Secret Beauty Secrets

weed30August 23, 2004

What is your "secret beauty secret"? I'm talking about something that might be out of the ordinary but works. Or something as simple as refusing to pay $50 for a moisturizer when the $6.00 one does the same thing.

One of mine: I use velcro rollers on the top part of my hair. Not so unusual. But after rolling I spritz them lightly with hairspray and hit them with the dryer again. Let them cool, then remove, and my hair is nice and full on top. This works so much better than a lot of gel or mousse products, which tend to weigh my hair down.

Another one: I like a darker outline on my eyes, but eyeliner or pencil is too harsh. I have some dark grey eyeshadow that I apply with the edge of a narrow flat brush. Gives that nice darkness without the harshness.

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Well, my secret isn't really very out of the ordinary but it works for me...

The skin around my eye area (mainly underneath)is always extremely dry. When I apply concealer or foundation, it just looks terrible and makes me look way over my age (32).

I have quit trying to find the perfect eye cream and now use straight vitamin E. I normally buy it in capsule form, make a hole in the end with a pin, and squeeze a tiny amount onto my finger, then apply in light patting motions. It is amazing what a difference the moisturized skin makes!

I wish I had something more exotic for y'all, but that's about all I have!

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Thanks! Not looking for exotic, just stuff that works :)

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heidi, that's exactly what a beauty secret is, good one !!!

Not exactly a beauty secret but last week, I was shopping in an area I don't usually go to and wandered into a beauty supply store that looked pretty decrepit; lo and behold, I got all kinds of opi nail stuff and cuticle oils etc.... at wholesale prices. They also carried the nailpolish my manicurist uses, tresse, $3. a bottle. I came out of there with a grocery bag full of products for $35. Score !!!!

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Okay ladies, here is another idea...this time about nice looking nails. I can never keep my nails looking well kept---you know, dry cuticles, raggedy looking, polish always chips and isn't worth the time it takes to put it on. I am a SAHM studying for my Masters and teaching certification so I don't feel like I can spend $$ on a manicure. SOOOO, a couple months ago I bought one of those 4 sided nail cubes from a kiosk in the mall. 2 sides do the same thing (smooth ridges), 1 side buffs, the last side shines.

I cannot believe how great my nails look! It is truly amazing. They have grown like crazy and become stronger. I actually have to clip my nails back because they get too long now!

The kit also came with some cuticle oil that is fabulous as well. I use it on my toe and finger nails. It makes such a huge difference when your cuticles look conditioned.

Anyway, I am hooked! My DD (6 years old) begged me to let her paint my nails last week. She was so excited to do it, that I had to let her. Of course, I picked out my lightest shade possible! The color lasted 1 day and I had to remove it. My nails were so happy to get buffed and shined again!!


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I now keep a pump bottle of sunscreen by the bathroom sink. Part of my morning routine is to slather some on my arms and neck for protection, daily. I had a skin cancer scare a couple years ago,

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Here's a question about sunscreen we put it on AFTER we put on our normal moisturizer/lotion? Or are we NOT supposed to use any other lotion with it? I am referring to the face and body.


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I would say if you can't find a good moisturizer that already contains it, you should put it on after.

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Most moisturizers have it already - I use Eucerin for my face (SPF 30) and coppertone on my arms because it's in a pump. I hate the flip tops because my hands get greasy after the first smear.

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Speaking of nails/rough cuticles...I use medicated Blistex (in the little blue pot) as a cuticle massage. It keeps 'em looking good and doesn't cost an arm and a leg! I also use plain old Johnson & Johnson baby lotion on my ridiculously sensitive skin: I figure if it's good enough (and gentle enough) for baby, it's good enough for me.

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I do the velcro roller thing, too. Gels, mousses, volumizers, etc, just weigh down my fine hair which really wants to lay flat to my head like seal fur.

I use put heavy duty lotion on my feet at night and sleep with socks to keep my feet from turning into dog paws.

I also do the vitamin E capsule oil around my eyes at night. Seems to plump the fine wrinkles a bit and sticks around as a humectant.

Plain table sugar and a bit of water makes a good exfoliant.

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Stay out of the sun until 4:00 p.m. or later. I've been doing this for the last 30 years, and people routinely guess my age 15 years younger. Plus - I hope - no skin cancer.

Regarding sunblock - you need more than you think. You have to put it on thickly for it to work. Use a full handful for your body, and reapply after sweating, swimming, or just sitting around for awhile.

Exercise is essential. I don't like it, but I do my stretching, 1/2 hour on the treadmill, and some weight training four times a week.

I have long, thick hair that gets "big" in the humidity. I've found that Pantene's "Soft & Silky" line works just as well as things I've bought for three times as much.

I also discovered that my hair looks about the same whether or not I blow-dry it. So I let it air dry now.

I have dry skin, and used to use expensive cleansers. Then I tried Bath & Body Works Milk Thistle cleanser - at $8.00 a container - which works beautifully and smells wonderful.

No mascara beats Maybelline's in the green and pink container - it accounts for almost 50% of all mascara sold!

Laugh a lot - when I'm old, I want a face that's lined from laughter.

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in general: always opt for the product with the smallest ingredient list. this works for just about anything, really...olive oil ( or coconut, or avacado) will always rank higher with me than any commercial preparation.

nail growth:

prenatal vitamins (those are the ones for expecting mothers, not for the infant)

and cuticle massage with whatever comes to hand. lip balm, cooking oil, whatever. it increases the blood flow to a part of the hand where things tend to pool. buffing the nail with bit of chamois (steal a scrap of your husband's for his car. doesn't HAVE a chamois for his car? get him one for christmas, the car will love you for it) will give it a polish that lacquer can never match- since you're actually polishing them, not clear-coating them.

:) also a fan of sugar scrubs- though I use oil instead of water to make the paste. salt scrubs are good for DH's back blemishes, as well.

pumice stones from the dollar store work just as well as the ones from the fancy salons.

those microfiber cleaning cloths make wonderful washcloths- I get more smog out of my pores with one and plain water than I ever did with deep-cleansers and toners.

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Do you mean the microfiber cloths that we use for dusting?

I just want to clarify b/c if I use the cloth I just purchased a few days ago (still in package) on my face instead of my furniture, I want to be sure I am not doing something idiotic :)

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that's exactly what I mean, actually... though make sure it's not one impregnated with polish or something...

I had to boil mine to 'raise the fibers' when I first got it...but I love it, it's the only thing that gets the city traffic ick out of my pores after a bike-commute...

I get exfoliated without getting scratched (or getting bits in my eyes when I rinse- and my husband's found it doesn't make his rosacea flare up, which is a BIG help to us!

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chinachat, what does your husband use on his rosacea? I was prescribed metrogel. It seems to work quite well.

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I don't have any big secrets. Here are some of the things I do.

Both Consumer Guide and dermatologists I have seen on special programs on TV say do not buy high priced moisturizers and cleansers. They say, vaseline, oil and solid shortening work far better and if you don't want to be that greasy just buy a low cost moisturizer and it works as well as the high priced ones. I don't want to get grease on my pillowcases so I buy Nutura by Avon when it is on sale. It's about $4 to $6 a jar the best I remember. To bad we girls can't slather our face with Crisco and put a plastic bag on our head at night. We would have beautiful skin. LOL

For cuticles I use Advanced Mira-cuicle by Avon. If used twice daily as it is supposed to be, it works very well. I haven't tried other cuticle softeners. I used to sell Avon but don't anymore.

In the winter my nails are bad about getting brittle and breaking. One year I was searching for something to help and found Nailtiques nail protein at Trade Secret. I have been using it as directed ever since. If you polish a coat on your nails every day (one on top of the other), or if you spread it on over your manicure a couple of times it makes your nails look as shiny as glass. I use Formula 2 and like it so well that I use it year round. It is a little pricey but worth it. About $20 a bottle.

My hair is thin and as fine as any baby's. It's the worst adult hair I have ever seen. All the mousse I had tried either weighted it down or didn't work. Then my hairdresser put me on to "Big Sexy". It's fabulous! I used if for about eight or ten years before it quit working on me. Now I am using "Big Trix". It's not quiet as good, but still better than all the others.

The only other thing I can think of that I do which may be different is for body odor. I have been allergic to antipresprants for 25 or 30 years and I prespire more than the average person. I was told to use baking soda on top of regular deodorant. Baking soda didn't help. Then my cousin told me that she used alcohol. The alcohol does not harm my skin as I thought it would. After bathing, I swab off with alcohol, then use regular deodorant and I smell much better at the end of the day.

I have found if you use a really good lotion such as Curell or Euceurin every time you bathe, while you are still damp, it will make your skin slick and soft. The trick is to never miss a single time.

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Crisco and a plastic bag? I might need to try that this winter! It's dry here and just gets drier in winter.

I've sworn by Avon's Moisture Therapy hand cream for years. I buy it online on sale and get 3-4 at a time - one for the bedroom, office, car, etc. It's great for hands and cuticles.

I agree that spending more for skincare is a waste. You can find online dictionaries for skincare ingredients and everyone uses the same ones.

I buy the old green-and-pink Maybelline drugstore mascara. It's the best one out there after all these years.
The only thing I spend more on is eyeshadow. For some reason, maybe the expense of the pigments - the more expensive ones really are better.

For cleaning pores, the clay "bentonite" is a good ingredient to look for. It seems to melt the dead skin right off your face - but gently. It's the greenish clay that's in those clay masques.

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I'm in the spending more for skincare is a waste camp. There are very, very few additives that your skin can actually absorb and use, and those are typically prescriptions. As long as you keep it hydrated, it doesn't matter if it's lard or Lancome ;)

I use green and pink Maybelline mascara too :) Really is the best.

Eyeshadow -- I'm still at Walgreen's on that one. I use a nice slate color mostly, and Revlon makes a good one.

I did read once, long ago, about someone who used buttermilk to cleanse their face. Supposedly was a miracle, but I'm a firm believer in genetics.

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Beverly, I'll challenge you for the worst adult hair. Mine is thin and fine plus its curly, yuck. Where do you buy Big Sexy or Big Trix (gosh, you gotta love those names), in beauty supply or the regular CVS or other drug store?

I'll probably go to bed tonight thinking of Crisco and a ziplock, LOL! You do have a way with words, Beverly!

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Nope, my mother has the worst adult hair anywhere! It's baby fine, pale, sparse, and what there is of it is the texture of cobwebs. I also have fine limp hair and have used both Big Trix and Big Sexy Hair mousse. I prefer Big Trix but I find that even that weighs my hair down. I have the best results with hairspray and velcro rollers. I also use very little conditioner. I put a tiny bit in my hands and pat it onto my hair and rinse thoroughly. I use just enough to keep the static out on a daily basis. I do occasionally do a longer treatment if my hair seems a bit dry, maybe weekly.

I've seen Big Sexy Hair in Rite Aide. Matrix makes Big Trix and you'll probably need to go to a beauty supply store for that.

I recently started using a skin firming lotioning by Nivea. I love it, my skin is SO soft. it's supposed to improve the elasticity of your skin. Since I am dieting and my stomach is shrinking, I thought it couldn't hurt to encourage my skin to return to it's previous shape. Not much chance of that with all the pregnancy stretch marks I acquired but it's worth a try! So far my skin feels like velvet with twice daily use. Jury's still out on the firming thing...

I agree that Avon's Moisture Therapy lotion is great stuff. It worked wonders last winter keeping my daughter's eczema prone hands moisturized. It doesn't wash off each time you wash your hands which really helps.

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Thanks for all of the great advice everyone.

I still use the pink and green mascara too! :)

Does anyone still ever use Milk of Magnesia on their oily skin before applying their make-up? I used to love that stuff and haven't tried it in years.

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Nike, I have never heard of that - now there's a real "beauty secret"! Heard of using Preparation H for puffy eyes but I've never tried it.

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And - for babies - Malox works well for diaper rash. Recommended by the pediatrician, and he was right.

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Last week on a local news program, the guest was giving alternatives to botox, facelifts, etc. She recommended using Preparation H all over your face before applying makeup. She said be sure to use the gel and not the cream. I'm thinking about trying it.

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Preparation H, Maalox and M of M. Well I never heard of those!

I agree that Nivea is a great skin product.

LOL Woodie, it's just about embarassing to tell anyone those names. LOL I buy Big Sexy at Trade Secret or JC Penny. I buy Big Trix at Trade Secret. Big Sexy has become very popular so you probably can find it in lots of beauty supply places. I can't use conditioners because they weigh my hair down. I use globs of Big Sexy or Big Trix, dry with the hair dryer and I have full hair for one day. With the Big Trix, it responds more to a curling iron to make it full looking.

Maybe we should all have a contest to see who has the thinnest, finest hair. I'm not joking, I have never seen anyone's hair as fine as mine and only one woman whose had less hair.

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I posted this in Beverly's tanning thread, but some of us know of Paula Begoun. She has several books (I think one is on the 7th edition) that analyze manufacturer lines by ingredients. She's a consumer's advocate. Very comprehensive.

Her main book is 'Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter without me'. She has a website

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I don't know if this qualifies as a secret.... Baby wipes make terrific face cleaners.

I had been spending way too much money on those cleanser pads/sheets for make-up removal etc. and had run out. In desperation I grabbed a baby wipe and it did a terrific job of removing my make-up, even mascara and colorstay lip color. I will never go back to the expensive ones.


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Those baby wipes are good for something else too. I dropped liquid Beeno on a light colored suit and took it to the cleaners. They couldn't get it out so having nothing to loose I used a baby wipe on the stain and presto! It was gone with practically no rubbing! Now you tell me how something mild enough for a baby's bottom can get out something that drycleaning fluid cannot?

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Didn't know about using baby wipes as face cleaners, but I knew about them being great stain removers. Once, a friend was at my house and spilled a cup of black tea on my off-white sofa. I just knew it was ruined, until another friend grabbed baby wipes from his daughter's diaper bag and rubbed them over the stain. *Gone*! Entirely.

I keep baby wipes around now as stain removers. They've removed red wine, tomato sauce, ink and lipstick. Now I'll have to try them on my face!

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Alexa, I love baby wipes. I buy big containers of them for the car, office etc. I started buying them to clean my small dog with on rainy days, but I discovered they're so handy as all-around cleaners - and cheap at Target and such as well.

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For me the cosmetic line by Rimmel is the best kept secret,
great colors and products and low prices..made by Coty, remember them?

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My secret....
When I was still in my twenties (that was fifty yeas ago), I started sleeping on a satin pillow-case.
I now use a satin pillow cover, cheaper and stays on the pillow better.
The slickness of the satin is, great for the skin and hair, it eliminates the 'drag' and wrinkles of the pillow-case material.
I look younger than my age, very few wrinkles and I think the satin pillow-case is the reason.


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Now I have to admit I've tried the Preparation-H thing for my eyes after a really poor night's sleep or partying in my "single" days. It does work! Just be sure to get the gel and not the cream, although I have used the cream at times.

For a temporary relief from dark circles under your eyes: take 2 regular tea bags and immerse them in hot water (as if you are making tea, but not boiling water). Take the tea bags out of the water, lay back on the couch/bed/whatever and place the tea bags over your eyes (closed) for approximately 10-15 minutes. Take a napkin or piece of paper towel with you in case the tea bags drip. This is a great way to relax and unwind, as the warm tea bags are very soothing. I like to put on some relaxing music when I do this.

Other Tips:

Exfoliate your skin every week and use an appropriate moisturizer every evening before bedtime and before applying makeup.

NEVER go to bed with makeup on! This is TERRIBLE for your skin and will actually age your skin overnite!

The easiest way to take care of your skin: drink lots of water!

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I've been reading the posts about using Preperation H under the eyes,and am tempted to try it. Does it work on the rest of your face as well,for lines and wrinkles? Is this this one of those things,where once you start using it,you have to keep it up? How often can you use this safely?

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Here's one I haven't seen listed yet! Before I go to bed at night, I pat a few drops of cold-pressed castor oil around my eyes.
It moisturizes better than any eye cream I've ever tried and also reduces puffiness.

Meg :)

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Good thread!

I read a few years ago that when you come out of the shower you should scrub your lips hard with the towel. It exfoliates them and keeps them looking full. I've been doing it ever since, and it seems to work.

I went through several brands of hot rollers before finding Remington's wonderful Ionic Body Waves. I twist my hair before rolling it, and don't leave the rollers in long. As soon as the last one is put in, I take out the first. The result is a great style for me, and unusually easy because some of my hair is wavy and some is straight.

I've never used soap on my face, and I've been moisturizing since I was a teenager. I look younger than my age, and while some of that is undoubtedly due to good genes, I'm convinced some is due to good skin care. I clean my face with Wal-Mart's or CVS's version of Cetaphil, rinsing with a washcloth--which acts as a kind of exfoliant. I never let my skin air dry. I keep a pump bottle of moisturizing lotion next to the shower so I can apply it as soon as I've towel-dried my face. Then I apply face cream (usually Jason's Perfect Solutions Ester-C creme, which I get online for $9.60 instead of the $16 retail price) a little later.

Thanks for all those good tips!


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I've never used the Prep-H on other areas of my face, just under the eyes. I'm not sure it would work in other areas where the skin is thicker, hence why it works under the eyes as that area is very thin-skinned. I only use it when I really need it and would be hesitant to use it on a regular basis.

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Rosacea's a tricky thing, really...

my family doctor tried to put DH on a long-term course of tetracycline, citing the 'acne' part of acne rosacea...and I just about flipped my lid, it was the straw that led me to start looking for another doctor (he's a sweetie- but he's a puppet for the pharmiceutucal agents)

honestly? all we really do is keep him out of the sun, and treat the flare-ups topically- lip balm works just fine in a pinch if it starts looking flakey, a slice of cucumber if it's just looking red...

though I did just try something that surprised me. I got a tube of a 'hydrating fruit mask' by Nicole Miller for christmas...and not only does it smell like fresh strawberries (as opposed to something strawberry-scented) but it works on both his flakey red spots- and on the annoying 'i'm getting older' dry spots around my nose!

so I'm using it as a spot treatment, since when I checked, it's like $20 a tube retail, and i'm not paying that on my own, so we're not slathering it liberally all over our faces ;)

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My hair is really thick, so I keep it short. I use to never get the lift I like at the crown of my super short hair cuts, until I recently discovered "Short Sexy Hair" (made by the "Big Sexy" folks). It was expensive, and I was skeptical, but I gave it whirl.

That stuff is FANTASTIC. I NEVER have trouble with lift at the crown when I blowdry now. (And I had tried EVERYthing). I picked it up at Kroger.

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Great beauty secrets! I haven't heard of most of them! I used to heat my eyelash curler up a bit with my hairdryer before curling my eyelashes. That worked pretty well since my lashes are stick straight! I had to be careful that it wasn't too hot. I now use Loreal Le Grande Curl and it works to keep my lashes curled all day. I don't have to use my eyelash curler any more.

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I started getting manicures pretty regularly and my nails have never looked better and healthier, I keep them pretty short though; one thing I notice that they do is buff the oil on the nail for a few seconds, it soaks right in so I'm assuming it helps the oil penetrate faster than just rubbing it on -

to make my manicure dollar stretch further, I apply a clear coat of Revlon 2 Always On sealant the day after.

I'm also wearing rubber gloves for kitchen clean up more regularly;
there's no getting away from it, gloveless housecleaning is too harsh on hands and nails- one advantage of wearing the rubber gloves is that I make sure I do the whole cleaning of the kitchen in one swoop, not in stages, so once I have the gloves on, I don't stop until I'm done....
I dislike cleaning wih gloves on, but since I'm paying to get my nails done now, I wear the gloves regularly and am getting used to them - I'm on the verge of wearing thin ones to shampoo my hair, my hands always feel dry after washing my hair......

For a quick fixup of dry hands, I bought Hand Recovery from crabtree & evelyn, a grainy moisturizing 60 second treatment you rinse off and it leaves hands much softer temporarily.

We have harsh winters and my hands dry up so much, I now wear my leather gloves outside even if it's only for minutes......

I have 70 year old looking hands(thin skinned and veiny, it's genetic) and I'm only 52- my only hope is keeping my hands the best looking they can be...

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I still love Oil of Olay products and I am forty-five (started using it at age 17). It's a very nourishing and refreshing cream without being overly heavy and with too much fragrance.

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Please don't use Preparation H if you have any allergy to salicylates. I broke out in a terrible rash all over from it years ago.

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What's this "big sexy" product line? Never have seen it anywhere. Walgreen,walmart,kmart? Hate to google for fear of what might come up;).

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I'm another velcro roller fan, the hairdresser for DD's wedding used them on me, just as Weed described and I love 'em!
For dry hands that crack and bleed, the best I've found is DDF's 12%salacylic lotion. My very dry hands and legs do so much better, it's amazing.

My father has rosacea and I have it slightly. The doctor has me use a Prescriptives product (mine is very mild) called Redness Relief Gel. Chinacat, if your husband has the more problematic kind he would be wise to use metrogel or something like that. Those bulbous noses that some men get(think Karl Malden) is often related to roseaca. The dermatologist told me that close to 90% of the population have some degree of rosacea.

Mitchdesj, I get manicures weekly now that I'm more able to do so. We use OPI polish, but before he begins to apply the polish we found if he uses a "bonding agent" like they do with acrylics the polish doesn't chip. It's really amazing. I need to be better with using gloves, you make a good point about aging one's hands. For younger women --remember to use sunscreen on the backs of your hands. Those brown spots multiply quickly!

One more thing, the dermatologist told me for my type of skin-basically dry with a few oily areas- to use Oil of Olay age defying skin wash in the shower and Neutrogena Acne face wash at night. It seems to be workng well. This is the first year my face isn't peeling and I rarely have clogged pores.

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Make that DDF skin lotion with 12% GLYCOLIC.

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I found Big Sexy at Rite-Aide and Long's drugs. Tried the volume enhancer and the conditioner. My hair is too fine.


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Thanks for the reply...I don't have either store around me. My hair is fine also so probably a waste of time for me to find.

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If you polish your own nails, get some Sally Hansen "Mega Shine." Use a clear base coat, then two coats of polish. Then, wait at least one full minute (I wait two), and blow on your nails during that time. Then, put on one coat of the Mega Shine. In less than 5 minutes your nails will be dry enough that you can do stuff without wrecking the polish; your polish will last much longer without chipping or wearing off; and it gives a great shine to your polish.

Make sure that any sunscreen you buy has titanium dioxide in it. That's the ingredient that actually blocks the harmful rays.

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I saw an Oprah show about women that look years younger than they are. One woman swears by not only Prep H for eyes, but uses vaginal-dryness cream for her face. She said a dermatologist recommended it to her years ago and she had used it ever since. She looked great. Never tried it myself though. I am another fan of castor oil. It works very well as a moisturizer. I wouldn't use it iin the daytime though because it's kinda greasy.

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I googled "Big Sexy" and came up with this link. It looks like they even ship to Canada. I don't know if this is good pricing or not because I have never seen it here before but it sounds good!

Here is a link that might be useful: Big Sexy Hair Products

    Bookmark   June 16, 2005 at 5:59PM
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I use an English diaper/first aid cream called Savlon -- both for my face -- and on my bikini area after shaving -- it is wonderful and takes out any redness or irritations -- but hard to find!

Just one shop (a British food/other stuff shop) carries it around my area.

I've used Clinique's Exfloitating Scrub for years -- really scrubs up well!

Other diaper creams may be good too -- I use the one that comes in a tube -- slightly easier to put on than the heavy stuff in the cans or containers!

    Bookmark   June 20, 2005 at 3:25PM
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I've heard KY jelly vaginal lubricant holds moisture on your face and neck. There was a woman on the Daily Show that claimed she looked so young because she used premarin vaginal cream on her face. There's some pretty bizarre things out there that really work better than those expensive products. I've heard of prep H for a long time, professional models claim to use it regularly.

    Bookmark   July 21, 2005 at 2:40AM
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I also think Sally Hansen's "Mega Shine" is great stuff. Although I will try the Maybelline Express Finish recommended on another thread. For what reason are you guys using the Preparation H or castor oil around the eyes? To reduce wrinkles? Does it help with under eye circles?

    Bookmark   July 25, 2005 at 8:37PM
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I credit two things for my good skin (hardly any wrinkles-yet) at age 49. One is good genes; the other is vaseline! Yes, I am one who every night--every night-- after washing with a mild soap smears a thin layer of it all over my face and neck. It not only keeps my skin baby soft, especially in our dry winters, but also feels great, like a mini-face massage. A thin layer is all that is needed and is not greasy. For obvious reasons, though, I only do this at night. My daily moisturizer is Clinique's Dramatically Different. I should look for a cheaper one, I think, but I've been using this one a long time and really like it.

    Bookmark   November 28, 2005 at 7:33PM
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I also use vaseline, I use it to remove my eye make-up. It takes it off easily and leaves a trace of vaseline around my eyes overnight.
Someone told me years ago...whatever you do, take off your makeup EVERY night...for whatever reason of all the things people have advised me to do over the years, that one I listened to.
Another vote for the pink and green mascara.

    Bookmark   December 7, 2005 at 5:49PM
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I've been looking at a book I got from the library--Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me.(2003 I think) (Maybe I even saw it mentioned on this forum.) The author has reviewed thousands of products and notes which ones she thinks are the best.

If you sign up for her newsletter, you can download her list of the best cosmetics available at drug stores. Paula Begoun does her her own line of cosmetics, but she shares her knowledge of other good products. She says many lines are a mix of very good and not so good products.

She also reviews men's products in her book.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cosmetic Cop

    Bookmark   December 9, 2005 at 8:27PM
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I have a ton of them...but if I told you I would have to kill you!:) Seriously, I use stuff from the Edgar Cayce readings and they really work..but some of them are a little out there ..until you see the results.My favorite , because it really worked when nothing else would, is how to get your hair to grow...crude oil scalp massages!!! I don't know how it works, but it does.

    Bookmark   December 12, 2005 at 10:12PM
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Quick note before I get into my beauty secrets: I joined this site a few years ago but didn't keep up my subscription & couldn't post. I just realized a little while ago that this site is now free. Hallelujah!! : )

Okay, now for my beauty secrets... At the ripe 'old' age of 43, I have come up with an inexpensive 3-product combination that has FINALLY addressed & improved my large pore/oily skin problem that I've been attempting to solve ever since puberty!

(Let me preface by saying that I've always washed my face in the shower in the mornings with Wal-Mart's inexpensive knock-off of Cetaphil's liquid face wash.)

The 1st product discovery that I've recently tried & found great improvement with has been witch hazel, generously applied with a cottonball or washcloth as soon as I get out of the shower. Once I began using this regularly, my pores downsized drastically & the occasional blemish has become non-existant.

Product #2 is generic Milk of Magnesia applied to the oily areas of my face before my foundation application.

Product #3 (this is the real killer, I can't believe how much difference this has made) is cornstarch dusted lightly over my face after my make-up application. (Only a light dusting, if I use too much it's noticeable in the creases by my nostrils.) In the months when I'm not getting alot of sun I use the cornstarch straight, in the summer months when my face is tanned, I'll mix the cornstarch 1/2 & 1/2 with my tinted loose face powder & dust it on.

I have used the Milk Of Magnesia for my oiliness for several years, but now that I've added the cornstarch it has basically solved my oil problem altogether!

After all of these years, I can now go a good 6+ hours without have to re-dust my face, whereas before I used this 3-product combination I would have large pores & an oily shine within 1 hour of fresh make-up application with straight powder.

At nighttime, I again (1) wash my face with the Cetaphil knock-off, (2) apply the witch hazel again, & (3) finish with a good layer of Oil Of Olay (inexpensive generic knock-off again) moisturizer.

The beauty of it is that they're all inexpensive ingredients that I normally have around the house anyways, and as crazy as they sound, they've actually WORKED for me! : )

    Bookmark   December 18, 2005 at 12:14AM
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My beauty secret is using cleansing cream/milk instead of water and face soap.

I can't remember the last time I actually washed my face.
Right before I go into the shower, I apply a thick layer of Kenzoki cleansing cream. While in the shower, I wash my hair and body without touchign my face. When I walk out of the shower, some of the cream has washed off, but the skin is still protected from the water. If a lot of it rinsed off, I apply more and massage, then I take a tissue and remove whatever is left and apply a moisturizing cream. My pores have never looked better. My skin doesn't dry out, it's softer and I never feel that tight feeling.
I have dry skin in the winter, so this helps a lot. It removes makeup really well too.
My face hardly ever gets water, because water has chloride and it dries out my skin. Sometimes when I apply a scrub or a mask, I use spring water.

I have a skin condition which causes my hands to crack and bleed all year long. Summer or winter! The creams and lotions are never that great, but Aquaphor is the only thing that works to prevent the cracking.
I used to have to call in sick to work because the palms of my hands were bleedign and hurting, but now it never gets worse than just cracking in the cuticles and redness.
I apply it generously to my hands every single night before bed, twice. I also use it after showering or doing dishes/cleaning. In between Aquaphor applications, I apply Eucering Original Moisturizing Lotion. It's greasy though.
I also love Bath and Body works rice and shea butter cream. It's very rich.

For the whole body... Every day when I shower I use a rich cleanser like Oil Of Olay for dry skin or Dove Nutrium body wash. I apply the body wash onto a pouf and rub it to create suds, then I squirt lavender baby oil all over the sudsy pouf, rub all over my skin as usual, and when I am done, I am clean and have a thin thin layer of baby oil all over my body. It is awesome for winter, and it leaves just enough to protect skin from cold. Best part, it really isn't greasy.

    Bookmark   December 18, 2005 at 11:09AM
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Another vote for Vaseline. I tried everything on the market for super dry skin. I spent my retirement money !
Still I could not wear nylons in winter. The flakes of skin off my legs would come through, sifted into a fine powder. How gross!
My nails wouldn't grow, but flaked off. And my cuticles and hands would crack and bleed as soon as fall got here.

Vaseline EVERY NIGHT, after my bath, BEFORE drying off. Smoothing it over my bath-water-warmed skin, it melts into the skin, and seals in the moisture the bath left in the top layers of skin.

5 years now, and I haven't had one crack in the winter. Nary a flake. My feet are as soft as my newborn grandson's. My nails are resilient.
I don't sleep with sox on, or gloves, that would drive me nuts. You don't need them.
Also, I am not greasy. Just full of moisture.

And talk about a bargain! It takes a year to use a jar. I do spring for the baby powder scented. It smells nice.

    Bookmark   December 20, 2005 at 10:39AM
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Ditto on the Vaseline, I've been using it to remove my eye make-up (great for removing waterproof mascara) ever since I was a teenager. Have yet to see an eye wrinkle!

    Bookmark   December 20, 2005 at 8:02PM
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Here are some of my tips. I drink lots of water, moisturize and protect with sunscreen spf 15, exfoliate once to twice a week, take a really good multivitamin, exercise and eat tons of fruit and veggies. Watch the sugar and white flour. I'm almost 50!!! for products I use Neutrogena products, love the green bottle mascara Maybelline, and try to use as many natural products as possible. Vit E, jojoba, Vit C, B Complex, etc.

    Bookmark   December 23, 2005 at 1:43AM
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Wangshang, where do you get crude oil? Your comment about hair, or lack thereof, and crude oil was very interesting.

    Bookmark   January 1, 2006 at 4:11PM
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I'm new here, but I have to let you ladies in on this.... Maybeline in the pink and green bottle is great... but... if you put a layer of that on and then a layer of Loreal Voluminous (waterproof) mascara, you will be surprised. It not only looks great, but you can cry and not worry about it, AND you can use "regular" facial cleanser to take it off. :O)
Another thing that I found is They sell colored contacts for people who don't really need them. I can't tell you how many compliments I receive. I have hazel eyes and I when I put the light green two toned kind in and wear them with Dark maroon shadow and light pink gloss. Looks soooo good together.

One more thing... Avon "Decrease", one of their "Anew" products, works wonderfully!!! It's kinda pricey @ 30.00 a bottle, but I have to say that, OMG... it's well worth it.


    Bookmark   January 11, 2006 at 11:49PM
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i love the feel of my skin when i shave my legs--just don't have the time or patience to do it. what i do is that i use any hair removing lotion Nair, Veet whatever and i use those funny looking gloves to remove the lotion. the hair is removed in 1/4th of the time it takes to shave and you don't get cuts. they sell those gloves at dollar tree and places like that. oh! it is also an exfoliant-be sure to have lukewarm runnign water to rinse off your hands as you go..

    Bookmark   January 26, 2006 at 7:18PM
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Walk alot-good for your circulation and complexion.
Take Omega 3 oils.
I wash with Aveeno.
Drink tons of COLD water.
Use rosewater glycerin under my moisturizer.
I get compliments on my 45 year old skin.

    Bookmark   January 31, 2006 at 5:41AM
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I actally tried the feminine moisture product. Not the KY one but similar. I think it is mostly gycerine and has some vitamin E. Actually rather nice--moist, dewy, not greasy.

    Bookmark   February 1, 2006 at 4:08PM
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Living in the hot, humid South, makeup has a tough time staying on all day. On another board, someone suggested a light coating of Milk of Magnesia over moisturizer/under foundation or makeup. It really does help during times when makeup doesn't want to stay on.

I also love Creamy Vaseline as a moisturizer, especially around eyes. I also like to use regular Vaseline to remove makeup, and as a night-time moisturizer.

    Bookmark   February 5, 2006 at 8:45PM
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I do facial exercises in front of the mirror in the morning for at least 10 mins a day. During the process, I make all sorts of funny faces to ensure every part of my face is stretched. It's a good way to wake me up and laugh at myself. Anti stress! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Beauty Tips Articles

    Bookmark   February 10, 2006 at 11:55PM
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Malaysia...could you send us some pictures of how you do your facial exercises?

(just kidding LOL!)

    Bookmark   February 11, 2006 at 9:20AM
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Here is my number one beauty secret. No special regimens to follow, no calories to count, no products to buy:

Whenever anyone asks me how old I am, I simply add 18.

Now, for 48 1/2 (my real age), I happen to look good. But for 66??? I'm the most beautiful woman they ever saw. Twenty years from now, they'll still be talking about me. Trust me, they'll even believe you -- no one expects you to lie UP about your age. But hey, if I subtracted -- well, I look unbelievable for 66, very good for 48, but a little ragged for 30!

CAUTION: You MUST add a LOT of years for this to work. If you only add 5, they'll just believe you, and you'll be depressed.

Okay, that's how I look AMAZING -- for 66. But I do look good for 48, too, and a lot younger than that (for a lot of the same reasons that previous posters said, too -- read on). Recently a security agent (a very young one, too, not an old one!) almost didn't let me on a plane because she refused to believe that my passport, with the birthdate of 1957, could be mine. So there! :-)

Here is what makes people not believe I'm 48:

SUNSCREEN. 365 days a year, rain, snow, or shine, on my face and neck at least. I don't even go out to get the paper without it. Haven't had a new line on my face since I started being religious about this over 10 years ago. I know heredity helps, but come on, we know the sun is a HUGE culprit. I use the Neutrogena sensitive skin physical blocker because anything with chemicals makes me get a rash on my eyelids. (It's getting hard to find makeup without it, too.) I just use it like moisturizer.

I also think keeping my skin clean with gentle products helps a lot. I have been using Neutrogena for over 30 years, so I'm sticking with it. I use their gentle cleansing cream and their copper-infused eye cream and night cream. I never, never, never go to bed with makeup on.

Stand and sit up straight. I didn't realize that my posture had worsened over the years, but it had. What a difference that makes.

Re: mascara -- I always used Cover Girl's washable waterproof mascara. Great product. And I know the Maybelline favorite is really good. But I recently discovered two absolutely terrific ones you might consider for a treat: Dior Show -- like false lashes in a bottle -- which I use all the time now, and "Bad Gal Lash" by Benefit: very long without looking weird. My daughter bought that one, and I'm going to invest, too.

Never skimp on eyeglasses. I am a really stingy shopper for everything else, but when it comes to glasses, I buy the frames that look the best on me (not the cutest frames, the most flattering ones, although they are usually cool anyway), price be damned. I mean, you are wearing this every day, ON YOUR FACE. No matter what your dream frames cost, I guarantee it's not more than you'd spend on a couple of good outfits, and you're going to wear them a LOT more than any dress or suit. I am about to spend a ridiculous amount of money tomorrow on new frames, and I'm confident I'm doing the right thing. The ones I bought 3 1/2 years ago (do the math -- it was my 45th birthday gift) were similarly exorbitant for a little twist of metal. But I still get compliments on them every single day, even from strangers. Make sure they FIT you -- that your eyes are right in the middle of each lens, and the edges of the frame are right for the shape and size of your face and eyebrows. Don't just look at what your eye doctor has. Go someplace where they really know what they are doing and have incredible choices (I am lucky to have a super place in my city) and let them suggest things.

And the most important, sine qua non beauty tip of all:


    Bookmark   February 13, 2006 at 10:14PM
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that was a great reply, gellchom!

if there was a 'hall of fame' for responses, yours would be in it! excellent secrets. thank you.

    Bookmark   February 15, 2006 at 4:48PM
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I really admire all the creativity here. I have tried just about everything on my skin and the recent baby birth, breastfeeding, Los Angeles winter dryness and 40 year old skin are not doing well. I went to Chanel last night and spent a fortune on their stuff. I would rather not spend tons of money but I have seriously tried just about everything - even stuff from Home Shopping. Does ANYONE else need to spend more to get more?

    Bookmark   February 23, 2006 at 4:52PM
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Gellchom is right about smiling. I always thought I looked sort of "neutral" when I was not smiling until I had a picture taken that way. What a shock! I look mean and grouchy unless I am smiling.

    Bookmark   February 23, 2006 at 6:32PM
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I don't really think this is a beauty secret but it's really convenient. When travelling, make your own facial washes to take with you. Grab some white paper towels (one for each application that you'll need). Thoroughly wet the towel and then add some of your facial cleanser. Manipulate the towel slightly, as if you were washing out a garment, to create a lather. Fold the towel. Repeat for each one, then place them all in a zip lock bag. When you're ready to use one just add a little warm water. Saves room in your overnight bag, there's no extra weight from the bottle and no chance of a messy leak.

    Bookmark   February 25, 2006 at 3:31AM
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lisb, great idea; I'll try that when we go to europe and I try to pack light.

    Bookmark   February 25, 2006 at 8:44AM
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Numerous people have commented on my "glow" in the last year or so. Also, people have commented on "how great you look in that color" (any color!). This is all due to Loreal Sublime self-tanner. Seriously! I have dark hair and eyes and very, very fair skin that doesn't tan at all. I rarely got these comments until I started using this self-tanner on my face. It really does give me a healthy glow, and I don't need to use any foundation when I've used self-tanner.

    Bookmark   March 10, 2006 at 9:07PM
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I'm a new member, but I have a question. I have a terrible acne problem. I have tried a number of products that my doctor has recommended (hydrocortozone and the like) and they didnt seem to work very well. I have tried vaseline, olive oil, and bag balm, as well as other commercial moisturizers. I use Pears soap. Its the simplist soap I can find. All of these products work for a while and then I break out again. I try to wash my face every night but its not yet a habbit. I dont tend to wear alot of makeup because I'm just to lazy to put that much effort into prettifying myself when my eyes arn't even open. ( I am NOT a morning person) I tend to use a lot of home remedies as I like to know exactly what is in the products. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

    Bookmark   March 11, 2006 at 2:40PM
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Whatever the cause of the acne, some mitigating factors include accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria in the pores, to which the skin then reacts to. So you want to prevent both.

Use cleansers with salicylic acid or glycolic acid, and masks with bentonite clay. Bentonite draws impurities out of your pores naturally - it's been used for thousands of years. Stay the heck away from those moisturizers!

There are no "home remedies" I know that work for acne. Regular soap is useless. Soap emulsifies the shallow layer of grime off your face but does nothing to clean out the pores.

Doctors will tend to give you retinol-based treatments, which can be irritating, and either oral or topical antibiotics which help with the bacterial element.

If you aren't washing your face at night you are pretty much welcoming more breakouts. Please do it! I would also change my pillowcase every night.

Good luck!

    Bookmark   March 12, 2006 at 12:00AM
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thank you for the advice. i'll give it a shot and see what happens.

    Bookmark   March 13, 2006 at 12:25AM
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Years ago, when I would lay in the sun, I didn't worry about wrinkles. My only saving grace was that I used TONS of moisturizer so I think I have broke even. Back then, I wore Noxema at night, I didn't have a big sister to show me the ins and outs of make up, so I didn't wear much.
I swear by Vaseline also. In high school,I started to use it to grease the valves on my french horn and discovered it was a great lip gloss too.
In the shower,I use a mild soap at night to remove makeup and a simple wash cloth with nothing on it in the morning just to wake me up. How dirty can your face get at night?
I been going to the dermatologist for about 17 years now and he has had me on retinol-based products.
I'm outside alot - sunscreen and sunglasses are a must.
I take my makeup more serious now that I'm in more of a PR position and work with alot of guys who look like they are off the cover of 'GQ'. They keep me on my toes.
Hand cream and gloves sometimes at night.
I also read Paula Begoun's book - 'Don't Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me' It's a great read with helpful information.
Don't forget your neck and chest area. I see alot of 'face lifted women' blow it all by having a 'turkey neck'
My mom's skin was amazing. In her 70's she had barely a wrinkle. She had lost alot of weight and Her skin was very thin and gaunt with some sagging, but no wrinkles or turkey neck. I should be so lucky.
Now, If I could just have my Dad's beatiful white hair...

    Bookmark   October 27, 2006 at 10:35AM
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Nice post, Momcat. I like Paula's site also. There is a lot of good informtion there. I like "Drugstore Doubles" report in which she recommends drugstore products. I don't like to buy cosmetics at the dept. stores as they are too expensive. Paula has $3 shipping through the end of this month. ( I've ordered some of her products. They seemed quite nice, but I thought the quantity was smallish.

    Bookmark   October 27, 2006 at 11:13AM
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This was a great post...thought i would bring it back up.

I am outside riding most days...I always wear long sleeves, even at 100plus. sunglasses and sunscreen. Hats, sometimes, I can't find a hat that will stay on and it irritates me!


    Bookmark   December 14, 2006 at 7:58AM
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OK, I must chime in with a pet peeve here! "A healthy glow" was mentioned above. How I wish folks would stop referring to a tan as "a healthy glow"! It's a precancerous condition, and anything but healthy!

(Kathleen, I'm not snarking at you -- I know you used the phrase in connection with self-tanner and since it makes you look nice, then that's great! It's just that I've heard it so often during my life, in reference to real tanning, and I've accumulated enough sun damage in my early/young adult years that I now cringe whenever anyone says that "getting a little sun" is healthy!)


    Bookmark   December 14, 2006 at 11:41AM
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Well not a beauty secret per se but it works! Vicks vapo rub for hemmorroids! Sounds wierd but when I had my oldest son I had hemmies the size of golf balls and a nurse's aide told me to use Vicks! IT WORKED great! Just thought if you put Preparation H on the face then why not tell ya about Vicks for your butt!

    Bookmark   February 5, 2007 at 3:06PM
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I've been reading on other forums about OCM (The Oil Cleansing Method) and have tried it the last two nights. Wow my skin (combo/oil/acne pron) feels fabulous. Many, many people on these other forums that have serious acne are raving about this. See my other post about OCM (don't know how to do links) and check it out, it uses oil to clean oil and gets DEEP into the pores. Also jojoba is the closest oil (natural) to your skins own sebum and works fabulous as a moisturizer. I've used it at night and usually I wake up oily but not when using jojoba. Just my two cents.

ditty-if I ever get hemmorroids I'll keep your post in mind! LOL!

    Bookmark   February 18, 2007 at 11:44PM
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A product called "Udderly Smooth" is great for rough,cracked heels. It's cheap & can be found at CVS. After my shower I apply to my heals & feet then put on a pair of socks. Even my Husband started using it after all the heels in his socks wore out.

    Bookmark   April 16, 2007 at 11:14AM
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Hi all, this is my first post in this forum. Thanks for the great tips.

One I haven't seen mentioned yet is a shower filter. It filters the chlorine out of the water and leaves my hair and skin much softer. It also keeps my hair from getting that brassy look. I have thin skin that feels dry easily, and in the winter I don't get that tight feeling, itchy skin that I used to get.

The only downside is that the shower filters have to be replaced at least every 3 months.

    Bookmark   April 16, 2007 at 11:28PM
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