skin discoloration without warning

sands99August 28, 2007

I am a medium tone woman who all of a sudden is experiencing a dark splotch discoloration similar to melasma from pregnancy on my forehead. I have 2 children but they are 7 and 12 and I never experienced the 'prenancy mask' or any chloasma associated with having children. I have never had a good complexion and knowing that I have always worked very diligently to have the best complexion I can, washing, scrubs, thermal fusion masks. Any ideas where this errant splotch may have originated from? Or how to scrub it out?

It's depressing me :(

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Sorry, it's probably melasma. I had it before kids and really battled it shortly after pregnancy. Sunscreen and prescription fade cream are the easiest. I understand that laser treatment is available, too.

Have you spent more time in the sun? Are you on any medication that would make your skin more vulnerable to sun exposure (blood pressure meds and many others can cause problems in the sun)? Hormones changes from age? Birth control pills?

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It does sound like melasma. Here's a site with good information on melasma.

Here is a link that might be useful: Melasma Resource Center

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