Hair straightening at the salon

NikeAugust 23, 2004

I'm asian, but yet I have a few waves in my hair, which often times drives me nuts. I have thick hair (and lots of it) and am too impatient to use one of those hair straighteners on my hair every morning (I was my hair nightly.). Have any of you ever had your hair straightened professionally? (I've done it with the perming solution at home and totally damaged my hair.) I know that there are two types. I called my salon and they have the old method for approx. $75.00 and the new one for approx. $300.00. Has anyone ever tried both? What's the difference? I am thinking about doing the $75.00 one. I can't afford the other one.

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The $300 one must be the "Japanese" method. A friend had it done (paid $600). You still need to blow your hair straight after washing but it takes less time and lasts longer. Any new growth needs to be done every other month or so.

What's the $75 "old" method? Perming solution on large rollers?

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Gina W

Yes, I believe the costly method is the "japanese" method and the old style is where they use the perming solution. I didn't know they did it on large rollers. Interesting... Well I'm still interested in seeing what others have to comment about these procedures. Especially the "old school" style being that I can't afford the $300 way with the added costs of coloring and haircuts on top of that. Yikes!

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I have hair with a teeny bit of natural wave that that frizzes easily. Unfortunately, none of these attributes can be cut or styled to look nice---just a halo of frizz with hair going every which way.

Long, long ago I used at home straightening which was like a permanent process and it never really made any difference. I've had Japanese Hair straightening (Bio-Ionic products) in a salon 3 times at $300-400. However, it amounted to once a year, not every other month. I still have to blow dry to straighten but the first two times I had it done, it seemed to "humidity proof" my hair. It was so nice to be able to wear it down and straight instead of in a pony tail all summer!

However, the third time I had it done (same stylist & product) she goofed it up and ruined my hair. It feels like it was permed as soon as it gets wet and turns into a tangled mass that is difficult to comb even with a wide tooth comb and conditioner. It has no "body" and did nothing to "humidity proof" my hair either. When I complained to the stylist, she blew me off. I went to the salon management and they made her redo the top and sides of my hair where it was the worst. It didn't make much difference. I think it is just ruined and will have to grow out.

Does anyone know of a salon Japanese straightening product that gets good results on very frizzy hair? I would like to try another salon that uses a different product.

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I suggest Brazilian Kerain straightening. Its also very healthy for the hair. It's also cheaper than the prices you've metioned!

Here is a link that might be useful: Brazilian Keratin Cure

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we do provide hair straightening which ranges from 50 bucks to 600 bucks there are different techniques and different products applied as you go up with prices.
results will definitely be different with different packages as straightness will be for 3 months for 50 bucks package and 6 months for different package..

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