How narrow is too narrow: toilet room and vanity area?

kaysdJanuary 14, 2011

Our master bath is in serious need of an update. It is 6' wide by 9'3" long. When you walk in (door is on one of the 6' walls), the toilet is immediately to the right of the door, then a single sink vanity is next to the toilet on the long wall. There is a 4' wide "aisle" immediately in front of the door, and a 5'x32" tub/shower is on the opposite wall (with a 1' bump out wasting space so the builder could use a cheap 5' tub instead of a 6' tub).

We can borrow a small amount of space from the master bedroom, but the max the bath can be is 7'4"x9'3" (interior measurements). We would like a large walk-in shower, 38" tall double vanity, and a separate toilet room. I think I might have found a plan that will work, but wonder if certain areas will feel too tight. My plan is to leave the toilet in the lower right corner, but turn it to face the far wall, rather than the door. The toilet would be enclosed in a room that is 30"x6' interior space, then a 4" wide wall with a pocket door, then a 34" aisle that the door to the bathroom will open onto, then a 20"x6' vanity in the lower left corner. The shower would still be at the opposite end and be 3'x7'4".

DH is worried 30" is too narrow for the toilet room, but our guest bath has a 33" long full height wall between toilet and shower that leaves 29" of width in the toilet area between the shower wall and outside wall, and I don't feel like the space is too narrow while using the toilet (although the area in front of the toilet is wide open). I also wonder if 34" between the vanity and toilet room wall is enough space. In our last house, we had 36" between vanity and bathtub, and it was plenty of floor space to move around and use the vanity, but the tub had "open air" above it, and the full wall may feel more closed in.

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30' is too narrow for the width of a newly constructed toilet room particularly if this is a permitted remodel. 36" is the minimum space for a toilet enclosure.

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My understanding is that code minimum is the toilet centerline being a minimum of 15" from an adjacent wall, code also gives the minimum width for a toilet compartment at 30" wide and a minimum length of 60".

As palimpsest wrote though, 36" wide is the recommended width. 66" the recommended length. The door should also open outwards, not inwards.

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Forgot to add...the pocket door on the toilet compartment will be fine, even preferential. It can be left open most of the time unlike a hinged door where the swing could impinge on other areas in the room.

Vanity clear space? Code minimum is 21" of clear floor space in front of the vanity, minimum recommended is at least 30".

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We have a small toilet room in our master and one of our secondary baths and I would have sworn the they were less than 3' wide because they're narrow, but I measured and the master is 3'x 7'2" and the other is 38" x 5'8". The set up is the same in both: toilet centered along the narrow wall with window behind high above the toilet and the door is on the longer wall on the opposite end and it opens in and lays flat along the opposite narrow wall. The door opening in is perfect, I wouldn't want it any other way, and the dimensions are fine, but definitely would NOT want it any narrower. The door would be a problem in the 2nd bath was any shorter or the opening was not on the side and away from the toilet.

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