dcs 30' all-gas range vs nxr vs something else

suyog_gadgilFebruary 28, 2012


We are in process of deciding new appliances to purchase for our home. We need a 30" freestanding range. Our requirements are as follows:

  1. We need a gas range which can occasionally fit large pots. Gas range is a must since we cook a lot of items daily that need open flame.

  2. We do not use the oven more than once every couple of weeks and use it mostly for grilling\baking vegetables, etc not making cakes or cookies.

  3. Price range. We started looking around $1000 but found some nice DCS around $2500 but thats pretty much the max we can spent.

At a local store we saw this DCS all-gas range at $2500 which was floor model and we are considering getting that. I also read some reviews and comments that mentioned NXR but I have never seen it in any showrooms. (We stay near Seattle so if you have recommendations around where we could see that it would really help us.)

Reading various reviews of Whirpool, KitchenAid, GE we ended up thinking that most of them are unreliable but may be only the people with bad experiences tend to be more vocal so not sure. So if there are recos for good ranges around $1500 we would definitely want to consider them.

Another thing that I read in few reviews is that the electronics end up having much shorter life than other parts of the range which brings down the life of the range so we started looking at the ranges with mechanical controls but they all tend to be very expensive.

So please let us know the Pro's and Cons of DCS (non self cleaning) vs NXR 30" ranges and any recommendations for others under $2000.



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I have a DCS range and am pleased. You can certainly fit big pans on it and I love the dual stacked burners since I simmer a lot. $2,500 is a really good deal!

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I've had a DCS range for nearly 10 years and am very pleased. $2500 is a great deal.

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Thanks a lot for the follow-up.
Have any of you needed to contact the customer service for DCS? If yes how was your experience?
Also for NXR does anyone know of a showroom I can visit near Seattle, WA?

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I'm so glad to hear the favorable reports on the DCS. I'm looking to purchase a dual fuel 30 inch DCS and am just about to jump on it (5 sealed burners that all simmer -- oooh!). I got a little scared about its Fisher Paykel ownership, but the salespeople say the service is great here in Seattle and the designs/workmanship have not been compromised since the change of ownership. Of course the salespeople probably want to make a sale and I'm such an easy mark. Still, very happy to hear about good experiences!

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I know nothing of the DCS so will leave that to those that own it.
But we bought an NXR almost exactly 1 year ago and love it so far.
Personally for the price of under $2000 I seriously doubt you will find any better.
Great burners, all 15,000BTU and all go down to a very low simmer.
Can fit 4 large pots on it.
Has a very nice infrared broiler.
Heavy duty grates and heavy stainless oven racks.

We bought the older model which we preferred NRG3001.

Not had a single problem with it so far and if I had a do over I would buy the same stove again.
We bought ours for $1799.

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Thanks again for all the responses.
For DCS I know a few showrooms where I could see the range but there seems to be no place that carries NXR range near by. I do not want to buy the range before I actually see it so any recommendations on places to check that range near Seattle WA are welcome.
Also if someone could tell me how people typically judge a gas range other than looks and solidness of the built? Do the showrooms actually turn On the burners and show you the actual flame, turn on the oven etc? Any pointers on that would be really helpful.

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Did you see the DCS on ebay? I dont know the first thing about it, but the price seems to be in line with your budget.

Here is a link that might be useful: dcs 30 inch

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