An amazing range for the right kitchen

honorbiltkitFebruary 21, 2012

I had posted this in Kitchens, where the alert breezygirl suggested I post it here.

I first noted the availability of a Godin range and hood on ebay some weeks ago, but the handsome devil remains available and it's breaking my heart.

On Saturday, in a triumph of hope over good sense, I emailed the seller to ask the length. It is in fact 48" long, impossible in my 11' x11' kitchen with two doors, two windows, and no room to expand in an old rowhouse.

So, here it is:

See, stately, but not over-blinged.

According to the seller's response to my query, it has never been installed, just unpacked, photographed, and packed up again. It is dual fuel, with one of the ovens electric. It has all the specific number btu burners that real cooks (of whom I am not one) can make good use of. It is a smashing matte black. It has real gold trim, which seems a bit much to me but apparently saves polishing.

Godin's are so scarce in North America that I had to google "Godin cooker" to get any info. They seem to be well respected across the pond. And the price for this seems like a great deal. Apart from verifying that the original price would have been about what is described in the ebay posting, this is a sculptural pro style range and hood for the price of another good brand of pro 30" range alone.

The bonus is that this elegant brute is in Monmouth County, NJ, very near where Springsteen sprung. So excellent is that karma that I was not deterred by the prospect of remotely getting someone to check out its innards or arranging for the shipping...just the size.

So please, someone who does fret about flame height, please investigate with an eye to buying it. It will have a good, appreciative home, and I will have endless vicarious joy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rodin range on ebay

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I'd go for it but I'm pretty sure I'd be in the doghouse if I had another range sitting in the dining room waiting for the kitchen to be finished.

Dear Wife has the patience of a saint but I fear that would be too much.


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Not interested in the range, but loved your post! Bet you're great @ words with friends.

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Now that's SERIOUS kitchen bling!

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Honor- you have exquisite taste! That is a beauty and a steal. I remeasured every wall in my tiny kitchen - complete with 2 doors and three windows....would have used a shoehorn to make it work...alas no...will have to live vicariously through the lucky GW person who adopts this baby! Oh I wish............

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That is A beauty!!!! it would never fit in my place either but I will keep it in mind if I ever win the power ball and get to build my dream house.

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