under cabinet microwave or microwave drawer?

amyboFebruary 19, 2012

I only have room for around 30" upper cabinet that is next to the frig and dishwasher. There are other cabinets that are further away close to the cook top but they are not as convenient for every day cups and plates.

Option A - It would looks prettier to have regular wall cabinet between my frig and window and use a microwave drawer under the counter. This would allow me to put cups and plates in the upper cabinet which I probably need more often than the microwave.

Option B - mount microwave under the cabinet, the cabinet above microwave becomes too high to be useful for every day cups and plates. In this case, I would have to put cups and plates in the drawers under the counter.

I am leaning towards option A since I need plates/cups more often than microwave. However, I am not sure how annoy it is to bend down to put plates in the microwave drawer (I am 5'5" and husband 6'2"). I also not sure if soup would get spilled when I open/close the drawer. We do use microwave a lot of heating up drinks and soups.

What's your opinion?



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Drawer. I've been using mine for a few months. I'm 5'8"ish and don't find the height to be a problem. It's really not a bend to get in it, maybe a small lean when picking up something heavy and hot. I'm easily annoyed, but this movement doesn't bother me at all. I like being able to look straight down on my food or bev rather than peering up and in on my toes.

I have the Sharp drawer that opens/closes with push buttons or with a gentle tug/push to get the door started. I haven't spilled anything in it with either method. The closing is fairly gentle so as not to cause spillage.

Initially, I resisted the idea of the drawer and couldn't figure out the appeal. Now that I'm using it, I really like it. I bought mine as a refurb from a reputable ebay seller. Saved hundreds!

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We have a Sharp microwave drawer in our island and love it.

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Love our microwave drawer! I'm 5'6, hubby is 5'11. We don't find it difficult to use. The opening/closing action is gentle and doesn't soup around, and I love that I don't have to remove a dish to stir it(melting chocolate, etc.) I can stir from above.

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I was originally very skeptical about the new-fangled microwave drawer concept
and didn't think it would be worth the extra cost.
But I decided to give it a try with my kitchen reno
because it solved a number of layout problems.
Guess what? It turns out it is one of my favorite features of my new kitchen.
It is very convenient.

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Love our microwave drawer! I am 5'10", no problem. Very convenient, and everyone comments on how nice it looks.

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