Another bathroom grout vs. caulk question!

girlgroupgirlJanuary 18, 2013

I have never posted on this forum before, but I'm a gardenweb user.
A few years ago we had a lovely basement bathroom installed with a tiled shower. Every year the shower corners crack. I've re-grouted them, sealed them...and this year the cracks against the exterior wall are greater.
The grout lines where the walls meet are fairly large, almost 1/2 an inch, and they are fairly deep. There is durarock behind them, however in the corners there are voids.
It has been suggested on this forum and on other tile forums I've read to use a sanded, siliconized calk where planes change in tile, as opposed to grout. Since I couldn't find it here, I mail ordered laticrete sanded caulk.
However, now I've read some other comments by people that their sanded caulk shrunk very badly.

So my question: is this this brand of caulk right medium? Should backer rod be placed in the void after I remove all the grout? Will this caulk seal the "edges" of everything including other grout lines? You see the tiles are not square, they are oval with crosses between them, so there is other grout around this area that is not part of the corner and cracking issues. I want to ensure we're all sealed up and can use this shower again, after the caulk cures, of course (I do not see a curing time on these tubes...)

Thanks for any help. I am trying to avoid completely removing all the tile and having the shower re-done again. The tile is beautiful and no longer available....

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Yes, you need to use backer rod in the large voids. The best caulk to use is silicone, not "siliconized". I'm not sure why you think you'd need to remove all of the tile, just so you can caulk. Was the shower built and water-proofed properly? If not, caulk isn't going to save you.

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Thank-you. The company sent me the wrong item, I asked for the
Laticrete Latasil Silicone Caulk Sealant, but they just sent regular Laticrete, which is OK since it will also get used.
The shower is waterproofed to our city code standards, but various contractors waterproof showers "properly" in other methods. So far no water seems to get in behind the wall, it's very dry back in there and we don't use the shower at all when cracks appear - not until it is repaired.
A tile contractor (the only one I can find who's website says they do "tile repair" and that comes recommended) said he actually won't come and make these kinds of repairs, he will repair his own work but that of others he removes and re-does it all, because he wants to be able to guarantee the work. I have not found anyone else willing to do the repair. So it's up to me, and I just want to make sure I have what it takes before tackling it!

Thank-you for your advice about the caulk.

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Good luck, GGG. Let us know how it goes.

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Hi Hosey:
Hopefully it will all go well. Friend sent over a neighbor today. He's spoken to a local contractor about fixing the shower, and all the other fixes (many major) we need done here. Last people I spoke to were not the right fit (OK, none of the people I've spoken to have yet to be the right fit).

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