Evening Wedding

debbie814September 13, 2006

We will be attending an evening wedding in October which will be held at an old castle, and the reception will immediately follow at the same location. I am trying to avoid buying a dress, and since I have mostly business suits, I'm wondering if wearing a suit is acceptable. I am thinking about my red or plum color suit. What do you think?

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How about suit "bottoms" and a dressy glitzy top?

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I think a suit would look very nice, red or plum. Do you have a pretty pin for the lapel to make it be less business-like?

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I think the plum colored suit,, with a very bright sequined top., maybe with various colors but with plum in it also, I'm thinking something with peacock colors.. all deep shades .

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The glitzy top is a great idea. One more question - I have a fancy pant suit that consists of a turtleneck shell, long tunic top with fringe at the bottom and pants. All in a cocoa brown. Would that be too casual to wear to an evening wedding? I could wear a long necklace with earthtone beads and long earrings.

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I just received the wedding invitation today, and it states "Formal Attire". So I will be wearing a long black skirt, with a glitzy top. Thanks for your replies.

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debbie, can't go wrong with the long black skirt ; that brown suit did seem a tad casual.

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I am attending an evening wedding this month. It will be held partly outdoors so heels won't work. I'll sink in the grass, darn it.

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Wear lots of glitzy and large jewelry. Go for the dramatic effect.

Depends on the lawn for heels. Our outdoor wedding and reception were on a lawn that no one could tell was fake. Heels were fine. But I would assume it is real grass and not wear spikey heels. I think a broad heel would work, even a high one.

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