sets...made in Italy from plaster or paper machie (sp?). Bowls, kitchen utensils, kitchen anything actually. Dinnerware from the '30's, '40's and '50's...also table clothes from that era. Old wool blankets...hard to find now, but I have 3 blanket chests full, cookie jars...mostly Shawnee. I have about 20 cookie jars and didn't set out to collect them...just kept finding them and adding them to my collection. Also like alligators, items depicting goldfish or koi or waterlilies on anything. I collected waterlilies on plates for 20 years...found about a dozen. Now any day of the week, I can find 20 or more a day on ebay. I have a very serious thrift shop habit, as well as estate sales, auctions, yard sales, etc. I will buy anything that is old or interesting, rustic or "funky." Other items include lots of old porch lights, anything garden related...plant stands, pottery flower pots. Also have a lot of McCoy that I collected back in the '70's, and some Roseville and quite a bit of Shawnee. I have a little bit of just about anything you can think of....way too much stuff.

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I have 3 collections that are my "favorite" depending what day it is. I have 3 large china cabinets full of M. I. Hummel figurines, so that is my largest (and most expensive)
collection. I have several pieces of Egermann etched ruby glass which is definately my most beautiful; don't have space or desire for more, I actually got rid of a couple of pieces. I buy handmade dolls from where ever I travel and I have a very large corner curio overflowing. I have a great sentimental attachment to those as do I to my tac pins that I also pickup when I am in a new place. I truly am a packrat at heart. Oh no! I forgot about my Daylily collection....that has to be my current favorite passion. Haven't been at it long but I have over 300 and buying all the time. I also like textiles, hats and lots more. I am
a true packrat!

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Gosh, I just couldn't resist this thread. My very favorite collection would have to be a small sterling collection started by my grandmother. Thanks goodness my brothers weren't interested. It is a flatware collection from Tiffanys and it is the Olympian collection. There are nymphs and fairies on both sides of the flatware. They have the most interesting serving pieces. The oldest piece is from the late 1800's and I never tire of looking at any of it.

I also like the chrysanthemum collection, oh and the Paul Revere pieces. Yikes! Can't stop! Especially since so much is available online. The Internet is a curse!!!!!! LOL Andrea

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I collect hand vases, or old hand figurines. I love the old glass shoes (NOT the new resin ones that are out there today, and everyone seems to think that's what I like--nope!), and I collected Hallmark Ornaments since the mid '70s. OH! And vintage costume jewelry. (I'm an authorized Eisenberg dealer.)

I, too, look for old, unusual things--I love to imagine the stories behind the things that I buy. Like with the jewelry--I wonder where it was bought, where did the lady wear it, and what with? Was it a gift?

I love antiques and stuff so much that I became an auctioneer! LOL

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Smoking pipes are here at my house. I have about 100 of them. You can smoke anything with these! My stepfather started collecting them during WWII in England. They are good conversation pieces anyway.

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Beer signs, distillery signs, mirrors, bottle stoppers, pourers, barware, etc. We (LKGrace, the DW) and I have a basement ofice full, 1900 Falstaff serving tray, full bottle of 1960's Scotch "music box" bottle with Scottish kilted dancer, carved Anri bottle stoppers.

I love this stuff.

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I collect brass piece, mostly with inlaid patterns. Also art glass, particularly Scandinavian and a few Murano pieces. I keep my collections pared down, though. I tend to get rid of less-desirable pieces when I get something I like better, and I only display a few pieces at a time.

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Oooo...ooooo!...I'll join in! ΓΆΒΊ
Been collecting Pennsylvania Redware for quite a few years now. There was a time when any crock would do, until I realized that one actually CAN have too many ov'm. LOL
I also collect glass fishing floats and ice fishing decoys.

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I collect vintage boxes of Tide (where they give you directions on how much to use in a wringer washer and also to wash your dishes) and other boxes of detergent, and I have some old bottles of various cleaners I have on display in my laundry room...I just got an old bottle of Lysol, a tiny little brown bottle still in the box that has directions for the taking care of that'not so fresh' feeling!! Can you imagine!?

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The lysol here when you had a baby the hospital gave you a bottle to wash your bottom with everytime you went to potty.I thought what Lysol???

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I collect
Hats, Hat Pins & Hat Stands
Antique Keys (Have sizes from my Mom's 1920 tiny diary key to large ranch & jail keys)
Ladies Gloves (vintage leather is my favorite)
Fabric & Buttons
Cigarette boxes & Table Lighters
Silent Butlers
Antique Kitchen Tools
Old Linens with beautiful cutwork, embroidery, crochet or Tatting (I always wonder what was going in in the life of the person who made them, who they were for, and can picture hands busily working on them. Also how anyone could get rid of them.)

Suzi (with TOO much stuff!)

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Uh oh....I also collect glass fish floats.....and haven't had a new one in a looooong time!
Thanks Hannah!...Now I need to go cruising for more!
Linda C

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I have a collection of copper coffee makers, pitchers and samovars.
I had a huge collection of Arthur Court pieces but have sold all but the pieces I use.
And I've been collecting Waldorf Astoria flatware and currently have a setting for 12 including butter pats, salt and pepper shakers and drink coasters.

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I guess my favorite collection is my little milkcans but I also love pitchers. The milkcans obsession is lots more recent than the pitchers, but I'm crazy about them.

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I collect WWI posters, antique group photographs (must be before 1920), English lustreware, and drabware.

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Here is just one closet..........!

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Face jugs.

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pcj42....face jugs? We have 3 bearded mask Bartmannkruge jugs that we adore...2 in the typical brown glaze and 1 in a cream glaze. One has a single medallion in the front along with the mask. The other two just have the faces. Tell me more about your collection? American stoneware - cobalt decorated faces? German? I LOVE early stoneware. We had a rather large collection (27 pieces) but sold most of it off several years ago in order to purchase a grain-painted, step-back cupboard c. 1810. I'm glad we have pixs of all the stoneware...we miss living with it. Mostly we collected Frederick Carpenter pieces with the Charlestown mark but had some other early stuff as well.

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It's so much fun to hear what all is collected and treasured, wow the memories that pop up when something long forgotten is mentioned. Lysol made me think of orange fingers, dreading a cut cause Mom would paint us with macurechrome (sp)..
I have an old humming bird feeder in the box, it says'if ants are a problem spray the area with Chlordane'
My favorite and only real active collection, is pearls, pearl everything, anything pearl..tackier the better! If it has a pearl on it, I want it - if it's covered in pearls, I need it. We house the royal collection in the Pearly Parlor : ) My favorite pearly item is a pearl chicken, no maybe the Polly's of Hollywood pearl shoes, or maybe...
Here's a wee peek for your viewing pleasure.


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Shawnee pottery and amber depression glass in the pattern "Sharon". The depression glass started with the luncheon set my grandmother received as a wedding gift. I also collect Early American Prescut, mainly because you can find things really reasonable. I also have a few yellowware bowls. Oh yeah, and "Floragold" glassware. Lightning rod balls and weathervanes. Geez, no wonder I am broke all the time!!!!!

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I was just going to post pictures of my favorite new finds and saw this thread! (For a second I thought I already contributed ... LOL!)

My obsession for the last few years have been dishes, and I've bought and sold some and refined my collection. At first I liked anything blue and white, but have moved away from the Spode Blue Willow stuff and like primarily Johnson Brothers and ironstone. LOVE ironstone and have noticed it's really popular lately. Not crazy about glass, but would like to have a piece or two of Millersburg Glass, simply because of the sentimental significance since that's where my dad is from. But mostly the pieces I enjoy finding the most are pitchers/creamers, sugar bowls, platters and teapots. I do like the covered veg bowls and soup tureens, but they are usually more than I want to spend and I don't have room for that large a piece. I'm trying to steer away from dishes unless they are from the Spode Greek pattern. THey;re not antiques, although I do think they're pretty. I do have a few Asiatic Pheasant pieces I like.

I also have a small collection of sewing related stuff, like old thimbles, thread cards and spools as well as SInger trade cards from different countries. I like all kinds of stuff but primarily things that are inexpensive, related to a hobby I like or place I've been/lived, or have a sentimental relevance. But mostly inexpensive! LOL

And the best stuff is FREE! I have acquired things from relatives who have passed on, or found something at a garage sale, etc. or just given to me. Heck, half my house is furnished with things mom or somebody has given to me. If you can make it work, that's the best stuff to collect! LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishes, etc.

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I collect antique material on grand buildings, specifically on OHP Belmont's residence at Newport, as in this 1908 postcard:

And just for comparison, the same place in 2003 (95 years later) from what would be the far right hand side of the postcard:

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Antique clocks. It's noisy here.

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I collect Three Stooges memorobilia. Not just videos, but autographs, statues, posters etc.

I might not have the biggest collection but I have amased a total of about 200 items,

I was written up about my collection in the Chicago Tribune.

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Here's some of the c. 1848 Mulberry I collect...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sorry, I don't know how to post multiple pictures in one posting...:(

This soup tureen is my favorite piece of Mulberry. I purchased two...sold one...and now have this one for no out-of-pocket dollars.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My main collection is yellowware pottery. I started out looking for a mixing bowl similar to one my mother had. After having collected a lot of bowls I started to look for other forms. For a while I was after yellowware molds especially the animal ones. Then I got interested in mocha decorated yellowware - particularly seedweed pattern. Luckly I started collecting it over 25 years because pieces have really gone up over the years. I guess my favorite pieces are my rolling pin,and the seaweed mocha pieces. I also collect postcards of my hometown, white ironstone pitchers, & various antiques to decorate the house. Its addictive!

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I'm actually getting back into the hobby of antique electric fans. I sold all of my six fans 5 years ago when I lost my job due to health problems.

So now that I am slowly building my collection back together again, so far I have two circa 1915 brass blade/brass cage fans. One of my fans is all original with it's wiring, orig paint, and it runs real strong like new on all speeds. To think that around 1915 they had only a 2 year warrantee on most fans. Some fans had a warrantee for only 1 year... My fan is 92 years old, and runs beautifully...everything's original on it.

It's real dangerous when my cats tail gets close to being sucked into the cage - there is practically no protection from little kids or pets getting an extremety amputated by the brass blades.

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I'm a yelloware collector, too. I also enjoy my Imari, transferware, vintage holiday postcards, and books!

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I got hooked on plush bears for awhile, have since thinned out the collection of 200 bears down to about 125. They all used to be displayed in the livingroom, but one day I just couldn't stand all those little eyes looking at me and packed them away in plastic totes until I could find a better place to display them.... that was almost two years ago now and reason I started parting with some.

I have taken to patroling the rummage sales and thrift stores for old Pyrex items, the older the better, trying to stick to just a few patterns (yea right) which keeps expanding. Mixing bowls and measuring cups seem to be the way I'm leaning in collecting these days.


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I collect cookbooks, pitchers, spice jars, S&P sets, miniature tea sets, bird houses, old wooden boxes.

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I collect anything to do with the garden...old flower pots, plant stands, Shawnee and McCoy pots with attached saucers, cast iron patio lights...especially owls.

Other collections are anything for the kitchen...bowls, yellow ware mugs and bowls, old restaurant ware, old photographs of children on ponies...the kind that the photographers used to take house to house. Old Christmas ornaments, raccoon Christmas ornaments...lots of old and unusual stuff. I don't ever buy anything "new".

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I have so many "favorites"....each one is special in its own way. I guess the one I have that's most plentiful is my antique Haviland collection - I have two sets, one Wedding Band (I believe) and one plain white with a slightly embossed scalloped edge. I also have painted plates of various colors and sizes and one set of a grey/white floral toile pattern, which I've never found in any searches I've done. It's very old, doesn't have the country stamp on it. Most of the Haviland was passed down to me by my paternal grand & great grand parents, and I've picked up some here and there when I can.

I also have started collecting white ironstone and creamware pitchers....or white porcelian ones, doesn't matter. Love Meakin, Johnson Bros., et al. I collect Nippon china....bowls, teacups & saucers, handled plates and salt/pepper shakers....the older the better. I have two Heinz silver-on-bronze metalware items and would like to collect more, but haven't done so yet. I have some Pickard pieces, also would like to expand on that collection. I have several antique American Brilliant cut crystal pieces....bowls, nappies, cruets and knife rests. Lots of old sterling and silverplate, tea services, baby cups, souvenier spoons. My husband brought with him an extensive antique & vintage pen collection & office desk memorabilia. We also have a few pieces of nice Victorian Eastlake antique furniture. Also have quite a lot of old books and ephemeria....lots of old postcards. OMG....just listing all this is a Flip through my pictures to get an idea.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Lori's pix

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This looks like fun. I collect dog figurines, mostly Doberman, Akita, Collie or Chows but I do have a few other breeds that catch my eye. I also collect carousel horse figurines, wish I could afford the real thing, Gone with the Wind, and roosters. Plus old postcards of Memphis Tn.


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1939 World's fair items (mostly S&Ps and paperweights/ figurines) and Brush New Art Vellum pottery in green. I have 15 different forms and will pay an absurd price for this "cheap" pottery if I come across one I don't have.

We also have Arts and Crafts furniture, American and English. Due to price I wouldn't say we collect, but "acquire" when the pennies are saved up (maybe every few years).

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Ok, here goes!!

1950's plastic salt and pepper shakers, Art Deco era Coffee percolators and toasters, Hazel Atlas turquoise crinoline dinnerware, 1950's era turquoise melmac dinnerware, 1950's era Lustroware cannisters and bread box, Vintage aluminum cake and pie savers, Reproduction Jadite cake pedestals (I used them for my wedding cake!) and mixing bowls, 1950's era drinking glasses with fun designs, 1950's era planters, Records!!, 1930's and 40's era silk nightgowns and lingerie, Pyrex and Fire King ovenware and mixing bowls, 1950's era half-aprons

Whew! If anyone read through all of that, you should get a prize. I also have some 1950's wing chairs that I'm getting recovered and I can't wait to get them back. Guess what color fabric?? Turquoise! It's really sad, because I didn't even mention my DVD collection of old movies, as well as all of the pictures and signs that I have.

What's worse, is that my husband has more stuff than I do! He's a huge Star Wars and Godzilla fan, and has basically an entire "man room" to hold his stuff.

Help us, please!!!!

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I know there are some new lurkers/posters that haven't contributed to this post yet! LOL

It's interesting to read what all everybody chooses to collect.

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hmmm, just to name a few....

i collect soup tureens, oil and vinegar cruets, tea pots, dinner bells, blue glass, crosses/crucifixes, pigs, salt and pepper shakers, porcelain boxes, shot glasses (not the touristy type though), hammered aluminum, and china cabinets (if you can call 7 a collection LOL).

i haven't even begun to talk about the christmas stuff - santas/snowmen/angels. it's a true sickness.

there's so much more, but i wouldn't want anyone to think i'm obsessive/compulsive. LMAO

i mention to friends/family that i need a bigger house - their advice is to get rid of some of my s$$t.


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i collect blown glass drops, balls, ornaments etc. i have them hanging in my windows, they are so beautiful when the sun shines on them. also wheaton bottles and sea glass.

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Flamingos with the wings up are more desirable (and expensive) I have the peacocks in black, green and brown, all from ebay.

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I'm actually doing something unheard of for a collector, as I am. I'm getting rid of one of my collections!

Since 1976, I have been collecting the Revere all copper & stainless steel lined with brass handles cookware they made for the country's Bi-centennial celebration. There are three different marks on the pieces with the most valuable being the Paul Revere, 1776-1976 & the face of Paul Revere. I have twenty-one pieces with only a couple duplicates.

I received my first piece as a Christmas gift, purchased several when they were new on the market, I saved MJB Rice box tops for three as part of a promotion campaign, found a few at auction, & purchased a few more at an antique shop in CT, & found one in an antique shop in Cape Ann, MA.

I'm giving nine to my daughter-in-law, eight to my daughter, & I'm keeping four. It's become too much work to keep them all polished. Hope I don't regret this??? They've been my primary set of cookware for thirty years!


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I collect vintage tools and also have started collecting vintage magazine ads. I found an old magazine a few years ago and marveled at the quality of the ads inside.

To help finance my other addiction (tool collecting), I started collecting and selling the ads. I do keep my own personal collection but really enjoy uncovering retro ads that I don't have in my collection. I sort of view it as a way to document a very different way of life that has long passed.

I was going to reference my site to allow users to see these great ads but have a feeling it is against the rules. If I hear otherwise, I'll create another post with the URL.

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Hello everyone! I also have just wandered over for the first time, and have really enjoyed reading about other's collections.
I started obsessively collecting Jadite in the mid-80's; favorite piece a large ball picture - yes, Jadite was an addiction... Other favorite collections include:
kerosene lamps
Daguereotypes/Ambrotypes/historical thermoplastic union cases
early aviation photos
Stangl Town and Country - blue (my pre-Jadite obsession)
Tricia, I also face downsizing or eliminating collections due to my move to a small home. I just keep finding excuses to procrastinate letting go of my favorite things...

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I've been living in small spaces for a long time, so my collections have been of small things. Dollhouse miniatures, especially if I can find a local craftsperson who does miniatures in addition to full-sized work. Sheet music and CDs of quartet music. Self-published comic books. Now I suddenly have a much larger space and I need to come up with something big to collect!

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I love too many things so therefore don't have a specific "collection" of any collectibles. But my favorite and by far my largest collection is my antiques and artists resource books--almost 3,000 of them. My husband tells me the floorboards are going to cave in from all of them! Wish my retention was alot better, then maybe I could make some real money with this antiques stuff and afford to pay for them all!

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My favorite collections are my seasonal/holiday ones. I have old school items from the 40s/50s and squirrels to usher in fall.

Next is my display of Relpo/Lefton turkeys, salt & pepper shakers (pilgrims, scarecrows, turkeys, etc.)and Gurley candles for Thanksgiving.

Then I go all out and fill the 90 slots in my old postal desk with Christmas collectibles dating from the 1920s thru the 1960s. There are bottle brush trees, Santas, boots, angels, candy containers, christmas balls and bulbs, etc. I fill in with old snowmen and valentines for winter.

In spring I display old tin toys with easter themes, rabbits, eggs and add in my hard plastic Irwin, Rosen and Knickerbocker toys.

Summertime brings out my patriotic items, old postcards from amusement parks, bathing beauties and old souvenir/theme park prizes.


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My favorite collection is my rolling pins! I have 360, all sizes, from toy wooden ones to almost 2 foot long industrial ones including glass, wooden, plastic, metal. Old and new.
We have recently moved and now my space is smaller, forcing me to be more selective in my purchases. I have them hanging on the walls, hanging from shelves and in tons of baskets and now laying on the floors.
I've enjoyed this forum!

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Right now it is white art pottery and vintage linens. I've had several collections in the past, like Virginia Rose China, dresser boxes, etc. I ended up selling them. Just don't have the room for everything I'd like to keep.

I've loved hearing about everyones collections.

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white English ironstone -- Meakin, Pankhurst, Boote, Maddock and a few others.

I recently picked up Red Cliff at an estate sale. I've not done much research on it yet but I'm assuming it is American.

My real weakness in ironstone is for sugar and creamers. Too cute!

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I have a collection of over 600 Native American Indian arrowheads, tomahawk heads and lance points, all found by my family members on my grandfathers farm in N.E. Ohio

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My brother collects old die cast toys

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LOL Did not realize that this post was still going. Interesting to read about everyone's collections. A question: as you get older do you find that you have less interest in collecting? I still love my Fireking collections, but about everything else has fallen by the wayside. A house can hold only so much. What about you? Any observations on this idea?

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Interesting that you ask "as you get older do you find that you have less interest in collecting?" For me it's a resounding YES!! But I'm not sure if my waning interest in collecting is entirely a factor of my age or just that I've reached a saturation point...maybe it is both, plus a greater awareness and maybe urgency of using my finances more wisely than I did when obsessively collecting (i.e.; spending)when I was younger. I still love my Jadite, but I regularly use/display only a very small percentage of my collection; most sits uselessly in many boxes. Much of what I collected over the years, from early photography, kerosine lamps, and so forth, I now have little or no room for since my move to smaller quarters. (I agree, "A house can hold only so much") The last thing I need right now is more stuff. For me, the real chore I'm facing is figuring out not only how to get rid of (sell) stuff but how to let go of what needs to go to begin with. Certainly it also occurs to me that I need to pare down also because I don't need to leave my adult children with a nightmare should something happen to me.

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Ok I'll play! Don't ask why- old planters with goggly eyed dogs

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Forgot to add that one collection that is NOT going is all of my 50's Christmas tree ornaments. I also have a silver aluminum tree and a color wheel.

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Antique sewing machines--I have over 50 now! Also vintage sewing stuff: books, sewing kits, needle books, darning eggs, patterns, etc...


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Everything is my "favorite". I'm a sick person!
5 china cabinets + full of McCoy Pottery (at least 200)
100's of Pyrex - mixing bowls are my favorite(was told my collection was "low class" so I retaliated by starting to collect):
Sterling silver flatware - sparing no expense! HA!that will show him. Working on my 3rd set. Actually he was complaining about the pyrex being displayed in a public area, but I'm not ahead with the sterling because I have to keep it locked away, so the pyrex is still there). Some folks have "Royal Dalton with hand painted periwinkles" and I have pyrex, and if he knew what I really paid for some bowls, he'd lock ME away.
Whole sheets of postage stamps
Dated railroad nails - have no idea where they're at, but had fun digging out of old rotten ties back in the 70's.
FireKing red and luster gold
Nice colored glass (fostoria etc.)
Old Jim Beam decanter bottles (another thing I keep out of sight)
Christian Icons
Note to Missladybyte: I had never considered my fabric a "collectable" but I have ALOT since the 60's, when I used to buy modest pieces of 2-4 yards, to the last 15 years when I bought many whole(or nearly so)bolts. Never would I consider actually cutting into it. I guess they could use it for a funeral pyre when I die.
We recently moved from a 8,000 sq ft house to a 4,400 sq ft and boy do I have boxes that will never be unpacked unless I start hanging things from the ceiling.
1,000's of books (mostly good ones)
I was supposed to lighten my load but drat that ebay, and I can still walk (sideways)in the garages.

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I try to collect things that are hard to find. That way I won't clutter up my life. I like 19th century Austrian and French bronzes depicting rats, bats and lizards. O.K. that does sound a little wierd. I also like miniature cold painted Austrian bronze figurines of all kinds. I collect tacky 50's Vegas ash trays. The tackier the better but most of all I like to collect rent. I have had many collections over the years from toys to illustrated childrens books but I'm much more a dealer than a collector. I keep things for a while, get tierd of them, sell them and start collecting something else. My thrill is in the hunt.

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This is just to fun to hear about everyone's collection's. I use to collect brown transferware until it got so expensive.

Cattknap your collection sounds wonderful. And Penny in SC I bet your sink will look smashing in your new home.

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Wow, what a wonderful thread, so interesting! I collect teapots, creamers, and sugar bowls that are fruit or vegetables, antique, vintage or new does not matter to me. My favorite collection though is my growing collection of Art Nouveau, I prefer the stuff from the U.K. or Europe, particularly the German pieces, but I do have some U.S. pieces.

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Pink teddy bears, pink Christmas ornaments (is there a theme here) and spun glass ornaments. Copper tea kettles, bicycle cups.

All put away now that I'm collecting African violets............


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Glass flower frogs! I only have about sixty, but there are no duplicates. Used to find them at flea markets and yard sales, but haven't seen one I don't have in years. And I use them, too! I especially like the look of the colored glass ones in a clear glass vase filled with flowers and placed in front of a sunny window.

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nan--what a neat thing to collect! They'd make good paper-weights when not in use in a vase.


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Speaking of paperweights. I have a large collection of glass paperweights. My nicest ones are Scottish millefiori and lampwork with details so fine a jeweller's loupe is needed to fully appreciate them.

I've also started collecting antique British silverware. I have one that is 200 years old!

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I collect vintage (50s-60s) small sized Steiff animals. Alot of them came from my childhood: then came ebay with so many available! I'm up to about 70, I think, and I had to stop.

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I don't know if I posted before about my collections. I'm getting rid of all my collections via yard sales and DS is selling some stuff on the internet.
Fairies, pigs, cows, black cats, cats, Noah's Arks, 40 years of various Christmas collections reindeers, santas, snowmen, trains, rocking horses, you name it 've had it and now I've really had it and just don't find the enjoyment there anymore. I loved them when I collected them and have a lot of photos.

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What a bunch of interesting stuff! We've been collecting antiques since we were married....1962, so are surrounded by old things...and, of course, some family things.
I collect Toby Jugs...the early ones, not Royal Dalton, but Ralph Wood; I love early textiles, and have many handwoven blankets, coverlets, linen sheets and towels, and later, quilts; I like women's things, so handknit stockings, men's needlework wallets, samplers, preferably American 18th cen, but I have a few English ones, too.....Canton(added to family pieces); painted furniture (Kaz, dower chests), American redware (getting harder to find) Staffordshire (preferably Scottish looking pieces - Kilted men, etc), baskets, crocks, early wallpaper covered hat boxes, Shaker boxes. MY favorite is probably Victorian and earlier jewelery....I particularly like mourning jewelery and earrings. I'm including some pics....

my spinning wheel (I actually spin with it and knit my yarn)in front of a kaz

a couple painted chests;

some of my toby jugs;

a coverlet on windsor chair

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I collect antique fabric--with a special love of "double pink" and "cadet blue". I also collect antique and vintage cloth doll patterns. The oldest ones I have are from the very late 1800s--but most are after the turn of the century--with some of my favorites being from the 1920s.

I also have a more typical collection of flow blue china---platters and plates as well as some other pieces like a covered vegetable dish and a large sugar bowl and creamer.

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I collect Radko, Landmark and similar type Christmas tree ornaments...all from different cities I've visited. Some are from actual resorts like the Greenbrier, Palm Desert Marriot, Bellagio, Broadmoor etc. Most are from cities and feature special landmarks, like Chrysler Bldg, NY, tree in Rockefeller Plaza, Cathedral in Santa Fe, lighthouse from Sea Island, girlscout from Savannah, Olympic symbol from Salt Lake winter olympics, Mickey and Minnie Santas from Epcot, phone booth from London, pelican from Hilton Head. Others are just special like sorority, university mascots, MD Anderson angel, cowboy boot from a TX wedding. My tree glitters with all the glass colorful ornaments. Every year when I open them to hang on the tree, it's a trip down memory lane!

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Woodworking tools, and antique boxes and chests because you can put stuff in them. House is fully furnished with Arts & Crafts period, but from some time ago. Getting harder to find good pieces at reasonable cost and getting to be too much clutter.

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I have many collections as well because I love so many different things! "Tea for one" sets to go along with my tea cups/saucers, teapots, etc. Also love snow globes, vintage linens (especially old embroidered pillowcases), dinnerware/transferware (pink and red are favorites), old hankies, pitchers, creamers, vintage S&P's (attracted to the shell covered souvenir sets), teddy bears, interesting old photo frames, vintage tins (mostly medicine/aspirin, talcs) and more! This is not to mention our wide assortment of DVD's!

Fun topic! Enjoy hearing about everyone else's collections too! TY!

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Angel we'll have to compare trees some day. :o) I have over 400 radko's collected since he first began production. I've kind of backed off purchasing them, but I can't actually admit that I'm "done" collecting them LOL

I would say that my two favorites currently would be my antique jewelry collection (admittedly mostly collected by my husband for me) and my venetian glass collection. I actually designed my dining room to highlight the glass because I love it so much.

The jewelry is a fascination I've had for years. I have pieces dating back to the early 1800's. One of my favoriate piece is the least elegant. It's a gold and silver, pearl and garnet suite of pieces. A hair comb, necklace, broach (which can hang on the necklace) earrings, and a bracelet...but the best part is that this pretty merchant's wife's set, is still in it's original box (molded for the set) from a jeweler who went out of business in 1810. None of them are comparable to the queens jewels LOL But each is lovely in it's own right and I really enjoy wearing them.

I've never refered to my fabric as a collection...god help us all because that would mean I'd need to buy more and more and more and....oh I guess it's a collection LOL I have a strong addiction that can not be cured, to textiles. I have antique pieces and new pieces, and I'd say over 70% are silks...I love silk :o) I do pretend to actually use the fabric (I make crazy quilts) but really...I just need to own it all...all fabric will someday be Mine MINE MINEEEE!!!

Oh wait...I got carried away...sorry :oP

    Bookmark   December 27, 2008 at 3:34PM
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I collect antique and old wicker pieces. I have this
cool magazine rack and tables and other things.

    Bookmark   December 27, 2008 at 6:58PM
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Hijack, sorry.
igloochic, I would love you to show us your crazy quilts. I have done a few too and some art quilts.

    Bookmark   June 12, 2009 at 12:53PM
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My Jadite Fire-King Dishes. I haven't added to the collection in a long time plus still have some tucked away in storage in the garage since my move. Once I get the rest of my collection out and arranged in my kitchen, I know I will want to add to it. Think all my glass front kitchen cabinets should demo this collection. My other favorite is my reproduction Egyptian decor.

Fun thread!!!

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I stopped collecting ""knick-knackie" things when I found out I had to dust them!!!! So I purchased a display case and started collecting old mechanical pencils and mother of pearl quill pens and ink wells. (I am an artist by trade so I think that's why these things appeal to me so much).

    Bookmark   May 2, 2010 at 11:17PM
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I collect brooches. I like Victorian and Art Nouveau, but especially Art Deco. I have some later ones, some goofy ones, some elegant ones, but they're so pretty and fun to collect. Not expensive either.

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I collect green and cream enamalware from the 30's as well as kitchen gadgets from that era. IE: Pea shellers, marmalde cutters and the like. I also love the color jadite green and collect bowls and utensils in that color.

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I have a crazy quilt,mine is dated not sure have to look but 1800s.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2012 at 4:21PM
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Spode in Greek pattern. Dishwasher safe pieces I use every day. Old pieces are for display maybe use at holiday time or company.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2012 at 10:38AM
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I haven't been at it long... but so far, my interests are...
- pink depression glass (Old Colony and Fortune)
- almost any uranium glass
- Haviland China pattern "Georgia" (that's my daughter's name, so I'm collecting for her)
- tea cups & saucers (any pattern that has a wide band of colour around the edge... as the example in the photo below)

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I went from collector to seller. I enjoyed all the various collections, but they were taking up too much space, or packed in boxes and never brought out to enjoy. By selling, i'm making others happy, and still get to look(until a piece sells!)at them in my space at the antique mall. ;o)

    Bookmark   February 1, 2012 at 9:43PM
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This is a great thread. We all love what we collect and isn't it wonderful that most of us collect something different? I collect blue and white Staffordshire Transferware from England, early to mid 1800's. I have over 100 Cup Plates, a little more or less than 4" diameter. They were used as a coaster with the handless cups with bowl shape saucer of 6" from the 1820-1850 period. Often confused with a child's plate from a toy tea set. I also have many patterns of dinner ware pieces of a specific potter E. & G Phillips, Longport England. American butter stamps, butter churns and English cream pots with dairy names stamped or transfered on the pot and numerous other things too many to list. I am just addicted to antiques and collectibles. I also clean and repair and resale and upgrade my English china. So my life is a constant buy, clean, repair, resale, collect more upgrade..etc. I tell my husband I am recycling and being green! I love,love, love what I do. I cannot imagine not ever being able to buy and also resale to share my knowlegde. I also have an extensive library of reference books and love researching everything.

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I have another collection that would probably not be of much interest to most ppl. I collect Asahi Pentax, Honeywell Pentax & Pentax 35mm film SLR's and accessories whether they are working or not.

Over the years Pentax has stayed on the cutting edge of photo technology and they were the first company to introduce most of the innovations that we take for granted today, such as eye level through the lens viewing, built in light meters, auto exposure controls and auto focus.

I have collected most of my cameras, lenses & accessories at yard sales & tag sales. Generally I show up carrying my Pentax digital and someone will say,,wow,,I have an old Pentax too, but we don't use it anymore. Its amazing what ppl have in their closets that they have nearly forgotten about.

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I just LOVE old utilitarian pottery from North and South Carolina. The I love crocks, jars, cream risers and churns. They have to have great glaze, runny, drippy, speckled, etc. Here's a few of my favorites.

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I have a 1700 farmhouse my biggest antique,but in generalall antiques because they go so well with our house,I have furniture,I collect crocks,milk cans I have about 40 from 5gal down to 1/2 pint,oilers over 600,tobacco tins,little big books,owls,stamps,miniatures,hess trucks,perfume bottles,dishes depressionware pink,green cherry blossom pattern,anybody have any dishes to match,Im looking for more.

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Hey girl how are you???

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Great thread! I collect 50s-60s era small sized Steiff animals. Got my first around the age of 2, and have since located many on ebay.

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Here's some of my redware collection. Redware is made from clay that turns brick red when fired. Slip glaze can be several colors and decorated with contrasting color. Redware is never glazed on the bottom, sometimes it is only glazed on the inside. Posters here love to ask for makers name, usually the antique redware is not marked so we don't know maker's name. Redware history goes back to the colonial era, I like it because it is plain, not frilly, folksey and highly collectable. I especially seek out pieces with their original lids and NO CRACKS.

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I am starting to collect Mulberry tranferware and getting rid of the blue. I have quite a bit of white Ironstone that I like.

Also, I love to collect seashells especially big old ones.

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Great site. I collect Occupied Japan pieces,getting more scarce,like everthing else.

    Bookmark   April 2, 2012 at 11:49PM
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