Door Heights and Windows

socomJanuary 23, 2014

We are doing an addition to add a entry, great room, kitchen, and dining room. The new addition will give us 9 foot ceilings in these rooms. The remaining house (bedrooms and bathrooms) which is tore down to the studs will also be getting a face lift. The ceiling height in the existing bedrooms and hallways will be 8 ft. We have asked the contractor to trey all the ceilings in the bedrooms and the kid's flex room. My question is what to do with door heights and windows. Which should I do?

1.) Make all door heights at 6'8 and use a transom above the entry door and the patio door in the 9 foot ceiling areas.

2.) Make all the doors heights at 7' throughout the entire house. Contractor said it may cost more to find 7' interior doors since it is an uncommon size.

3.) Make the entry door and patio door 8' tall for the 9' ceiling areas and keep all of the other doors at 6'8 for the rooms with 8' ceilings.

As for the windows is it better to keep it at the same height from where the doors are or can they be taller?

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Here is the floorplan. There are only 2 interior doors in the 9 ft ceiling area (mainly the middle section of the house).

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I have 9 ft ceilings throughout my house. We have entry doors that are 6'8" with transoms. The windows are 6 ft tall but now that the house is framed I think that was a bit much but it was what the plans called for. All interior doors are standard 6'8" height. We haven't gotten that far in our build so I can't give an opinion on those but I think they'll look good as is. Here is a pic of the front of my house. The rough opening for the big double window in front is 6' x 6'. The window on the front porch on the same wall as the door is 3' x 6', those little openings on top and bottom are now filled in. That front door will have a transom.

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Thank you for sharing. I think that large window will be great!

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