Unique Chairs -- Looking for Information

chavez35August 11, 2009

I obtained these chairs recently and was wondering if anyone knows anything about them? They are very unique. No signs of markings or signatures can be found on them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have no idea but something about them says "70s home wood shop project" to me.

What do the seat bottoms look like?

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I think you are almost right, I remember seeing them sitting in someone's hall back around 1970 or so. the house was a basic split level ranch, but the owners had gone the "castle motif" route. a suit of faux armor in the corner, heavy red draperies, crossed broad axes on one wall and a pair of these chairs sitting in the hall way.
I think "made in Mexico or Honduras" is more like it.
Not expensive, not old, not well designed, uncomfortable to sit on. I think the best use would be to remove the velveteen and stick them in the garden with a plant on the seat.
Linda C

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Given the fact that the seat is a hunk o' fir plywood, they probably originated in the shop of somebody with a lathe and too much free time. That said, the form is a "hall chair" specially made skinny (literally un-sittable) to flank a doorway. Better examples do exist, esp. from the Victorian period.

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Casey was right I have searched it and looks closer to the Victorian hall chairs. The link is attached for your reference. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: victorian hall chair

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Thanks for the info everyone!

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