Hairpieces! Who wears one? I LOVE mine!!!

aceySeptember 20, 2009

A friend of mine called me one day a few months ago to ask me to accompany her to "make a decision"...a surprise she needed a vote of confidence on.

Turns out, we met at a salon where she was thinking about a hairpiece to boost her thin hair. I gave her thumbs up on the investment.

She and I both have thin hair, and she thought I might be interested in the idea too. I watched the store owner cut it and style it for her. She's looking great.

So the other day, I was parked in my car putting on lipstick. I caught my reflection in the visor mirror. I could see the curvature of my scalp through my thin hair, and I knew "it was time". So, on a whim, I dropped everything and drove to that salon. Turns out, it was a quiet time, and the owner remembered me from accompanying my friend. It was meant to be, if you know what I mean.

She really went into my preferences, needs, and well, I've got a lovely, short hairpiece that really gives oomph to my thinning bangs, and my flat, sparse crown.

I wore it to work immediately! I have many customers and all thought I just got a new cut and color that looks fantastic...a few comments "you look great!". My own DH wondered what I had done. Took me til the next day to tell him the truth!!! And he likes it very much.

It's comfy, lightweight, and I LOVE just throwing it on and looking like a million bucks !!! No more bad hair days for me!!!!

I have several cancer surviving friends who have used wigs, but my, my, how the whole hairpiece market has changed, and the quality and the light feel...not like my Mother's wigs of old!

So, who sports a hairpiece??? And what made you get one?

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Congrats! You sound so very happy! :)

I want one, but I can't afford it. My stylist custom makes them, and they are sooooo fabulous! He let me try on a sample, and while the color was horrible, I loved the look. I looked like I used to.

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Nowadays regular wigs or weave are completely old-fashion and outdated!The new insider tip is called full lace wigs. Everyone from Beyonce, to Tyra Banks, to Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez ,to name a few, wears those full lace wigs.
What is a full lace wig?
It is a wig, which entire cap is made out of a mesh like lace. Into this lace cap, individual
hairs are then hand-tied, and so, create the most realistic looking and feeling hair possible.
The lace around the perimeter of the full lace wig is trimmed to match the hairline after purchase, so that the full lace wig looks more realistic.
When properly attached with the special adhesives or tape for full lace wigs, the hairline can be so realistic as to be virtually undetectable to sight and touch. It will look like the wearer of the full lace wigÂs own hair growing out of the own scalp
To view a large variety of cheap full lace wigs, with trendy hairstyles and colors, go to:
You can wear a full lace wig each and every day, and depending on the adhesives you use to attach it on your head, you can wear your full lace wig, weeks at the time!
Full lace wigs are very versatile, they can be worn, in pony tails or up do styles, and while doing all your normal activities including working out and swimming.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My daughter (the professional beautician) says "everybody" should get extensions. They cost $600 and up at the place where she works. Some days I'm lucky I even brush my hair.

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