Favorite moisturizer?

NikeAugust 23, 2004

I always get so confused when shopping for a new moisturizer. I used to love the one by Biore because it had this wonderful fruity scent to it. Now that I'm thirty I'm looking for something more than just a plain moisturizer. Plus it's getting harder for me to find this moisturizer in stores anymore. Any recommendations?

A couple of months ago I purchased Pond's Replenishing Moisturizer Lotion, which seems to be alright for my sensitive, oily skin.

Then last night I purchased (on a whim) Pond's Dramatic Results, which claims "skin brightening" and "age defying" on the bottle. It also listed w/alpha hydroxy, retinol, and Vitamin C on there as well. Any thoughts?

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I love the Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum and Perfecting cream. I've tried a lot of moisturizers, but with this I could feel the difference immediately. I've even had people ask me if I had different makeup. I could tell a difference in the look and feel of my skin after using it only a couple of weeks. I'm in my 40's and my skin is drier than it used to be, so I'm not sure how it would do on oily skin. I also like Purpose, but as I got a little older, I needed something more than just a moisturizer. After trying the Regenerist line--I'm hooked.

Olay is really good about sending out samples of their products. If your interested in trying their products, you could go to the Olay website and check it out.

Hope you get lots of replies, I can't wait to see what works for everyone else. Donna

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Hmm... I think I'll check out Olay's website. I did see a bunch of their products at Walmart and Longs, but always get so confused with the multiple types of products out there.

Thanks for your input Donna!

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I have combination skin, am middle-aged and have a few wrinkles. I have several facial moisturizers which are all okay, but nothing special to recommend.

Most recently I wash my face (usually with Cetaphil lotion), and pat it with a towel, leaving it slightly damp. Then I put a dab of shea butter and a couple of drops of Jojoba oil in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and apply the mixture over the skin of my face and neck.

Those oils on top of damp skin seem to hold the moisture for quite some time. I apply an oil-free foundation over this with a cosmetic sponge, and I'm satisfied with how it looks and lasts.

For moisturizing my hands and feet I also like the Cucina lotion that smells like coriander. Sometimes I use it on my neck, too. It contains olive oil and olive leaf extract.

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