Split Ends: Split Ender???

BackintheyardAugust 13, 2003

Have any of you seen this??? Last night on one of the middle-of-the-night infomercials, I saw this hair appliance called the Split-Ender. It looks like one of the electric heated hair straighteners that were (are?) on the market some years ago. You pull it through one section of hair at a time, and as the hair passes through it, only the split ends are snipped off--even those that are on shorter hairs. The result is all the dry splits are snipped, but the length of the strand of hair is virtually unchanged. It sells for about $60, I think (I was half asleep), and just seems too good to be true. Have any of you tried it? Seen it? (Or was I dreaming?) Of course, I don't remember the brand name, wouldn't you know.

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This is something you saw on an "infomercial"?.....Middle of the night???....Not prime time?
Why would you think that would be something to look for?...
Try scissors and a mirror....or a decent stylist.
Linda C

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I'd rather pay my trusted hair stylist the $10 and get it done right, than trust some machine.

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Thanks for the replies! You've both had the same basic impression I had. For one thing, it would just be too good to be true. And $60, no less. I agree those late night infomercials should be a red flag to be skeptical. It will probably be $19.95 ! before long.

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I saw this infomercial this morning. Must have a REALLY sharp cutting edge to get the split end with-out splitting it more. I doubt it works, but it was an interesting concept.


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the mechanics of it seem rather sketchy... and that price tag's nothing to sneeze at.

if they were that good, stylists would use them, and they wouldn't be marketting them to the general public that way.

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I can't believe how much people have to say about a product they've never tried or even held in their hands. Not all infomercials are bad, most maybe are... I've ordered proactiv from informercial and I was really surprized by the quality of the product and found it well worth the price. It didn't completely clear up my skin, but it did make it look better which nothing has been able to do. Its also cheaper to sell stuff through infomercial than through salons or stores and easier to make more money.

My sister is a stylist and she says she would never use it on her customers, because she said if it did work, her customers would catch on that this is something they could do very easily themselves. That is, if it works... Did anyone actually buy it yet?

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I just placed an order and I keep you up dated

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well I just got my spilt ender and it is a waste of money I have just send my back for a full refund. I did not notice any different it is best to use for people with really BAD SPLIT ENDS THAT goes a long way up your hair, not good for people with just new split ends. The best thing to do is go you your salon and have tham cut of because split ender is a waste of money.

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Angel, thanks a bunch for doing the field research! Not surprising, I guess, but it would have been a real 'miracle' product if it worked. Makes me wonder what other products out there, that make such super promises, also turn out to be duds.

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i bought it and am not happy am sending it back for a full refund it a waste of money i got more split ends when i sat in front of the mirror with a scissors not worth it at all

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