SMEG Speed Oven vs Miele Speed Oven

GreenDog194February 8, 2013

I have designed a cubby in my island for a 24" Miele Speed Oven, with hopes that someday it would live there -- when I have an extra $3000. Meanwhile, there is a toaster oven and a small microwave trying to share the space.

I just saw that there is a SMEG 24" speed oven for $1600!

Anyone have the SMEG speed oven?

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SMEG is a stylish although mid range brand out of Italy. They have not been in the USA long and have little market presence especially outside of New York.

About the only thing they sell in volume is their cutesie colored art deco fridges.

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I've seen their ovens, dishwashers, and fridges in the DC area, though not their speed oven. What I saw looked good.

They've had a bigger US presense than may be obvious, with some of their products being rebranded under other names. GE's top of the line Monogram dishwashers were made by Smeg many years ago. (they no longer are)

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lee - I'm not sure a few rebranded dishwashers last century makes even a small presence.

In fact, under that arrangement SMEG wasn't even present here, they just shipped over units to be marketed by GE.

What I am cautioning is, that outside of New York, you cannot go see the vast majority of their line because their dealer network mainly consists of internet retailers. There is also a hole in their service network should you ever need parts or a fix it man to come to your house.

Nothing inherently wrong with the product, and many find the look to be great. It simply isn't really available in small and middle town America or even some Big Cities.

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I got my Miele Speed Oven cheap as it was a never used floor model! Maybe if you search around you'll get lucky. It was $3000+ and I paid $1000.

Good luck!

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I have the same dilemma regarding regarding wall ovens. I like the looks of Smeg more than Miele but the service thing is a serious consideration. Hmmm

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Fori is not pleased

How many Smegs can you get for the cost of a Miele?

The Smeg is cute!

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About 2 -4 !

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Kind of puts the parts-and-service issue in perspective....

Smeg obviously trying to crack the US market now; whether they'll succeed we don't know. As for the aforementioned Smeg dishwashers rebranded as GE (and later DCS), that's how Bosch and LG got started in the US too. Bosch entered the US market in the '90s with only three products (all high-end dishwashers) and we all know what happened since. LG used to just rebrand their microwave ovens for others (and sell a few themselves under the Goldstar brand); it took less than a decade for them to become a major contender in all appliance product categories. Samsung didn't sell any major appliances here until about a decade ago under their own name. Meanwhile, several once-big US manufacturers have disappeared or been swallowed by bigger fish.

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anyone have a smeg or miele speed oven to contribute as to how well they function vs price being double for miele?

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I have a miele, and I had a Smeg range that I imported from France 10 + years ago . I'd roll the dice for 1000 bucks, but few people are going to get as lucky as 2littlefishies, so it's kinda moot.

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IâÂÂm currently looking at these 2 units also would love to hear any feedback,recommendations and advice. thanks

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The miele is great.

That said , I doubt most people would find it 2 to 3 times better than the SMEG.

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Fori is not pleased

Does it have the actual bake functionality like the Miele? It's much more attractive. Maybe there are more (any) reviews available now. I guess I'll go look!

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I've seen it in person at the Smeg showroom and it is a beaut but no idea how it does in the real world.

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