Need Underwear that Fits!!!

philotesSeptember 1, 2007

I am fed up!!! I cannot find any underwear that fits my body. I have 41" hips and a 33" waist. According to traditional guidelines I should be wearing a size 8. Size 8's do fit nicely over my butt and come to the right height, but the elastic digs into me so badly that I have permanent (and painful) red lines down my hips and circling my thighs. I tried going all the way up to a size 10, but the butt sags and the waist comes above my navel, and still the elastic digs!!! Help! Can anyone recommend a brand/style of underwear made for REAL WOMEN?!

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Have you tried Hanes Her Way?

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I recently bought a package of Hanes in a size 9 that I subsequently threw in the trash. Too big everywhere except the bands which still made the unsightly red indentations in my skin.

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If you have a Victoria's Secret near you you might go there to see what they have. I find the VS Cotton string bikinis to be the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn (except for their Rio bikini which they no longer make. They have several different styles of the cotton (and a ton of other lines if you don't prefer cotton) so you should be able to find something that will work for you. They are expensive, but I have had many of mine for years. You can see the different types online, but if you go into a store and tell them your problem, they might be able to guide you to a good fit, or maybe they will let you try a few styles on.

Also, I recently tried a new style from Hanes (I like more coverage certain times of the month) that are a cross between a bikini and a boy short. Very nice fit, and I should mention I know just how you feel. I have 38" hips and a 27" waist. There is not a single pair of basic briefs I have ever tried on that don't either strangle my thighs or sag everywhere else. That I why I switched to string bikinis, although I find that french cut briefs are not too bad, and the new Hanes style is a good fit. I can check the name when I am out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Victoria's Secret

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Buy the Hanes Her Way high thighs(cut)...I bought the regular panties(briefs) one time and they did the same thing to me/cannot stand that elastic around my legs! The Fruit of the Loom high cut ones come way too high around my waste.

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I only buy one brand of underwear, Naomi and Nicole style #712. More expensive than a pack of Hanes but they are very durable. I line dry. No riding wedgie, no elastic pain, smooth fit. They are the first brand I've ever found that didn't go place they weren't wanted. I also buy the thong, which is a little more supportive than most, which I like after two babies with a few extra pounds. The photo makes the brief look really high cut, they don't seem so high in front in real life. I buy mine at Macy's

Here is a link that might be useful: Naomi & Nicole

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I mentioned this on another thread ... but underwear that has just a little bit of lycra/spandex in them really, really does improve comfort level. Granted the bands may still be an issue but you should be able to find a size that fits better with the bands that are comfy too. The panties seem to strecth to your size and probably wouldn't bag as much, if that makes sense. They sort of stretch like nylons so if you don't need them to strecth as much they just won't. Anyway, Target makes a lot of different styles with Lycra, as does VS and probably most any place that sell undergarments. The 100% cotton type will usually only bag if you need to get them larger for the band.

Another option for you may be to try a thong. It takes some getting use to but many people swear by as an added panty lines! Maybe worth a try for you.

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barnmom, I want to try those.

There are many now with no bands, just thin elastic fabric.
Buy a few different ones and try them for a week and a few washes until you're sure you absolutely love them.
It's worth investing and then buying 3 at a time until you have a dozen; then you're set for a few years.

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You sound like you have the same problem that my DH has. However, men and womens underware are completely different. You didnt mention what style of underware that you prefer. So i am going to reccommend the string bikini. It gives the extra room in the thigh that you are looking for. Give them a try. Finding comfy underware is difficult for everyone. We are all shaped different.

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They have undies now that do not have elastic bands. The whole thing is one continuous piece and is seamless and tagless. I do not know what they are called but you can find them at VS, Target and most of the better shops.

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I like the fit of Fruit of the Loom "lowrise cut". I am a little smaller than you right now but I have had those exact measurements before and a size 7 fit well. Now I'm wearing sixes and hope to get down to fives again. The waist is just a bit lower with full rear coverage. They aren't the best made undies out there but they are cheap and fit well.

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The ones I have by Barely There don't have the regular elastic bands. They stay where they're supposed to over my rear, too. I've found them at TJMaxx and Ross.

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I love these...the thongs, actually, but these are good sometimes, too. I have this brand mostly, and some Calvin Kleins. Most comfortable underwear I've tried.

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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