Ivy Brown jeans

PomonaSeptember 24, 2004

Has anyone seen Ivy Brown jeans lately?

I bought a few pair EIGHT years ago at Neiman's. That's the only place I've seen them other than a boutique in Half Moon Bay (CA), so I'm wondering if they're out of business or been bought out & are selling under a different name...

I'd appreciate any info because these are the nicest fitting jeans I've ever owned - mucho flattering, as in "hey, where did my hips go, they're gone!"

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Found some on ebay! Don't know if they are your size, though.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay listing

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Hey BarnMom, thanks for the sleuthing on my behalf! Really appreciate it. Size 6 isn't going to quite do the trick, but I sent an inquiry to the seller to see if she has any others on hand.

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So what's the deal with those Ivy Brown's? I can fit into a 6 about half the year. That auction ended with no bids but the seller might put them up again.

What is it you like about them?

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What's great about them is the seaming that runs down the left & right sides of the jeans. Most jeans place this seaming dead-center, so they're visible from a frontal view, and make you look just a tiny bit WIDER.
Ivy Brown Jeans clever moved the side seams just a tad toward the back, instead of placing them in the center. Therefore, the frontal view is super sleek & streamlined because you don't have those pesky side seams sticking out.

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Ha! Those jeans were relisted so I bid and won them ;) I'll report back on what I think.

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Good for you weed; what kind of jeans will you wear for the other half of the year ??

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lol mitch - those would be my fall/winter "let's see just how much comfort food I can eat" jeans ;)

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ok weed,, now I get it; in my case, my winter and summer jeans are the same; the area of variance as far as the comfort food issue lies, is in the area below the breasts and above the waistband, midriff, which in my case is very short hence makes a difference as far as tucking sweaters/shirts in or out.

If I could lengthen my torso/back by 3 inches, that would solve all my problems....
I'm sure I'm a 5foot 7 inches person trapped in a 5 foot 4 inches body.... How else can I explain those rolls above my waistband ?

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Well, I got the jeans but...not my style. Liked everything about them *except* there are two pleats on the front of them - I don't do pleats.

Anyone need size 6 Ivy Browns?

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Agree with you Weed; I don't like pleats on jeans either...

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Too bad that you can't return them. When I bid on costlier items I make sure that they have a good return policy (on e-bay) so that I don't get stuck with the item afterwards. Wish me luck on my LV purse hunting...

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Nike, I'm only out $7.50 with shipping :) I'll donate them to charity -- they are not new but in perfect condition.

Good luck on LV - but keep in mind anything on ebay with a good price is likely fake. And they are VERY good ad making the fakes these days.

Do you have any good clothing re-sell shops in your area? We have a few in "the rich neighborhoods" whose proceeds go to charity. Most of the people who donate their stuff have more money than should be allowed, and I see fabulous name brand pricey stuff there all the time. The women that run these shops know their stuff, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy an LV from them. (if I wanted one ;)

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